Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon acting together… not happening!

This two most waited couples to act together… was officially canceled!

The director of the supposed to upcoming drama “Personal Preference” or “Personal taste” was cancelled due to a rough time for finding cast.

This new drama went to an hot topic when readers had found out that Yoon Eun Hye will be the lead actress.

Today, on the 14th of October, Kim Sang Ho, producer of “Personal Preference”, revealed it with a statement saying “We decided to abort it during the planning process. There were a number of reasons but we went through rough casting negotiations due to the excessive media coverage of the cast news which were released before official casting confirmation was done.”

It was also said that the planners of this new drama wanted Yoon Eun Hye to play the lead role, but after a rejection from Yoon Eun Hye’s side, they couldn’t further the casts.

This new drama also planned on getting Joo Ji Hoon to act as the gay roomate with Eun Hye while different occasions happen between them. But they never had the chance to contact him before the drama was cancelled.

This new drama brought a huge attention to Korean drama lovers, and now the buzz is over. T_T


48 thoughts on “Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon acting together… not happening!

  1. It’s just fans and media who blew things out of proportion.

    YEH rejecting this drama didn’t come s surprise. She doesn’t seem to wanna be paired up with JJH.

  2. Oh man, I really wanted YEH and JJH to pair up. Golly, why can’t she just do this one more time for the fans of the royal couple. I was really hoping for this. Dang, maybe next time she’ll consider it. This drama sounded so interesting, I really hope that they can come to negotiations and do this.

  3. i dont blame her for not wanting to work with JJH again cause their fans
    make up a lot of stupid rumours about them that hurt their image.

    It gets so irritating to the point that YEH doesn’t ever wanna be paired with JJH again coz their fans want for them so much to be a couple that they start making up lies that she’s pregnant with his baby.
    Who’d wanna have to deal with such nonsense?

  4. how sad!!! i am a big fan of the royal couple….i do wish that she will think twice about pairing up with JJH… they have a special connecting when i was watching goong…… YEH please…your a idol to us and we want to cont. to be your fan……

  5. Please ask for my permission if ur gonna use my translation..
    and the least you can do is credit accordingly if you are going to use parts of it.
    And i strongly advise that you dont make up your own articles by taking bits and pieces of the original translation and adding your own as it would lead to misinformation.

    anyways, errm, great blog!
    YEH and 2PM FTW!

  6. It’s sad that YEH and JJH are not acting together,but it’s their choice…
    we can’t force them…I am terribly disappointed,but I guess that as their
    ardent supporters,we must respect their choices…oh well…at least,I hope they will become a couple and marry,who doesn’t?But maybe the Koreans SHOULD keep their fat mouths shut….I agree with “not sad at all”….who wants to deal with this kind of SHITE?!I guess YEH and JJH probably are gonna chase their other dreams!Love Them!!!!!!!

  7. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so dissapointed with the canceled of this drama. please yoon eun hye,please accept it, don’t refuse it. yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon is the best korean actrees i think. and princess hours is the best korean drama because of joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye. so please play together in personal taste. i want to see you together in a new drama. i watch princess hours every day because i like yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon, they are a good couple. so please play together again. okaaaaay?

  8. Different from major opinion, I agree with YEH for rejecting this role. I think, YEh should take different role and different type of drama (action, thriller or even melodrama) to broaden her acting skill. 3 of her previous drama were romantic comedy (same with Personal Preference), so I think it’s time for her to move on with other drama/movie type. Good luck YEH…

    • Me too was very dis appointed when that drama was cancelled…please yhe accept next time …we are looking forward to see you again pairing with jjh.you both of you have such a good chemistry..ok

  9. i am so disappointed…i think these two have a great onscreen chemistry…please push through with the drama….does fame got into YEH’s head? why did she turned down nice project….I love them both!…great pair to watch onscreen…

  10. YEH made the right decision!

    JJH fans are lying pieces of sh*t! The PD said that he didn’t approach or called JJH to be in this drama. The problem with the Goong fans is that they immediately jump at news about a JJh-YEH possible reunion and when things dont go their way and YEH rejects the drama, they immediately blame YEH for evrything. Wtf? She can reject or accept any script she likes.
    It’s so stupid to expect her to be constantly paired up with Joo Ji Hoon. There are plenty great actors in korea and JJH is not one of them. Sorry!

