SM Entertainment USA auditions

When it’s 3 P.M. on October 25th SM Entertainment will start holding a weekly audition. They’re planning to hold this weekly audition every Saturday from 3pm to 7pm! To apply will only be available through 3pm to 7pm.

The good part about this audition is… anyone could audition. They don’t care what race, age or gender you are. Just as long as you show up.

Date & Time: Every Saturday at 3pm-7pm

Location: 4322 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Here’s more stuff to help you out…

DON’T wear heavy make up!

  • They prefer that you wear your casual clothes, but not the ones you usually wear at home
  • You’re going to have to start practicing after reading this… now!
  • If you’re auditioning for singing, sing a song that you know how to sing really good… it doesn’t have to be in Korean.
  • You may bring an instrument when you audition, there will be no mic, and sing really loud.
  • If you’re planning to sing, you should try auditioning for dancing too.
  • Sadly if you’re only auditioning for dancing, they’ll ask for you to sing.
  • If you can speak any other language like Chinese, Japanese, French… they’ll love it.

on the audition

  • Try registering first. If you walk in to register, it’ll take longer.
  • You’re going to have to fill out two more registration form when you enter.
  • You’re forced to wait until they call you.
  • There is usually two judges and one person filming

If you are planning to model

  1. Make 3 poses at the camera, NOT the judge!

If you are planning to act

  1. Go ahead and show your acting skills.

If you are planning to dance.

  1. Go ahead and show them your moves. you’re going to bring your own CD. Give it to them on the registration desk, if you don’t, they’ll give you a random music and you’ll have to dance to it.

If you are singing

  1. Sing out loud. Look at the camera and sometimes at the judge.

If you are a song writer

  1. Give them your demo CD and leave… unless you are trying out for something else.

The judges are supposed to be nice. They’ll greet and shake hands.

You will know your result in about 3 weeks. If they don’t… a rejection letter will come. Sometimes they’ll call Back within one day to two weeks. They usually want you to go back and sing or model for them. It still doesn’t mean you’re in.

For some more info visit SM site.

If you aren’t able to attend weekly auditions, you may send them an E-Mail

Good luck to those who are auditioning… we’re planning to write a story on you! hahaha

693 thoughts on “SM Entertainment USA auditions

    • yes they did
      “When it’s 3 P.M. on October 25th SM Entertainment will start holding a weekly audition. They’re planning to hold this weekly audition every Saturday from 3pm to 7pm! To apply will only be available through 3pm to 7pm.

      The good part about this audition is… anyone could audition. They don’t care what race, age or gender you are. Just as long as you show up.”

    • Wtf? American pop allows asian people to sing why can’t kpop allow american or european people to sing? A-pop we have Charice Pempengco, and other asian people K-pop should also have a little diversity that’s wy a-pop is diverse cuz it’s not just one ethnicity so plz be quiet.

      • Yeah but it’s a lot harder for Asians to break into the American music scene. You’ve also gotta consider that foreign singers still have some popularity in Asia as well as the fact that Asian countries aren’t multicultural countries; so you can’t expect them to adapt to the way another country works.
        Anyway, if you love music, then it shouldn’t really matter what country you debut in, it’s just that for Asians, there’s more hope for a successful career in Asia (in particular countries like Korea and Japan).

  1. Hi can speak in spanish, japanese, korean, english. I am a bit asian..and i have an amazing voice..maybe i’ll get in..what do yall think??

  2. ^ WOAH! ALL OF THAT?! I can only speak English, Japanese, and Spanish! You’ll surely get in since you know Korean and Japanese. Which is the main language they want. And you know English! and you have a great voice! There’s a big possibility you’ll make it in! And you’re a bit Asian! WOW!

  3. my group is seriously amazing and im so proud of us. we can sing dance and we can all speak at least 2 languages!! im really excited to get started and do auditions cuz we are all really confident. we can sing and dance really good- all of us at least 9 years training…what do you think?

  4. hi… my sister said there will be auditions for 2009, she saw the poster in Pacific Mall… i’m planning on auditioning even though i can’t speak that much of Japanese… i’m wobbly at it and i’m also trying to learn korean, i hope they will accept me because i look Korean (even though I’m not) … I am applying fo sining and dancing… maybe modeling, but i don’t know yet!!

    For the people and me, audition for 2009, for SM Entertainment… Lets try our hardest to try and make it!!!

  5. @micky~niKKI
    If you follow what we said you should be fine. Auditioning for something can stress you out, but focus and have fun!
    If you wanna sing you really have to be a good dancer. GOOD LUCK TO WHO IS AUDITIONING NEXT YEAR!

  6. I went to the audition last sat n I was pretty nervous but I was the last one… They had me singing 4 songs total … Stick with u. The greatest love. Snsd’s Kissing u. N before he cheats… Did the rhythm check but I don’t thnk I did too well on that… But the judge said “You have a nice voice, altos” n something else I can’t remember… She said it takes about a month or so to process n get to the judges in korea.n if they don’t give u any feedbacks then I should keep on trying… She was really nice…

    Hah but I hope I made an impression at least… Now I have to wait patiently…

  7. hey…just wondering…i really wanna do the audition cuz i want the experience…im not sure if im the best and i dont like to bragg but wutevuhh :] i was just wondering if this Oct. 25th 2008 thing is also during januaryy. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE AUDITIONING :] lets all cross our fingers and hope we have a good a voice as we think we do. :]

  8. To shylicious

    Yes the auditions are still going on every saturday… In LA
    R u auditioning soon? Hope for the best for you…
    I really hope I get a call back or an email or mail or something… I really want it… Its my dream goal… But its ok if I don’t… Bettr luck next time!

    If u don’t get a callback, don’t give up… Jus do ur best to improve the next time…

    But I hope u make it! I really do! I’ll be happy for u, truly, even though I kno nothing about u… At least beside we both have an interest in singing…

    Anyways Fighting!

  9. To Bi

    ahaa mee too
    im always up at night thinking about it…:]]
    hey…ill tell you if i make it. my friend told me that SM cares more about the looks than anything so im not shure if ill get it…but im going to try my best..

    Aha i like you already :]



  10. Shylicious:

    Fight-O??? Haha
    Yea I think about it day n nite too…
    It drives me insane sometimes… Haha… SM cares about looks the most??? Ah… I don’t know… I don’t really think so… I think he goes for talents first then the looks and if u can b SM material… Bcuz they put a lot of effort, heart mind and soul to get where they r now… Well that’s from my point of view… I guess no one really knows until they make it… Cuz rumors can jus b rumors… Hah… Idk

    I believe that if u trust urself to do ur best, u will… Sooner or later we’ll succeed. If in the end we don’t, then we can at least say we did our best to…

    Aah… U like me already??? Now I’m a little worried =/… Hah I’m kidding!=] I know what u mean… Yea ur a cool person too! So when r u planning to audition? Anytime soon? Lemme kno & I’ll be one of ur support buddies!
    ♥Bi :]

  11. TO BI:
    thanks. im planning to take the audition in about 2-3 weeks to train cuz i found out i really wanted to join like a week ago :]

    Worried??? pshhhh you flatter yourself too much…im a girl dont get the wrong idea. i dont do lesbians.
    HAHA to bad. i hope you make it too.

    Do you know what they ask you to do???
    you dont needa answer that. i was just curious >:]


    • Hey, do you have to be in California for SM USA and if you send them an email audition do you have to be in California, because im from Oregon. Is there an audition for 2010?


    Lolz ur hilarious!!!

    Well the judges mainly ask where ur from, what nationality r u, what languages do u speak, n then aftr u sing they’ll ask u to do the rhythem check… That’s bout it…

    Any more ???’S email me @


  13. i’d like to try out if i can get to LA at some point lol i have a question, it’s probably stupid, but what is a rhythm check? ^^;

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  15. hmm do you think u can audition repeatedly? because i want to go for the LA one just to figure out what happens in the auditions and how it goes,
    then do the 2009 World Auditions in SF (cos its closer)

  16. when does this end?

    because im trying to get as much practice as i can

    but i want to be able to audition before it ends

    sadly, they dont tell you the ending date on the website….. -____-

    or do they just keep going until they find enough people?!

    im so freaked out right now…

    i really want this BAD!

