Lee Eon was a target to murder

People still mourn over the death of the Coffee Prince actor, Lee Eon, but what if he wasn’t ready to die? What if his accident wasn’t really an accident?! BUT! What if he was a target!?

According to someone from Lee Eon’s management, “After reviewing the footage from CCTVs and eye-witness reports, the probability of it being a hit and run is very high.”

According to that person, from CCTV footage, when Lee Eon’s motorbike was crossing the center line, it was hit by a car but he wasn’t on the motorbike. There was a black car with hazard lights behind and a taxi passing by later.

The same person added, “There was no one on the motorbike and Lee Eon must have fallen off beforehand. With the motorbike moving for some distance with no one on it, it tells us that the impact could have been from his behind.”

The possibility of it being a hit and run fits in with the initial reports by 119 paramedics who was first on the scene. They reported that Lee Eon’s body was already charred (burnt) when they arrived. His face was swollen and seriously bruised. His left wrist bone was fractured and there was serious injuries to his chest. They believe that when the accident happened, Lee Eon was dragged on the road for some distance before eventually succumbing to his serious injuries.

Lee Eon’s management has obligations to help Lee Eon’s family with matters pertaining to the accident, etc. Although the police will investigate this accident fairly, but during the course of their investigations, the police hasn’t helped at all when told by Lee Eon’s management of it being a hit and run.

According to someone from the investigation team from Yongsan police station, “We are still investigating and so we can’t reveal anything now.” He added, “With regards to whether it’s a hit and run, we are now investigating the possibility. We hope that Lee Eon’s management will stay put and not conduct an investigation themselves. Just wait patiently for the results.”

Credits: CS

Why would someone want to hurt him? I wonder what the reason was! It’s still sad over his death, but I hope that his death wasn’t caused by someone else!

7 thoughts on “Lee Eon was a target to murder

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