Mirotic is not plagiarism nor a remake

DBSK’s new song “Mirotic” meaning “Spell” was talked about a lot, but the most words being said by netizens was “This song is plagiarism” or “This is a remake” because their title track sounded like German pop singer, Sarah Conner’s song, “Under My Skin.”

SM Enertainment set up a Press Conference on the 30th to discuss this issue and clear it all saying “The composing team of Remee/Troelsen who composed BoA’s American debut song, ‘Eat You Up’ gave Dong Bang Shin Gi and Sarah Conner the same song. While Europe receives the rights for Sarah Connor’s version, Asia get’s Dong Bang Shin Gi.”

“when we first received the song, we knew that they were the same,” stated a spokesperson. “Sarah Conner made her version public last month but Dong Bang Shin Gi had finished recording in June.”

So now it’s all lose. DBSK’s and Sarah Connor’s are both great!

10 thoughts on “Mirotic is not plagiarism nor a remake

  1. Is the man who made this song is called Lee Soo Man ??

    I dunno him before, but I think that he’s a jerk!
    He made bunch of fans all over the world misunderstood the publication ..
    He shouldn’t be used as a song writer again!

  2. i read the translation of mirotic and the lyrics of under my skin. both are nice because it kind of tells a story. sarah connor’s version speaks of her falling for an irresistible guy whom she can’t get out of her system. on the other hand, dong bang shin ki is like singing the guy part of the story where the guy tells the girl that he got her under his spell.

    very nice.

    • Well… to you, both are nice. But in my opinion, I like TVXQ’s version better. Because… being a Kpop fan, and seeing how amazing Kpop really is, I prefer things to be in Korean. I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here.

  3. I knew they did a ‘remake’ of that song! It was obvious, i heard the beat before. So, this means DBSK cant really compete with BIG BANG. sad. but i still like them. Try a little harder next time.

    • DBSK is wayyyy past big bang ^^ so it’s not really cool to compare them and big bang haven’t even done half of what dbsk had already done

      anywho it’s not a remake because if you have been reading carefully, the songwriters gave this song to both parties at the same time, it just so happens that sarah conner published the song earlier than dbsk ^^

      • I agree with you. TVXQ debuted before Big Bang. So it’s not very nice of rellalove to compare both groups.

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