  17. do u have to know how to speak in an Asian language? do u also have to be Asian? can you register now even if i live in Toronto?

  18. to Bi:
    When you sang four songs, was it because they asked you to or you were prepared to sing four songs?
    and did they tell you to dance?
    I want to audition too but i’m scared about dancing….

    Good luck to you though! I hope you get good news soon!:)

  19. To j3ssicas:

    Firstly thanks!
    Actually I only prepared “before he cheats” then the judges ASKED me to sing another… Then another lead to another until I sang a total of 4 songs…
    I danced, but u don’t have too, u can jus move to the beat…
    Don’t be afraid!
    Believe in urself!!!

  20. Do you hava to be asian ?

    ” The good part about this audition is… anyone could audition. They don’t care what race, age or gender you are. Just as long as you show up.”

    they can accept caucasian, afro american, …??
    I was wondering ?

    You are supposed to stay in usa ! no ?
    Because it’s the usa audition and not the audition for korea or global audition

  21. ^
    I think they’re allowing probabaly just about anyone now, but I still think they want mainly Asians, but they don’t mind other races.
    And there have been non-Asians who audition for SM. There are tons. I know because a friend of mine auditioned and she’s hispanic and she said she saw more non-Asians than she expected.

  22. i want to audition.. but when is it done? i live in WISCONSIN, and
    can’t get enough money to get plane ticket to LA.. so it’s pretty sad..
    i can sing, dance, and write lyrics. and really want to try out..

    when you say “if you can’t make it, use e-mail” do you mean we can
    audition by email.. where i can just send in my dancing and singing
    video.. because i can’t make it to LA for an audition..
    i think they should go everywhere else too, not just LA… but i
    believe that LA has a lot of talented people, and many cultural too.
    but my cultural is not very known out to people, so yeah.. pretty sad..

    oh yeah one more questtion.. and i can’t speak korean, only english and
    my langauge, and tiny little bite of korean.. like hello, goodbye, later,
    and easy stuff.. anywaise. also can a group auditon, instead of only ONE?

    well, i don’t know if anyone would reply, but if this person blog would answer
    me back as soon as possible.. thanks.. i’m very curious.. thanks agian..
    I LIKE your WEBSITE>>> very neat..


    • you just make a video of yourself and email it to them. You can find the email address on their web site. Since it’s in LA and they said anyone could try out they’ll have somone who speaks english there.

  23. I’m interested in auditioning too…but does anyone know the location in the U.S. for 2009 audition yet? And what is rhythm check? Does it check how well you know the beats/rhythm?
    So I know mandarin fluently, but I can also understand Cantonese and Taiwanese. I also play an instrument, and I do compose for fun. There are some songs that I’m okay at singing…Do they pick the songs for us, or do we choose our own? And can we sing in another language?

  24. @ yeonie
    I don’t know the locations, but I think rhythm check is to see if you can be creative with the type of beat a song has. Haha! Lucky! I’m still learning Mandarin and Cantonese! When you sing you can choose your own, but if you don’t know a song, they’ll choose for you. And I’m pretty sure you can sing in another language. That’ll make them like you mor! =) Hope I helped!

  25. Does anyone know if it’s possible to audition for BOTH modelling and acting. And if it is, do I go for one and come out and then go in again?

    • Oooh yeah. You can audition for both modeling and acting. That’s possible. I mean you can even audition for the whole things they have.

  26. Sorry, but what is a rythem check? and I heard they care about looks alot, and what if you have braces? and can i sing a american song? if i cant speak korean well, will there be a translater? If i fail, will i be able to audition again next time? Thanks

  27. Sorry, but what is a rythem check? and I heard they care about looks alot, and what if you have braces? and can i sing a american song? if i cant speak korean well, will there be a translater? If i fail, will i be able to audition again next time?

    Please reply to ALL my questions please


    • ya if you fail you can audition again next time. but a rythem check is basically dancing, who wouldnt care about looks? u can sing whatever uwant, u dont have to speak korean, one of the guys will probably know english… and… braces… unno.. that might be under looks? btw, how old are you?

  28. so the weekly stilll goes on
    ow did you register before u audition?
    anyone nos?
    n also can you sing a chinese song while you dance
    bi ni jian by S.H.E.?
    does the song have to be in english or korean?
    n are ethey only goin to take pple that have clear skin?

    • i guess u can try singing and dancing at the same time.. that would be cool 😉 and ya i think u can sing chinese song

  29. To Frank.

    I am Korean, Im in the US, in CA and I can audition in LA. I dont know when I should audition, probably when I get my few pimples away. BTW im 13

  30. Do you know if they’re planning on making a Global audition this year since they now have the USA auditions now? o.O (i hope so)

  31. so does anyone no if the weekly audition in Los Angeles
    is still goin on
    cause i dont want to go and there and no one is there
    and does they only take clear skin people?even though ur good?

  32. Well I heard that some guy was really good and talented, but he wasnt that good lookin so he didnt make it. So im guessing you have to look good and talented.

  33. well if ur askin both of us, im korean and i speak korean and english, and id say im good lookin, except i dont have the guts to audition

  34. To Frank,

    I want to audition for acting, but it says i have to make my own script. how long does it have to be?

  35. Well, ill let you know from my personal experience…

    If there’s a lot of other contestants, you’ll have a time limit of 30 seconds. But if you’ve caught their attention, they let you continue. Or they’ll ask for more… However they might stop u whenever they feel…

    If there aren’t many contestants then you basically have all the time in the world…

    As for me, I had about 15 to 30 minutes… There was a lot of singing, questioning&answering, & commenting going on… Then the rhythem check… Its basically when they turn on a random song & u dnt have to neccessary dance to it, just move or bounce to the music…

    • so if you don’t dance but just bounce of move to the music it would not slim down the chances of you becoming a trainee?
      Coz im 100% sure that i can’t think of dance moves on the spot! Plus they play a random song so i can’t learn any dance moves! Did you dance?? Any tips for the rhythm check? im most worried about that

  36. About 30 seconds to 1 minute… Do your best & be confident!!! Arasol? Ok, off I go to folding cranes for Oppas… Feel free to email me… My email is located in one of the above comments…
    I might take awhile to reply, doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you, due to my schedule, I’m just probably busy… As longeaat as 3 days or the next 30 minutes… Tootles…


  37. If u make it for any category, they will definately contact you. Once you make it they will train you for all the categories & you will be learning languages…

  38. to Bi

    Thanks but, are auditions still held in LA, if i make it, and after trainin, what will happen to me? will i have to move, and how well do u have to do to actually make it to acting and singing

  39. If you make it, you’ll probably be off to korea to train… Unless they have a training system here in America… Most likely when you’re ready, you’ll get your turn to debut… But u have to have patience like TVXQ’s JunSu, SJ’s SUNGMIN & HYUKJAE, SNSD’s Jessica, WG’s SUNYE, BB’s TAEYANG, & GD, & 2AM’s JO Kwon…

    • yaa… patience is key… u might have all the talent in the world.. but if the company thinks its not the right time to debut u to maximize profit.. then u still have to wait… and still be able to impress them..

  40. whats a debut?

    for dancing, how long does the dance have to be.

    and how well do you have tio do in acting. like hoe well, and how good looking

  41. It really depends on the judge in korea… Bcuz they will be watching ur video… & they’ll get to decide if u advance further… U will be notify if u have advanced further or not through email…

    To debut is to actually come out as whatever it is u want to be…

  42. Wait so if I audition infront of the judges, whats the first thing thll say to me if im gonna audition for singing, dancing, and acting? How will they notify me that if i failed or not?

  43. Ur gonna have to fill out an application first… And the contact info you put on there would be how they get a hold of you…

  44. Wait so if i go and audition, will i know my results, after i audition or next time?

    btw u said u have to go to some trainin, do you HAVE to move to Korea?

  45. basically dude.. u have to move..
    hey bi.. can you post up some vids of u singing and stuff? i wana see ur talent!