  11. i really think yoon eun hye dont wanna be with jjh in this drama ….*__*
    cause she wanna be with papa gong yoo *__^….just joking….but i really think she dont wanna be with jjh… cause they are not close and they are lies from their fans…its yeh’s decision so shut up fuck up…
    yeh has the right to cancel or to accept… ok … but i hope gong yoo and yoon eun hye will be paired….(hopefully) for coffee prince 2 *__^

  12. i don’t know the true reason why YEH didnt take the role but MY OPINION is that she didnt want to offend anyone. SInce the drama will be more focused on what gay ppl do, i guess she just didnt want to make any commotions. in coffee prince gong yoo was partially gay in teh beginning but there was not much said about it. anyways, on the other hand, she may be just too busy lately. SARANG HAE YEH & JJH >..<

  13. OH my god!why did yoon eun hye reject it? i am really really.. really sad about this!!!!!!!I and my friends are very happy when we knew that they will be acting together as a couple!but why is it that yoon uen hye reject the drama?I don’t understand her!I was very disappointed! But it was her dicision,,..then, i have no choice!!!I have to accept it!! she’s my very favorite actress even if i don’t see her every day in tv because i’m here in the philippines and i have only seen her in goong!

  14. SEE guys…
    some funs are mean to yeh..How dare you made up a worst nightmare rumors for being getting pregnant with jjh. Like jjh said last time,he was acting only with him and NO ROMANCE INVOLVE..sEE THIS IS WHAT YOU GET…
    iT’S LIKE you have no respect with yeh’s position.Some funs are so mean…
    Your imagination is going further that no one is happy for it.

    Let be nice and be considerate..But the goong was superb thay are both superstars and did their best effort to make us happy with satisfaction watching them… Yeh you are the best and so jjh…I love it…

  15. ` aww ! so sad hmm ? i think yeh is in the right one. so us that fans of jjh and yeh keep supporting of the two .but the true is when i read this article that it will not happen again i felt sad but we dont have a choice but to accept it . it is not the end of teaming up again of jjh and yeh. i wish that they will have again a drama but not the same of there dramas before so we will wait joo ji hoon and yoon eun hye will teaming up again ! KEEP SUPPORTING !

  16. Wow..I learned about personal taste today and in the very same day I also learned that it was cancelled..I’m late in these kind of news..But it’s really sad knowing all of this..and to think that it’s because of the media and fans..but some of you shared reasonable responses not to get upset..You’re right..after all it’s not the end of the world,right?

  17. YEH does not like working with Joo Ji Hoon and I am sure that YEH has a perfectly valid reason for not liking him.

    I dont know if you guys noticed but YEH gets along with all her previous leadingmen except for Joo Ji Hoon. She has supported all her past leadingmen one way or another like appearing on Kim Jong Kook’s MV and attending his brother’s wedding, going to Lee Sun Gyun and Oh Man Seouk’s movie premieres, she attended Eon’s fashion show with Chae Jung Ahn and Kim Dong Wook, she invited the Coffee Prince cast to her fanmeeting, she attended Gong Yoo’s fanmeeting and his radio show, she invited Mighty Mouth to sing on her fanmeet in Korea and also openly defended Kim Jong Kook from her own fans who bashed him.

    Not once has she ever shown her support to JJH. She did not even leave a video mesage for JJH during his birthday fanmeet while his other co-stars from different dramas did.

    The only time you see JJH and YEH is during the obligatory year end awards receiving their trophy for Goong and handing out awards for the next winners.

    It is no secret that JJH said that YEH is not his type in an interview. It is also not a secret that YEH said during her Taiwan interview that JJH is too skinny for her. It is also no secret that Joo Ji Hoon decided to leave the drama Hong Gil-dong only a week before production because he wanted what YEH was getting in Coffee Prince, estimated at US $20,000 per episode, thinking that he has the same top star status as YEH.

    Add the craziness of their fans in the mix like photoshopping pictures of YEH and JJH and making it seem like a paparazzi shot of them together then you already know how disastrous it is. Also add the twisted lies their fans stir up that YEH took a year long vacation because she just had JJH’s baby so she wants to hide it…that JJH and YEH are also secretly married.

    Reputation is everything in Korean entertainment industry, espescially if you are an actress. Joo Ji Hoon-Yoon Eun Hye Royal Couple fans dont realize the harm that they are doing.

    Goong is just a fictional story. Just because Shin and Chae-kyeong ended up together in the drama doesn’t mean that Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye absolutely have to end up together in real life. They dont even like eachother.
    I think that if you are really their fan you shouldn’t force them into something they dont want and just be happy for them in whatever choices they make.

