And who are The Korean F4?

The F4 guys are finally revealed! And now that they’re revealed everyone can’t wait, because they now know that it’ll air soon! I shouldn’t keep you all waiting!

Lee Min Ho as Go Jun Pyo (Domyouji Tsukasa)

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo (Rui Hanazawa)

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung (Sojiroh Nishikado)

Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin (Akira Mimasaka)

I’m as excited as you are! Yippee! ^^


15 thoughts on “And who are The Korean F4?

  1. That’s not Kim Joon. That’s Hyungjoon from SS501 (same group Kim Hyunjoong, the korean Rui, is from). Kim Joon’s full name is Kim Hyungjoon too so I can see why you got confused, but Kim Joon is from T-Max.

  2. Hmm….
    Akira will be Kim Joon from T-Max.
    NOT Hyung Joon from SS501 .. 🙂

    So Sad !!
    i’m hoping that Hyung Joon will have a play in Korena HYD !!
    But, Hyun Joong’s not too bad too…

    I’m waiting for thiss !!!!!

  3. i rily luv 2 see u ol espcially yi jeung!..!hope u wil hve d chnce 2 vsit here n d Philippines…plz visit me here n Oslob,Cebu nman…i wud b glad 2 see u ol!

  4. ur so cute and hndsome,kim bum!perfect!!sna u wil b able 2 vsit here n Cebu!..!u cn txt me n my cel #;09185238593 and 09234769554…I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU…MUAH…

  5. ….hahah daming good looking na people especially koreans……….,,,grabe gwapo talaga ni jun pyo and kim bum…..luv it,,,sana mas marami pang korean actors na madiscover and filipinos…..tnx

  6. ..i love u so much f4 sana marami pa kaung magawa na movie or anything para nman maraming pang magmahal sainU ehe..


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