  46. can some one tell me their experience beside bi
    (to bi dont take it as an offense) cuz u already told me n dont ask me how do i no

  47. To frank…
    I’m sorry. At this very moment, I can not post up a video of myself… I’m currently going & staying at a place which is private property… Which means I can’t’ capture any pictures or videos any where in here… But when I get the chance to go home I will do so…

    Its ok Katy… I won’t…

  48. to BI; did you get in..
    i received an email saying to wait for a month.. it’s been two weeks and it’s really stressing me out.. does anyone know how they evaluate things?? ughhh

  49. Well it really depends on the judges in korea… Because they make decision whether to advance u further or not… That’s y it takes about a month…

    • Well. I’ve listened to some auditions from the past and they were OK. But now when you hear them they are great.

  50. The last time I was told the audition in the USA should be around the same time as last year… Just like the years before… Unless otherwise… But I’m pretty sure it’ll be here… Especially wit SM usa here too…

  51. i dont think anyone is gonna debut anytime soon.. they alreaedy have soo many artists… it would be too much work and stuff..

  52. lmao I’m not asian, but I look like a darker asian maybe from the island groups. I can sing EXTREMELY well not to toot my own horn =D and I’m a great dancer. I speak fluent English,Spanish, and I’m learning Japanese and Korean now. I’m fairly good. Are auditions still going on?! Can someone email me the answer PLZ!

  53. can we email them a video of ourselves singing or dancing or the pictures we took or send an attachment file to them ???

    • From SMTown:
      -If you are not able to attend the WEEKLY AUDITION you HAVE to include your name, age, sex, nationality, ethnicity, first language, name of school (if you attend), School year, e-mail address, address, phone number and home phone, height, weight, etc..

      -You MUST put what your auditioning for

      -Include a scanned photo of yourself. They DON’T accept low quality photos, cell photos, sticker photos, photoshop, etc…

      -If you have a video for your audition, use this files: MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc…
      –For mail: VHS, DV, VCD etc…

      -If you’re a songwriter, include some lyrics

      -For composition send a demo (MP3, ASF, WAVE)

      —People who pass auditions by E-Mail or mail will be with the date of their audition at SM Entertainment USA…

      Want more info:

  54. im trying out for SM in 9 days im 13 years old and im korean/Filipino and im a girl i have 3 songs aready made (my bro made the beats) im trying out for singer and song writer dancer and model but im freaking out idk what to do am i good enough are the auditions still in L.A my mom aready bought the tickets to L.A (i live in kansas) and my mom has done everything for me to go. and my family dosent have much money do u have to have money to make it??? please tell me

    • From what I heard from a friend… you don’t have to pay any money to be in the audition… the only thing that you need to bring with you is talent. That’s it!
      Judges would be very amazed if you could sing in Korean. They don’t care if you can write it, but they’ll be fascinated if you can speak Korean.
      If you make it, they’ll probably debut you in Korea.
      GOOD LUCK!!

      • thank u so much! 🙂 i need that well my koreans isnt the best but i hope i can study i little bit more within the next 9 days

      • um i dont really know how he did cuz he lives in Florida and i live in kansas but he dosent download any software hmmm i thing he used something on a mac computer

  55. I’m Asian-american but my parents are from Pakistan. Will i hae a chance to get in? I really want to audition and can sing in korean and japaneses really well. I just started learning korean and had one year of chinese down. I can sing and dance well. When i go in should i talk in english or korean/chinese? I usually speak english and urdu. Do south asians count in the auditions? Sorry for all the questions! If you can please try to answer them. Also is it better to sing a song that is not from an artist they have trained?

    • Okay, I don’t really get this. Are you saying that you live in America but your parents are in Pakistan.
      –The only thing that I’m certain about is the audition in the U.S.
      –It’s great that you can sing in Korean and Japanese. They will love that you can speak Chinese and are almost fluent in Korean and Japanese. Those places are pretty much were they debut their artists… English is also terrific to them
      — If you read in the article “The good part about this audition is… anyone could audition. They don’t care what race, age or gender you are. Just as long as you show up.” So OF COURSE you can audition.
      –It’s okay if you’re 18. Some TVXQ members debuted when they were just 17. If you have a great specialty, they should debut you earlier… maybe next year if you audition this year.


  56. um how bout if u are black but im fast speaker im already learn korean jus by listen to their music n watchin their korean drama show n i could sing n rap n korean really good cuz i have lotz of friends on myspace page who korean dat y im am so into korean culture dat y i jus love korean people cuz they r the best ones n i love their food too. im wonderin even know im black can i still audition sm enterment cuz i love korean culture and i wanna make korean people happy and glad of me singing to them .

    • see thats the thing Sm says that u can audition even if your not asian but i’ve never seen any other race besides like the asian races in SM so idk sorry 😦 but u can always try its so nice to here someone is into the korean culture 🙂

  57. I would just like to ask if you received a msg like this…

    S.M. Entertainment USA AUDITION
    I am the person in charge of S.M. Entertainment USA auditions. Thank you for registering for S.M. Entertainment USA audition. We would like to inform you that your first application sent through e-mail has been accepted. We are reviewing the information you have provided, and will contact you through email within one month if you are selected. Thank you for your interest.

    then you received a rejection letter right??

    because I would just like to know if they would send a rejection letter too.. if I did not get in..

  58. Thanks Yuki-Chan!! I’m really nervous!! When you send in a video in an email is it better to just introduce yourself in english? How long does the singing and dance have to be?

    • Well I’m not sure how long it should take, but I don’t think you should sing the whole song. You shouldn’t dance too long. Maybe one minute is okay.
      If you speak better in English, you should go ahead an introduce yourself in English. If it’s in Korean, and you can’t even prounounce some words, don’t think it’s a good choice to even try. Don’t embarass yourself in anyway.

  59. soo my friend said that there is like a french and british girl in sm entertainment, but idk if she’s right. does anyone know??

  60. Hey!

    I was just wondering about the weekly US auditions in LA. Are they still going on, in the same location as it says on their website? And is it better to just walk in, fill out the registration form and stuff, or to email them? I’m interested in singing, modeling, & maybe dancing, and I’m fluent in English, Mandarin, proficient in Canto & Spanish. And I can start learning Korean? Hahaah! So I should audition in English or what?


  61. i whened to weekly audtions last Saturday so ya its still there. i tryed out for singing danceing song writer model

    • i did good the jude said i was really cute and said that i have a high chance cuz im young but there one jude in the room and u do not sing and dance at the same time you sing first and then dance. i think the weekly audition is like a practice one and if that one jude thinks your good then she gives it to the really judges and then the decide

  62. wait
    so you cant sing n dance at the same time
    how did you no
    n what is the age that give you a high chance of gettin in?
    lke under 18?

    • dude idk i when to the audition like 2 days ago the judge lady says sing first then dance cuz they dont want to here u out of breath and like be singing see what i mean singing and danceing at the same time will mess u up. idk about the whole age thing she just told the young the more better

  63. cuz i read somewhere n this person posted they will be very impress if u could sing n dance at the same time
    do u no if there is somewhere that i could ask them
    i try email them but they never ans this q’s

    • um no were. i guess if u go for an audtion and ask if u can then i guess so but i dont thing they would be impressed cuz when u sing and dance at the same time your singing dosent sound as good as without dance

    • just tell her when your tired of dancing then she’ll stop it or she’ll tell u to stop. with singing she’ll stop u then she’ll ask u if u have any other songs you prepared.

  64. but u no the all singers dance n sing at the same time
    i was just wonderin how they did that?
    can u chooose a song that is in chinese n japanese
    n when u dance can it be cheorgraphy from a song

  65. Hi there, if you’re auditioning for singing, do you have to sing an amount of songs?? like 3 or 4, or just 1??? and about de dancing audition, how long does the music has to be??

