Who’s suing We Got Married?

There is a rumor that We Got Married will be getting sued by a Russian or Japanese cable company. The Japanese or Russian cable Company accused We Got Married of Plagiarism! O_O

The producers of We Got Married did an excellent job of plagiarism because this is one good show! The Russian and the Korean show has some difference in their shows. In the Korean show We Got Married uses Korean celebrities, but Russians use normal citizens.

This rumor has spread so far that We Got Married is being delayed for 3 weeks in a row! Meanwhile We Got Married opponent’s , Family Outing, is being aired this week getting 21% viewership hit their highest rating ever and turned out such a blow in the face of MBC!

I hope it isn’t true. WGM is a really good show. Most say it’s good. I hope it stays on. Keep fighting!


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