  18. IMHO, Goong was badly overrated for such a draggy, over-the-top exaggerated, regurgitated plot line. YEH and JJH didn’t have the onscreen chemistry unlike pairings of Gong Yoo and YEH (Coffee Prince) or JJH and Song Ji Hyo. For me, there were many times when I wished I lived in “DramaLand” instead of reality, however, we just have to face the facts…

    Don’t force YEH to accept something she doesn’t want to do- you wouldn’t like it yourself- don’t make her do it…

  19. It’s really disapointing… I was just in grade 5 when princess hours aired here in the philippines and now I’m in second year highschool and I’m watching it again… I really fell inlove with YEH and JJH but too sad I think YEH doesnt like JJH… I’m really confused because in the Goong special episode they look kinda close and I think YEH likes JJH but JJH “kinda” likes her too… Anyhow, I still cant accept the fact that this drama is cancelled… :((

  20. i feel very upset now!
    because their movie was cancelled!

    i hope they have anew movie togther like the GOONG they both look so nice and perfect COUPLE i hope they have many movies..
    we love them both their chemistry is so GOOD.

    love it!

  21. ilove YEH & JJH but i have to accept that they’ll nener be pairing up again but i am just curious why YEH disagreed teming up with JJH??? do they don’t like each other??

    they are good couples not only in the screen but in true life too…hope they’ll be teaming up again

  22. joo ji hoon and yoon eun jai should act together in a drama series.they look good together.they have a very good chemistry. very nice love team. I am an avid fan of both.

  23. hi I am iranian. I just watched the korean series recently. i became enthusiastic about them. I love korean actors& actresses specialy Song Yoon Ah Kim Sung Soo Han Ye-seul Oh Ji-ho . pleas If someone can help me to give more information about korea or korean people contact with me by hediyeh_jaaan@yahoo.com it`s me email addres. I`m waiting you.I love korea and I belive that korean are kind people.

  24. ,,..im sooo sad……..
    i want jjh and yeh will de paired…
    ..im soo disappointed….
    ….are they having a third party?
    …i hope there is a part 2 of princess hours with joo ji hoon and thesame cast with thier babies in princess hours….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  25. Confused!! Was 1 confused fan….whatever the truth may be, i don’t know. But i know i LOVE Goong 1&2..& still love JJH & YEH very very much..May God bless the both of you…<3<3<3

  26. i saw the 2st 3 ep.s from the drama woow its awesome but it was going to be great if the royal couple in it i adore them yeaa unni u should not reject it there are alot of fans luv to see u with him again at least plz unni make asec season of goong pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz
    i luv u unni
    i luv u oppa

  27. i really really like yoon eun hye because she’s good in acting.Then i really really like too joo ji hoon because he is handsome.The time that i have known yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon when abs-cbn updated that movie called PRINCESS HOURS.I HOPE I CAN GO IN SOUTH KOREA SOMEDAY.. BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE YOON EUN HYE AND JOO JI HOON.EVENTHOUGH, I AM 14 YEARS OLD… I AM FROM PHILIPPINES IN MINDANAO BULOD,LANAO DEL NORTE…I LUV U ALL>>>!!

  28. wow soooo obviously did anybdy else actually see the show cause even though she turned it down she made a cameo appearance…and ugh im sooo glad ji hoon didnt become the lead…the other guy..sorry iforgot his name is so much hotter than he is…and he did it better…

  29. Lol!! after so many years, it’s my first time to watched PRINCESS HOURS, and i really 2x loved it. i love eun hye and ji hoon.. hope to see u guys in other drama.. πŸ˜€ — from PH.

  30. so much i love them bought…,,,yeh and jjh must be together.there are many watchers who want to reunite them again.

  31. all i want is another back to back korean drama for them ..

    i miss them so much ..

    I WISH THEY WOULD end up together in real (like having a family of their own )..how cute .. πŸ™‚
    keep it up guys … (royal couple)

  32. i don’t think YEH rejected the role and don’t want to be paired with Ji Hoon again? if you remember before Princess Hours ended, YEH & JJH both admitted that they really want to work TOGETHER again, another thing, as far as I know, these series were not really offered to them..if you watched Personal Taste, even YEH had a cameo role in this drama, if she really rejected this project, she didn’t even accept the cameo role here..right?

  33. Ohh .. Until now I am Hoping the perfect match of Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye because every summer I watch with my sister and cousins Princess Hours πŸ˜‰ I really really miss their pair up of Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye ..

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