  66. ok this is my last comment.
    you can still tryout for sm weekly audition. weekly auditions are there every Saturday (did u see EVERY SATURDAY!) u have to be thre at 3 – 6 pm (i whend early and waited) the audition place looks ruined down and looks like three nothing inside and the building is brown go in said and ask were the audition is the korean guy will tell u. now there is one lady watching u she is video taping u to the korean lady that is taping u is not a jude i repeat IS NOT A JUDGE!!!! the reason why shes taping is becuz she has to give that to the real judges. the real judges are in korea so ya. when u get in the room after you give the lady your dancing CD and your paper u filled out ( you fill out the application in the waiting room) then she gives u a sticker and tells u to put it on your left upper part of your chest then shes tells you to introduce your self to the camera say stuff about your self that is cool. then if u are singing u sing first and they will not be impressed if u sing and dance at the same time u have to sing first. after you sing your first song she’ll ask u if u have prepared any other songs if yes u sing if no then u say no. then u move on to dancing u dance one time no more after that. then comes the rest like song writing and etc. if u bring your own songs that u made u just give it to her and leave unless you are trying out for something else all so to the rude girl up there i know your suppose to sing and dance at the same time when u become a singer but its nearly impossible to sing and dance at the same time and still sound good singing or your dance to look good unless u want to look like an fat person whos has a heart problem. and also the thing lied u need to be some part asian to make it u can tryout if your not asian but your tape the lady filmed wont make it to the real judges. and the auditions as long as u make it theres not limit. theres also not to many people at the audition there was only 4 people auditioning when i was there. good luck people who are going to tryout you’ll need it.

  67. Uhhm, I am from Canada. I will attend the Sm auditions in Toronto. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is 2009 auditions here. everyday i check Sm’s Site and according to it, the only 2009 auditions were in Korea so far. So is that right?

  68. i mean can u dance moves from choregraphy dance movbe
    i mean like can i use some dance moves from diva by after school n add some flavor of mine?

  69. Hi~ I was reading some of the comments, and i was wondering. i don’t think i’m that beautiful, i’m hispanic, and i’m only 12. do the judges judge really hard?
    because i would like to audition by e-mail.
    and some people kinda scared my a little when they said SM cares about looks a lot. :/
    Thank you for the people who respond back~

    • you shouldn’t worry about it..
      if you do make it
      they will cover you in a bunch of make up anyways..
      i find many people of SM not to be fully pretty.
      but its okay..its the performance that counts..nothing more. so don’t worry.
      if you are that sad about you looks you can probably get plastic surgery like SNSD.. (not meaning to offend them)

      • to MUN_JI:

        i don’t know about that, since it’s the Global Auditions. lol
        thanks anyways~

  70. oh. thank you~ lol but i guess i only need plastic surgery on the nose. XD i won’t do plastic surgery though, unless they ask me too. lol
    i’m more happy now, thanks Hero.

  71. to Lia
    i sm not sure if they let non asian get into the entertainment
    i mean when i went to the audition almost all the auditioners are korean
    there only one or two non korean pple but they are asian tho
    i am not tryin to offend u here

    • i know. but it’s ok. lol i can audition for other companies though. and some people scared me with the rumors about Sm Entertainment. XD

  72. umm
    i was wonderin for the weekly audition they let us audition for more than one category
    like can we do dance, singing, modeling n acting at the same time on that day of our audition?
    thnk u for those for answerin my questions

    • yes u can. when i auditioned. i sang,danced,model,had songwriting and my own songs,and acting. the lady just asked u wat your gonna do and then u telll her and u do it

  73. but when u goes inside does they tell what to do
    like does they sing pls sing
    or can u choose
    as for modelin
    do u do runway walk?n do u pose for 3 pic after that?
    thnks by the way:)

    • she tellls u hello when u come inside.
      she dosent say sing please she says what are u going to to today. then u tell her what your gonna do then she tellls u which one to do first (which is singing probably) then it gos from there

  74. do u no how long they let u sing
    does they let u sing throughtout the whole song
    n about acting
    does they let run through the whole monologues
    or they just cut u off
    n as for modeling do u walk first or pose three photos
    pls answer all my questions

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  76. does any one who went to the audition no wat the building look like?
    thnks im takin the bus there so …
    yeah it is best if i no wat does the buildin look like

    • oh good luck with that hun. were i was staying (very close to LAX) i had to talk 4 buses and 3 trains just to get into korea town ( the audition is in korea town ) then i had to walk the rest of the way to find the damn building. i had to walk like 2 miles then i finally found it. the building looks like a old ruin down abandon building. the color of the building is like a brown but the building looks like a bunch of windows that are brown.

      question when r u going to audition? cuz i’m plaining on auditioning again this Saturday. (plus the wonder girls are gonna be there this Saturday and by the auditioning place! lol)

  77. oh
    wait how did u no that the wg are there?
    yeah im goin there this sat
    so the buildin is prtty hard to find?
    i have to take 2 buses
    prob it will take me about 1 hr or more
    wait so u didnt get in?

    • i whened to the website wonder girls are going to be in Koreatown. NOT in the auditions place tho.
      i dont know if i got in or not its to early but i just want to auditions again. lol. i want them to see how much i want to work for them.

    • Actually you’re allowed to sing whatever you want, just as long as you know it’s the right song for your voice.
      Judges will love that you’re fluent in Korean.

  78. to yuki-chan
    wat about chinese n japanese
    if i sing a song in any of these language
    are they goin to be impressed
    as for dancin
    can u dance moves from different sop=ng’s moves n put them all together in one single song but addin ur own flavor
    is that still called as freestylin

  79. to MUN_JI
    whgen u went to the audition
    did they let u dance through the whole dance or jsut give u about 30 secs to finish?

    • lol so many questions -__- its ok tho i dont mind answering ^_^.
      ummm you dance for how long u want. only on globe audition you only get like 30 seconds.

  80. wait wat u r sayin is that they dont cut u off
    like my song last about 3 min
    they would just let me dance throught
    how manypple were there when u went to the weekly audition
    its just im rlly curious
    n thnks
    also as for singin does they cut u off acting for a monologue?

    • well she didnt cut me off when i was dancing and my song was 4 mins and i got tried cuz i thought she was going to cut me off but she didnt so i had to lol.

      3mins ya she should let u dance right throw it unless u suck lol

      well last time i came i went at 3 and there were only 4 people including myself

      for singing she cut me off throw half the song (i sung i hate this part by the pcd) then she asked me if i prepared anything else and then i sung another 3 songs and she didnt cut me off. like if you song repeats alot then she’ll cut u off or if u suck she’ll cut u off

      as for acting u just say your stuff she wont cut u off unless like i said if u suck.

  81. hey i’m auditioning on like Aug. 22…..
    just wanted to know if we can chreograph a dance….
    coz i’m auditioning for both singing and dancing….
    do i have to freestyle or can i come up with dance steps before auditions???

  82. oh and about how long is the rythm test??
    sorry you guys are probably annoyed by the billions of question people are asking…..

  83. I dont know if they would want me or not.
    Im like 5′6 and 120 pounds, and i dont know if that too overweight to get in :S How old do you have to be?
    I can somewhat sing, but i dont know what type of SM entertainment want.
    Does SM entertainment have auditions in canada?
    Can i try out if i dont know korean but im in the process of learning?
    Im fluent in english, mandarin, cantonese, and vietnamese. And a bit of taiwanese and french.
    Sorry for all my questions, im a curious person.
    ~please reply, this would mean a lot to me 🙂

    • Dont’ worry about it!
      I am In Canada too and I was wondering the same thing.
      they might, but i hear therer it a chance there wont be, it’ll be held in Toronto, and Vancouver as far as i know.
      They ussually want yu 13 and under so they can re-mold you to be what they want you to be. but you can still auditions over that. it’s just that there is a higher chance youll be chosen if oyu are under 13.
      AND they will love that you can speak all those languages.

      BTW: I can speak viet, madarin, cantonese, english, and french too, and in the process of learning korean (:

  84. I AM 13 🙂 But im turning 14 soon so… dont know.
    Has anyone above the age of 13 been chosen? i think some girl in SNSD has… not sure.
    And the sad thing is that i live in Atlantic Canada, so it’ll be harder for me to audition.
    Still, im asian, and i know asians are supposed to be skinny, but im 120 at 5’6 and a half, so i really dont know what to do. O.o
    I think i might try sending an email application.
    And then posting a recording of me singing. I dont know. Im clueless, as always.

