DBSK doesn’t care for Super Junior

In a recent interview with a Korean online news journalist, DBSK revealed that they don’t care much for Super Junior. It all started with the reporter asking Max and Changmin which newbie singers they liked. Changmin decided to pick SHINee.

He said “They debuted so young, yet their singing and dancing are wonderful.Our company(SM) cares more about one’s character and passion,so I’m also anticipating on them as individuals. And I somehow care more about them, since we both have five members in our groups.”

After he finished speaking, Hero jumped in and said “Actually in Super Junior, some members are older than us, and we have to watch them aging. We don’t really care about Super Junior.”

DBSK also commented on what Wang Biho had said about them. Wang Biho had said that DBSK had eight hundred thousand fans, yet they still sell one hundred thousand albums. Fans of DBSK are really mad and are expecting an apology from him really soon. DBSK made a comment about what Wang Biho had said: “We actually like his jokes. We think that him joking about us just indicates that we’re getting more attention now. It was just a mere joke, so we don’t want to see people getting mad at him.”

In this world there is no such thing has getting along… huh?

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28 thoughts on “DBSK doesn’t care for Super Junior

  1. ^ Lol, I see that as a joke.
    We all know, both Cass and ELF that SuJu and DBSK were friends even before debut. Junsu, Hyukjae and Leeteuk + Kangin, Donghae, Jaejoong, Heechul and Yunho. If DBSK has said these you can expect a comeback from SuJu too. However, the thing is media always take things seriously.

  2. LOL..dbsk really loves doing that, it’s like how we interact with our brothers and friends, my sis treats her friends better than me..but I know she cares for me too..it’s the same concept!! watch some videos, when the MCs asked them, “are you all worried of SujU throughout all this times?” Then, as usual, JunSu will say he’s worried of HyukJae and the others will be like, “actually, we’re not worried of them..” they know that suju is famous in Korea and loved by the fans..deep inside, they really care for them, they’ve been together since their trainee moments through thick and thin, how can people simply conclude things like that???!!!

    I myself love the both group, dbsk and suju are the best, I want to see them together, they really care for one another, cassie and elf MUST NOT BE AFFECTED WITH THIS NONSENSE!!!!

    we’ll be one forever, cassie+elf= STRONG FOR DBSK AND SUJU

  3. I don’t know what to think…..but I don’t think they meant any harm….
    E.L.F and Cassiopeia need to be as one, and not two! ^.^

  4. whaaaa wha?? OMO.. I hope this isn’t true… ! I don’t believe.. dong bang would say it like that, if they do.. or have they said it like they don’t mean it .. liking to make jokes.. I know they care for SUju as much as I do right? … T__T

  5. may i know where you got this news?
    cass wants credible resources…
    and confirmation for thiis article..

    i personally think dbsk would say something like that..
    i mean i dont think jae would joke something like that as well…

  6. sigh this again. wheres the REAL source? Theres no real korean article up. Sorry you should really give some kinda source when writing things like that.

  7. i love it when both groups joke around with each other esp in EHB !! This was kinda weird but we all know the love they share. I hope Suju and Dbsk will sing and make a mv together again, like SHOW ME YOUR LOVE. I’ve been wishing it could happen again !! Cassies and ELFs does make a good team !! This is when sometimes I feel like saying to other fanclubs TOOHAWT4YOU~ lol

  8. well. i personally think that dbsk and suju are equals, except for the experience. but as performers, they are equals. they both sing and dance. and they’re both in the same age bracket. it just so happens that dong bang shin ki is more famous than super junior. and i think hero was kinda harsh when he said that. blunt. but a bit harsh.

  9. I do not believe that the DBSK will choose Shinee over Super Junior because they been together for a very long time. Aside from that, if the DBSK does not really support them they will not help the SJ to grow.

  10. the article is messed up..MAX and CHANGMIN?? well, we all know Max is Changmin and Changmin is Max..so why put an “and” if it’s just one person?

  11. OMG!! i cant believe it!! how could they say that!! suju supported them!!! dbsk and suju were close when they were young…i just cant believe it!!

  12. I’m Affected and hurt…I Thought DBSK cares for Super Junior because Super Junior cares for DBSK…
    There are videos which they go well together… but is it true that they said that?
    Super Junior has done everything to support DBSK…
    even writing on their cyworld to vote for them and support them….
    Is this really true???? ):

  13. Wow…I cannot believe that DBSK would say something like that…….I actually started liking DBSK because of suju and not the other way around…and I liked SHINee because of suju…and them saying that suju is old just makes me mad….I mean who do they think they are? And to think that they were so close to suju too!!! Just because they are more popular now?

  14. omg ppl are reading way too much into this. for all u so-called fans out there..if u really were fans u would know that if dbsk did say this , its a joke because everyone knows that they are always making fun of each other especially junsu and eunhyuk. that’s just the kind of relationship they have . its also called sarcasm, everyone knows that jj and CM are sarcastic as hell, so people should stop being so damn sensitive and stop putting words in people’s mouth to make them look bad .

  15. well Jaejoong likes to joke a lot, i know he didnt mean it tho
    they are good friends with each other…..
    jaejoong loves to joke and he never really means anything he says when he is jokin around
    and to let u know Jaejoong fans we all should know very well when jaejoong speaks he doesnt think before he says anything….and he knows his mistake so im pretty sure he is sorry for what he said…..

  16. Omo!
    Nachia! Dany!
    I agree with the two of u!
    I really do!
    Fans shouldn’t call themselves fans if they took this article the wrong way!

    This article makes me laugh! I wonder what would be running through the DongBang boys mind if they saw the article & comments…
    I totally saw this as a joke! Lolz

  17. i know that DBSK not caring about SUJU is NOT true coz even before both of the groups debuted, they are really good friends and always joking and talking about each other in shows and always supporting each other.. and thats only one of the reasons why they’re my fav groups of all time…

    this article just made me laugh!!

  18. really random question, but..why in the world did they name dbsk’s and suju’s fanclubs “cassie” and “ELF”?? Is there supposed to be some kind of explanation behind those names that ties in with the bands?

  19. Lol cassiopeia was named by changmin. Its a constellation made up of 5 stars… im guessing each star represents each member…



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