Eita’s first taste of rumored love

Eita, 25, famous actor of the famous drama “Last Friends”, was rumored of holding hands with a “look a-like” Ayaka. pssh

This is his first time feeling, tasting, seeing, all the 5 senses, of tabloids.

According to this week’s issue of FLASH, Eita had gone out to a goukon (Group date) at a Karaoke bar.  As the night kept going he was spotted eating ramen with a woman who looked like the singer, Ayaka. The magazine were able to take pictures of them holding hands.

Eita’s management denied the rumor of this “couple” saying that the actor was just hanging out with a usual group of friends and that he isn’t in a relationship with the woman in the article.

In another occasion, Eita has been cast as a trainee doctor in Miwa Nishikawa’s next movie, “Dear Doctor.”

What an interesting news. I hope it’s not true. hehe.


3 thoughts on “Eita’s first taste of rumored love

  1. I hope this is true. I don’t know why these young men who entertain and bring so many women hours of pleasure watching them should appear unloved. It pleases me more to know talentos are finding a taste of love and contentment in this world. What good is success if you enjoy it alone. I think talent managment should come off the illusion high horse and let the men be men. I can understand keeping the “Available” appeal when they are under 21 but once they hit their twenties they shouldn’t have to pretend anymore in their real lives.


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