  85. Thanks, I heard that after you get in you have to train for about 3-4 years.
    Has anyone here got into SM entertainment?
    If you have, please give us more information. 🙂
    Btw, Ive heard that Yoona from SNSD had to audition 12 times to get in, is that true? Has anyone audition more than once get in? 🙂
    I really want to audition, too bad im in atlantic canada.
    Does anyone know if tai chiu is considered a language?

  86. Uhh i read almost everything on this page i was think about auditioning to Sm Cuhs im in LA at my Cousins House i’m 12and a half years old i’m Chinese ,Part French , Viet , Korean and i dont know if i sing good or not my mom says i do and she wants me to audition somewhere but i’m pretty scared my mom asked if you make it and sign contracts do i have to pay money?Also i dont know alot of korean i mostly alk in english i dont speak so much chinese i dont speak so much viet and i dont know an words in french only hi LOL!! But do you think i can make it?

  87. hwaiting: I dont think you would have to pay to sign a contract, since they want you, they try to make the deal sound good.
    Um, if i were you i would try to learn more languages maybe one or improve one, they’ll probably teach you korean so dont worry, but i think you should think about chinese, since sm is also in china, try mandarin, the main language. 🙂

  88. Thats good 🙂 But if you get in, they might want you to go to china, and im fluent in both cantonese and mandarin, but if i were you i would learn both mandarin and korean 🙂

  89. well yea but i think i’d want to do korea or maybe china its depends on where they want to put me
    though i think?…..

  90. Well, you never know, i think we should actually ask SM trainees for more information. Have you noticed that you might sound great outside, but then you sound horrible once you record you singing with a mp3 player? Thats my problem and i want to audition by email, and now i dont know what to do, i think i might try it with my camera. I saw a bunch of videos on youtube and those people were good, and they used cameras and sometimes some recording thingy, dont know. But anyone heard about a rhythm test? Care to explain? 🙂 Thanks.

  91. Hi, my friend and I are considering of auditioning through email, but what exact information have to be included when you send it because at the site, they list some stuff and then just trail off with etc, so what are the requirements that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. I’m also a little bit afraid to do so because I’m around 4’10.5 ft. and my weight fluctuates around 116-120 lbs, plus I’m turning 17 soon. Do I even stand a chance when I audition? Thanks to anyone that can help me and my friend with these questions.

  92. I would never audition in USA. Cuz judges in LA, Canada, they dont give a hoot about ppl singing so no one gets in. i rather w8 untill i go back to korea and then audition

  93. To kim: If they dont care about singing, then what DO they care about?
    And how did Jessica from SNSD and Kibum from super junior get in?

  94. To amineri:
    For email you’ll need your :
    name, age, name of school, current school year, email address, home address, home and mobile number, height, weight and stuff.
    Then you’ll need to send pictures or a video of yourself, pictures probably because SM is big on looks. But you never know.
    Dont be afraid of your weight or height. Hey, i want to model but im 5’6 (168cm) and 118 or 120 pounds.
    Dont worry about anything, just work on your voice, thats what they want (assuming thats what you’re auditioning for).
    If you’re over weight, which you’re not. They’ll probably make you lose weight in some healthy way.
    ~hope this helps. Im auditioning too. 🙂
    ~good luck 🙂

  95. To amineri:
    Thanks, i just thought of another thing, if i were you, i would also include what languages i know and what instruments i play. They usually want people who speak multiple languages (good thing i know 5). And to be a singer you might need instruments. Usually, they would want younger people, but they accepted Heechul and Eunhyuk from Super Junior, im not sure what age they were when they auditioned, but they weren’t that young, and Eunhyuk’s audition was the funniest thing ever. SM entertainment also accepted another guy who i forgot the name of and he was 17 when he auditioned. 🙂 I think you should post a video of you and your friend singing on youtube before you send it to them so people can comment on your voice, and tell you how you could improve it, since your voice usually sounds different when you record it (mine does).
    Hope this helps. 🙂

  96. hey this is me again….
    i’m not here to ask questions because i just got back from my auditions….
    i did horrible but idc coz i’m taking dance lessons and gymnastics so i can audition again next year….
    i’m only 13 so i have plenty of time to improve….
    it really wasn’t that bad though….
    make sure you bring a photo coz it’s included in the application form….
    not much people are there either…
    there were just less than 20 people….
    but that’s coz we were early……
    anyways, once you fill up an application, one guy will come out and ask who’s ready….
    he records people one by one in a seperate room and you DON’T DO A RYTHM TEST….
    i guess that’s just in Korea….
    there’s only one guy too he records everything and i guess he’s the judge too….
    so he’ll ask you to state your number(they’ll give you one i was 90-244 😀 ) name, age, and school…….
    if you know other languages he’s gonna ask you to introduce yourself again speaking that lang….
    then he’ll ask what you prepared and if you sing he’ll just listen and record….
    when you’re done with your song he just asks if you prepared another song up to you if you wanna sing again i did and my friend sang twice…..
    the room isn’t soundproof btw…..
    and if you’re going to dance bring your CD and give it to him and well do your thing…..
    if you’re gonna act then act if modeling is what you prepared then go for it…..
    after that you just leave…..
    there seriously was no rythm test and you didn’t perform in front of others……
    the guy was pretty chill and cool…..
    he complimented my friend coz she’s an AWESOME singer she’ll most likely get in…
    i probably won’t though….. ;_____;
    oh well better luck next year for me…..

    • honey there is a rhythm test.
      i’ve audition 3 times the guy changes everytime.
      first it was a girl then it was a boy then it was a boy again it changes. also SM dont usually pay attention to weekly auditions.
      my name is MUNJi and now i have a label and my album will come out in 6 months. i got it in a much easier way. if u live in cali. there this thing called the BIG Talent showcase and you preform there in front of the highest producers and they pick the person they like the best and take them to labels like sony and jive records (they produce lady gaga and jordan sparks and chrisbrown and stuff)
      SM they dont even give you a chance. if your not asian then they dont care i when’d to the audition and they said u can audition but it wont count u have to be asian to even qualify. now im Half korean half filipino so it didnt matter just saying

      • well for me there was no rythm test and i loved it 😀 …..
        i hope there won’t be one next year too….
        unless i get better at free styling…..

  97. to belle:
    well my friend already has her own videos on youtube:

    but I, on the other hand, have yet to make one since I sound different when I record.
    Is it alright if I post one and ask your opinion on it? I’ll post the link here as soon as I post it.

    and my friend and I can both speak in Tagalog.
    another question: do filipinos count as asian? because I’m afraid they might say that we can’t qualify.

  98. To Amineri: If you look asian, you’re asian, like i mean if your country is in asia, then you’re asian, like china, taiwan, singapore, philliphines, korea, japan, and vietnam.
    What’s tagalog?

    To Munji: You have a label? What? I’ve never heard of big talent showcase. Does SM give you a chance if you’re asian then?

    To JJ: Wow you auditioned? That’s so cool 🙂
    Where did you audition? You’ll definetely get in next time, im getting voice lessons 🙂
    And im 13 going on 14 as well, i might audtion next year 🙂

    • that address that’s up there the Wilshire thing…..
      it’s in LA and they do it weekly….
      haha yay we’re same age~~ 🙂
      but i guess you’re older since you’re already turning 14….
      my b-day is still next year….
      hehe can i call you belle unnie????

  99. To JJ: Lol, sure why not? And ill be going to grade 9 soon, school is starting in september 2nd 🙂
    I live in halifax, nova scotia, lol. I know, canada. You?
    Btw, my name isn’t belle. But call me that on this page anyways 🙂

    • yayz~~ i’m going to 8th this year…. i’m in San Diego, California…..
      wow we’re so far apart….
      kk i’ll call you belle unnie 😀

  100. tagalog is the native language of the filipinos.
    people mistake it for the “filipino” language but it’s actually acalled tagalog.

  101. Hahaha, im sorry amineri, i dont know much about the phillipines.
    But i get it now, and i saw your friends vid, she’s really good, and she’ll definetely get in. 😀
    But then again, im not SM :O But im pretty sure she will, im not sure if there’s a second stage though, i heard about it but im not so sure. Good luck though 😀

  102. hello!
    does anyone know if u can audition through mail?? Or where to audition in Canada or US??

    to Amineri: are you filipino??

