GDragon apologizes for his shirt

As you read before GDragon had recently wore a overrated shirt that made his fans think “WOAH!”.
GDragon was on SBS Inkigayo on 24th August together with other Big Bang members. After Big Bang was awarded the Mutizen award, GDragon said, “Thank you and sorry”.

It was said on MNet’s 20’s choice award no one saw the shirt because he had a jacket on, but has he walked up during the award ceremony people saw everything!

With what he said “Thank you and sorry” his fans had split opinions about it… was that an apology or was it just a phrase??

The same mistake happened last year with GDragon having a picture of a naked woman on his shirt. GDragon is getting outta control…

Well i kinda think it was an apology. But i have to say if it wasn’t he should apologize for it.


5 thoughts on “GDragon apologizes for his shirt

  1. the second shirt could be a smiley face, and the first shirt is very inappropriate but i don’t realy mind that i mind the fact that his hair has gone all blonde

  2. TOTALLY AGREE. Gosh, it’s just a shirt, and as far as his style in general, I applaud him. :] He’s willing to try new things, develop outrageous, unique combinations of clothing and accessories, rather than staying in the norm and being “safe”. I think he can pull of anything :].

  3. I don’t think he should apologize. It’s unique. It’s a style he can call is own and for him to apologize because it may offend someone else it just wrong. I love you GD, no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing.

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