  103. To nikki and ailuveuo: Yes you can audition through both mail and email, check
    (just go and scroll down)
    for more info 🙂
    USA- Los angelos, California and check site for more
    Canada-Vancouver and Toronto

    Yes, im pretty sure there is a SM global audition this year 🙂 Not completely sure though.

  104. I’m wondering about acting.
    do we prepare the scripts or do they?
    if we are the ones that prepare it, can we write our own script, or does it have to be from a film or something?
    & if they prepare the script, do they give it to us ahead of time? or do we have to memorize it quickly..O.O
    -please reply (:

  105. To Hero: Im pretty sure that you have to prepare the script yourself 🙂 And i think it has to be part of a show/movie thing 🙂
    ~Hope this helps 🙂

  106. Well, im not so sure about that, but I think you should go with the language you know best, im not so sure so you should email and ask them 🙂
    ~Goodluck 🙂

  107. to belle: thanks soo much. I can’t wait to audition.

    to amineri: hey, I’m filipino too. hehehe i hope they would accept filipinos. 🙂

    Thank you!! / Salamat po!! ^__^

  108. I think that they may take filipinos because when Charice (?) went to Korea, they offered her a contract but she turned it down.

    I think you have to be either crazy good or show potential.

  109. I’m thinking of auditioning for modeling/acting, has anyone here tried out for either yet? I have a few questions for both n__n;

    For acting, do you need to prepare a monologue or something else like that? And for modeling, do you have to do a model walk as well as the poses?

    I’m Filipino and a little Chinese and Spanish, 5’1″ so I’m definitely not model height, at least here in the US D: Any replies would be really appreciated!

  110. To Moni: Yes, you need to prepare a script. And hit me with the questions. You need to do model poses as well. If you’re 5’1, that’s a little shorter than average, but you could be a petite model, but since it’s korea, it won’t be that bad, only in the states, but i don’t know about cat walk. 🙂
    Hope this helps.

  111. @Belle

    have you auditioned before?

    I want to audition soon but i don’t know if i look good enough -.-

    i wanna just dance is that ok?

  112. To Mercedes: No, i haven’t auditioned yet, but i will soon, next year 😉
    If you want people’s opinion, then you should make a video, post it on youtube, and then post the link here 🙂 It’s ok if you only want to dance, they have a lot of categories, here’s the site.
    You should go further into the site and click english on the side 🙂 Not on the top.
    And i personally think that looks don’t really matter, only talent, but SM really counts on looks, but i know you look good enough even though i’ve never seen or met you before 🙂
    ~goodluck 🙂

  113. hey belle you wouldnt know if their going to america or australia sometime this year are they??
    when i auditions (if i get to) im going to sing
    1. when you say nothing at all(english)
    2. let’t not*super junior =D (korean)
    and 3. im still deciding whether to do gomen ne juliet or cherish by NEWS (japanese)
    also im deciding whether i should do a cantonese song too cause i can speak all cantonese and english fluently, i can hold a conversation in japanese and im trying to learn korean.
    what do you think?!?!a

  114. also *sorry for posting again so quickly*
    will they still accept you if u go to for example
    if u live in australia but u go to america to audition. will they except you?? cause im really stressing that even if i do well in the auditions they wont accept me cause i live in australia.
    lol i know i sound very up myself but the people i have told about me auditioning says that i have a pretty big chance to get in since i can sing and act pretty well, or at least well enough that i got a lead character in my first school musical*yay=D*im full chinese and only 15, and many people say im actually good looking. UGH I SERIOUSLY HOPE THAT THEY HAVE AUDITIONS IN AMERICA THIS YEAR *or australia*

  115. To snoops: Well, im 13 going on 14 on oct. 8. And there are weekly auditions in LA in america. Im canadian, but i may be going to auditions in LA. I can speak cantonese, english (duh), mandarin and vietnamese all fluently and im learning korean. About braces, i dont know i used to have those in grade and 6 but now im in grade 9 so yea. But i guess so since they’ll know that the braces will come off soon 🙂 Because they really care about looks. You can do any song you want, but i dont think they have auditions in australia though, lol i have family in australia 🙂
    Lead in school musical? Thats good. Like in the us and canada and other places they want strong voices, but i dont know about asia, but you’ll probably get in, well in grade 7 i auditioned for high school musical(so childish) Well i got the role of the bad auditions :S But i went into puberty and now i sound different and to people, they say that my voice improved a ton since grade 7 🙂 Thank God. 🙂
    You have a good chance of getting in 🙂

  116. so there are like permanent auditions in la right??!?
    im still contemplating whether to do the acting auditions and modeling auditions too cause i really really really want this. lmao being one of the bad auditions mustve been bad on ur self esteem, thank god i never had anything like that happen to me. one more thing for this post, do know the address of the auditions area?

  117. Ive never auditioned yet.

    And To everyone: I posted both my videos 🙂
    Theyre only my piano ones, but if you check another video that i did (kagomefan4,i know lame name, i made my account in grade 5) i sung into the new world by snsd, but i recorded and sung that when i had a sore throat so i sounded like a horse.

    river flows in you:
    http : //www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=8xRXYs8QwG4

    my composition:
    http : //www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Jdii3t0ALD4

    Check my other video on youtube for the into the world one where i sung it, i had a sore throat, keep that in mind.

    replace (dot) with a . 🙂 And get rid of the spaces. 🙂
    Want to get into SM 🙂

  118. To everyone: I posted both my videos 🙂

    river flows in you:

    my composition:

    Me singing (sorry my voice was sore):

    Want to get into SM 🙂

    wow even with a sore throat u sound pretty good
    and ur very pretty.
    u should audition u can be my hyung =)
    hm…. mayb i should post a video on youtube and see what people think about it…..but its so awkward lol
    ill think about it

  120. What? No im 13 going on 14 on oct. 8th :O
    Oh, you were probably looking at my youtube channel, well i havent updated it since i was 12 so :S
    Yeah i know how you feel, i was awkward as well, lol.
    By the way, i a girl so youre not my hyung, youre my oppa, lol. 🙂 Hyung is only what guys call their brothers 🙂
    I watched fruits basket when i was in grade 6, im in grade 9 now and i moved on from anime/manga, right now, im into sm entertainment, jyp, and super junior, lol. 🙂

  121. Aww, lol, thanks, but i know i sound like a horse, and i know im not pretty 😉
    But thanks anyways 😛
    I have no idea who you are but right back at cha, but i cant call my oppa pretty can i? Lol.
    Im confused now, are you a guy or girl? :O
    Lol 🙂

  122. guy:) lol
    yea ive been off anime for a while, now im just concentrating on getting in SM 1# proirity in my life atm.
    and yea u can call me pretty/handsome/cute watever u want, until u see me then u would be like “ugh…..mayb not” lol 😉
    sorry am i making u feel awkward?!?! trust me im not a rapist im only a year older than you lol

  123. To snoops: Lol, ok i didnt think you were a rapist, more like a stalker, jkjk 🙂 Lol.
    I really want to get into either SM or JYP, but im leaning toward SM more though, but its easier getting into JYP, JYP has a youtube channel where he searches for people 😉 And thanks for the callling me pretty, even though im not, lol, wonder if you have an australian accent, 🙂 I have family in australia, maybe meet you there someday? 🙂
    Well now i have to balance grade 9 out with extra tutoring even though i have high marks and stuff but my mom wants me to get even better marks, voice lessons, piano exams/history piano(universitiy level), my social life and extra chinese lessons (even though i can speak and write it :S Lots of stuff, no? 🙂
    Well heres my msn : lilsakura1l@hotmail(dot)com
    replace the (dot) with a .
    And maybe you want to go on this forum as well?
    Heres the link, ive been having convos on there about SM a lot, lol 🙂
    You might not think that there are lots of comments but remember to check what page youre on because we’re talking on page 39 over there right now 🙂
    http : //yeinjee(dot)com/2009/sm-entertainment-global-audition-2009/?cp=39#comments
    Get rid of the spaces between the http thing 🙂

  124. dam america ur in year 9 and ur 1 year younger than me and im still in year 9.
    and yes i do have an aussie accent. G’DAY MATE. *actually i dont know anyone who actually says that lol*
    lol i do mandarin too but i fail at it, i can speak canto though.
    u think u got it bad , im supposed to finish a year long project in the next 2 weeks and i got shitloads to do 😥
    also gotta think of a way to get to my audition wheni actually get to america.
    ahh so much stress cant wait till my project is over, then i can focus on SM.

  125. Haha, i know what you mean, and if youre going to send in an email thing, apply for jyp as well, you never know what could happen 🙂
    Is that how it is in australia? Or did you fail? 😉 jkjk 🙂
    Lol, whenever people try to do an aussie accent, they usually say G’DAY MATE 🙂 (sorry if that was offensive :S)
    I speak fluent canto 🙂 And mandarin 🙂 Can you write? Oh, and no i wasnt born in asia or anything, i was born in canada. Honestly speaking, ive never been to asia, and the only place ive ever been to in america is new york 🙂

  126. lol yea ill apply for JYP after if i dont get into SM
    *optimism gets you everywhere…..i hope*
    nah its just me failing, i fail and chinese languages but im awesome at other languages namingly speaking japanese.
    i can speak canto fobishly though. not perfectly fluent but i can understand it perfectly. oh ive been to lotsa places in america, pretty much all around LA, vegas, san jose those kinda places. EVEN HOLLYWOOD *wasnt that interesting no celebs walking around the place*

  127. To snoops: Lol im appliying for both SM and JYP, with SM youll be more popular in asia, and in jyp its both america and asia, but i heard that its waaay easier getting into jyp, because they need more people, and besides SM is for looks and i dont have those 😦
    I pwn at canto 🙂 Writing and speaking 🙂 But english is still the easiest 🙂
    Lol, my friend saw jessica simpson at the mall 😉 in LA 🙂

  128. And i have another friend that knows a bunch of celebs because their dad owns a celeb hangout thing, they personally know emma watson, lol.
    And theyve been friends with allison stoner since the age of 3. I mean i could meet celebs if i wanted to, but i cant meet the ones from asia though 😦

  129. gahhh lol dam u.
    id prefer to meet singers though, actors are cool but i prefer meeting singers. more inspiration.
    well if u get into SM or JYP then youd see them a lot then. and get to talk to them and be friends with them. some might even teach you. i would be crazy happy if my voice teacher was kyuhyun, that would be awesome.:D
    man this just makes we want to get into SM even more now

  130. To snoops: Lol, id be happy if my voice teacher was taeyeon 🙂 Or any other SNSD member 🙂 Or maybe ever SUNGMINNIE! 🙂 Lol the celebs are one of the reasons that i want to get into SM 🙂

  131. Lol i would want my dance teacher to be Eunhyuk Donghae, Yoona and so on 🙂
    I would also like Sunny to be my voice teacher as well 🙂 I adore her voice 🙂

    ❤ Sungminnie ❤

  132. hm.. i wonder what image they would ask me to be. id probbaly be like the forgotten one *yesung* or like the one whos good at everything *donghae* or the awesomest singer*kyuhyun*or pinky *sungmin* or soprano voice*ryeowook* or awesomest dancer *eunhyuk* or or superman *kangin* nah too weak or chinese ballerina *hankyun* or awesome actor *kibum* or *siwon* (cant think of anything to call hi lol) and theres no chance of me getting leader eetuek. lol
    no offence to shindong and heechul but i dislike them.

  133. omg i just noticed i sound really horrible bad when i was recording myself. omg i sound really really really really really bad…!.!.!

  134. Well i dont like shindong THAT much but hes okay i guess, but heechuls funny 🙂 What did you use to record? I used my mp3, and it sounded horrible, its bad quality, so i used my camera 🙂
    And siwon = the gentleman 🙂
    Sungmin = ❤ 🙂 Lol.
    I though heechul was pinky 🙂 But i like sungmin like that as well 🙂

  135. nah heechul is like the crossdresser. minnie is the cute lil pink baby.
    i used this thing called lifeframe on my laptop with a mic. but i guess i was singing too high today and my voice went a lil croaky. hopefully its not ussually like that cause ive never actually heard myself sing. apparently according to my voice teacher its smooth and silky *hahah writing that made me lol* but it sounds croaky and breaky. it worries me:'(

  136. To snoops: Lol i know what you mean, you hear yourself, but than after recording, you sound different. And dont use a laptop, it sounds waaaay different :S Its probably bad quality on the laptop.
    And you should post a video, so you could hear what others have to say 🙂 Just like me 🙂
    And if your voice teacher says so than it probably is 🙂
    You take voice as well? Cool!

  137. to belle: well its not the microphone on the laptop but i got a seperate like headphone microphone thingoe. kinda like the ones that they use in live performances those ones. but its connected to giant headphones. yea i sounded really nasally in the video. mayb its cause im trying to sing korean and my accent isnt that good.

  138. to yuki: i never auditioned yet so i have no idea. and i dont think you have to have perfect skin. thats what make – up is for lmao. but i guess mildy good skin is preferred.

  139. To yuki: I think yoona from SNSD auditioned 12 times before she got in and im sure you could audition as many times you want 🙂

    To snoops: Lol, read the other blog for what i have to say and i saw you vid, so go see the comment 🙂 ❤

  140. do you know any other celebs who audition at a late age and audition mroe than once? i think i wanna practice 2 more years and audition at 16 x.x i still dont think im pretty enough to even be considered D:

  141. To mercedes: Dont say that youre not pretty! You ARE! Unlike me :S
    And i think eunhyuk, heechul and a few others auditioned late 🙂
    You should check their audition vids 🙂 Theyre funny xD

  142. pshhh i saw how you look belle unnie :O

    haha i saw them they were like 14 tho :/ heechul was funny even when he auditioned haha.

    yoona auditioned 12 times really?!
    do you have myspace or facebook?

  143. Yup, i have facebook 🙂 Not myspace though.
    Well the i heard about the yoona thing somewhere, not sure if it was true though.
    Heechul was 14? Woah, he looked pretty old then.
    Lol, if you saw what i looked like then you probably agree with me.

  144. hey i wanted to audition for sm entertainment but i wasn’t sure what kind of song i should sing. any suggestion? the name of the song would be cool too :]

  145. well it depends how high/low your voice. i suggest a R&B song like if i aint got you – alicia keys or something by baek ji young

  146. well if you want to show them how much you want to get in then id suggest a song from one of their bands. like SNSD or f(x). another thing is to show your range. how high or low you can go but try not to go too high or your voice might break.

  147. To peace: It depends on what your voice sounds, im doing one year later by jessica and onew 🙂 But you could do something from SNSD or f(x) 🙂 There songs have a large vocal range, but you could change it to yours and dont be intimidated by SNSD, lol i was because theyre great 🙂 But remember this, SM is looking for unique voices, not people who copy their own artists, i learned this after a while 🙂
    And listen to mercedes and snoops as well 🙂 Theyre right 🙂 My voice used to break when reaching high notes back then but that changed since i strenghtened my voice, so i can hit the higher ranges now but i cant reach SNSD high notes though 😦 But im getting there xD My voice still cracks though :S And yes if youre gong to ask, i do suck at singing, but it doesnt hurt if i try 🙂

  148. to peace: well you can use the dance but youd have to put your own touches into it. they dont want to see how good you are at remmebering dances they wanna see how good you are at dancing altogether. how versatile you are and stuff.

  149. To snoops:
    As for the dance part it say freestyle buy can u choregraphy a dance move to a song
    Like the whole song
    so u think as long u add ur own style it’s fine rite?
    Also how did u guys video ur self n put it on YouTube
    Thnk u

  150. one more question. if you make it in do they really send you to school, and make sure you get education or are they just saying that and make you train the whole day?

  151. to peace: well not really sure but im pretty sure its not like slave torture. they say they will pay for education, medical transport and stuff like that. but im pretty sure its not 24/7 torture training.

  152. to peace: i wouldnt do an SM song just because they might compare you to the original.

    They pay for you to go to school and if you dont speak korena you go to an international school. Although it’ll be really hard to balance school and training :/

  153. to mercedes: but its also good to use one of their songs because it shows how dedicated you are to SM. like compared to if you use a song from big bang or wonder girls they might think like why are you auditioning with a song from one of our rival companies. if you like their music go audition for them instead of us.
    but if your going to sing an SM song make sure you dont sing it exactly like the singers. for example if you sing a song from snsd or a band, dont try to change your voice to fit each singer. sing it in your own tone and octave and watever. and yea it would be hard to balance training and school thats why so many people quit before they get to debut.

  154. Wow, people quit before they debut? Wow. That must suck :O
    Lol, and yea use an SM song 🙂 They have many vocal ranges so you could suit it to yourself, i myself have a raspy voice so i sound more like jessica jung :O But shes waaaay better, lol.

    To Danny: Well, you would have to wait at least 2 weeks to a month before they send something to you. 🙂

    To sabrina: You should go to their site and read what they have to say. And you have to send in an email application 🙂

    • acutally I wouldn’t suggest using an SM song at an SM audition…bad choice…. they’ll compare you to their singers…..just a heads up.

  155. To Belle:
    Well The email was just a few questions I had about the audition. I guess I’ll have to wait for a little bit. But, anyway, the auditions still happen every saturday right? ’cause i dont wanna go to LA and end up finding out that they dont have it or something. heh oh one more question. Do you think it’ll be better to audition through email/mail or actually go to one?

  156. To danny: Yup, weekly auditions still in parts of korea and LA 🙂 And the jyp ones are in New York 🙂
    Hmm, honestly i really think a live audition would be better, since digital things change your voice, lol. And i speak, canto, madarin, vietnamese, and english (duh, i live in canada) xD What type of chinese do you speak? 🙂

  157. Anyone else have tried sending an e-mail lately, and haven’t been receiving and auto reply back? Cause I read previous posts saying that they reply, saying that they got your email and to wait a month. But I haven’t got that email yet. Same problem anyone?

  158. Here’s the link to my 2nd horrible vid everyone 🙂 And yea, i know i suck, and WATCH/LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK 🙂

    http : //www. youtube. com/ watch?v=Mc4ZrhE58QA

    Take out the spaces 🙂 And hope your ears dont bleed xD Ill make a better video next time 🙂

  159. To peace: Lol, thanks you, and i replied on the video 🙂 Ill make a better vid tomorrow because my sore throat is getting worse and worse and i can barely hear myself talk, and i cant smell :O Blech.. and i have to go to school with this

  160. Yay! SM and JYP are coming to Canada and USA this November of 2009! It’s been said! Ima make my cousins in Toronto and New York try, lol, i want to audition but ill need to heal and get voice lessons first 🙂

  161. Hey. Belle …. SM is coming this November???/

    Do u no when and where and the details??

    And i have a question abt the JYp ones too. IS there a weekly or monthly audition in nYC ??? That would be awesome

  162. To ha-MyDang (wow, long name much? xD):
    I only know about the SM auditions so far, and yes there are weekly auditions every 1st and 3rd sunday in NYC, but im not so sure, but i DO know that they DO have weekly auditions in NYC for JYP 🙂
    And heres the SM info:
    1.NOV 15 In LA
    2.NOV 22 In TORONTO
    4.NOV 27&28 In NEW YORK
    Goodluck! The line-ups are really long (some people get there in the morning and stay there till night), lol, and you have a shorter time limit than the weekly auditions, but SM spends more money on global auditions and stuff, but for global, you have like 30 seconds or so but thats what i heard and they tell you to sing again if they like you, and for weekly auditions, you spend like i dont know, 15mins to 30mins, lol.

  163. so if you sing a song do you have to sing 1 song in korean or just sing watever you sing . ++ do you have to drop out of school and can you sing other songs from different entertainment

  164. to Belle,
    since u said SM goin to have a globu audition in LA
    then there is still weekly audition in korean town right?
    n also as for dancing
    it say frestyle dance
    can it be choregraphy dance made by me?

  165. To yuki: Yup, theres still weekly auditions in korea 🙂 And yes, it can be choregraphed by you 🙂 Thats what they prefer anyway, i think.

    To laura: You can sing any song you want, and in whatever language you want 🙂 And yes it can be from another entertainment, but some people say that its better if its an SM song, but then some other people say its bad because they might think you idolize the celebrities from there and they compare you with them or so. But then again, its your choice.

    To Poly_P: Cool! You should give it a try, you never know, you could get in, and it doesnt hurt to try 🙂 I can speak English(obviously), Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and some Taiwanese (well, its similiar) 🙂

  166. Im just auditioning to audition but anyway i live in washington (not D.C.) but i cant get a ticket 2 LA just for this. not old enough or have munny. And video auditions….well i think that’d b easier but for some reason my voice sounds a little different on phone/camera/video so what can I do? oh and they dont let u use a mike for reg. auditions but whut about the video ones?

  167. to snoops: yes, but if your vocals arent as good as say taeyeon’s then it will hurt your chances.

    I would say use an SM song if you have ABSOLUTE confidence in your vocals, and add your own style to it.

    to GdxsujuxFt: theres really nothing you can do. Attend a live audition when your old enough or send in a video now. Goodluck!

  168. I was just wanted to clarify. If i audition for dancing would they ask me to sing too? Does this mean I should prepare a song to sing?

  169. I’m a filipina and I’m interested to join for the audition of korean entertainment but the problem is I am not speaking in korean and I don’t have a blood of korean another is I am residing here in Philppines and there is no availabale audition sites here.

    • you don’t need to know korean. they will teach you thats if you get in. also can’t you send a video audition? i think you can. check out their website and it might tell you there

  170. lol well pretty much all my songs are from SM except my english one. and apparently i sounds and resemble the looks of sungmin so i guess im pretty confident. oh god hope i dont jinx myself.

  171. @cat nope you cant. not for global, but you could for weekly.

    i went ot jyp auditions haha. their like the same as sm minus the freestyle

  172. Does anyone no if they still goin 2 have the weekly audition next sat nov14th
    Even though they have a global audition on nov15th sun?
    If u no this can u pls reply back asap

  173. If i want to audition but dont have the money to buy a ticket to the audition..what do i do? plus i really want this opportunity..can someone help me out?

  174. heyy. can anyone tell me where can i find the application form?
    i want to audition too but im relli a shy type of girl.
    im not sure if im going to be able to sing aloud too because idk. lolz
    well plese give me some advices to what should i do and what should i sing.
    you can contect me @

  175. to yumi: well if your going for the weekly auditions u can sign up there. and since theres normally like less than 10 people at least there shouldnt be much of a wait. sorz i dunno how to sign up prior though since im just gonna go there and sign up. sorry if its not much help.

    • well if u have auditioned already or u decided not to i dont no if telling u this now will help but i think that if u want to u should. I saw some non-asians go to audition its not a problem. But it doesnt gurantee(sp?) that u will get accepted. If u look somewhat asian i think that would help. Either way have fun and get experience

  176. I was just wondering, at the weekly auditions, is there a lot of people?!?!??! Also, is it harder to get in through weekly auditions…cause I don’t think there’s been an SM trainee from the weekly auditions :-/ but I dont’ really have a choice since I live far away…. and couldn’t go to global cause of school… I’ve auditioned fro JYP before(that was fail) but that was 2 years ago, and I think i’m ready now 🙂 Oh yea! and one more thing, can you audition for two things…or more? Cause I want to do singing…since i sing, and dancing, since i’ve been dancing for 6 years, and modeling, since i’m 5’7″….so. yea. thanks if you can answer these questions 🙂 I just want to know if it’s worth the drive for the weekly auditions.

    • actually it depends on where you’re auditioning .
      I auditioned in new york and there was a fair amount of ppl. It was pretty crowded though the waiting room wasnt that big. Im sure if u have modeled b4 and ur pretty u will be called back. If u rellie want to do singing or etc. as a career then u ahead. So go at it if u havent yet.

  177. to yoon ji
    well from what ive heard*sorry no personal experience yet but soon* theres hardly any people there. theres only a couple of people and if ur lucky(or unlucky depending on how you look at it) you could be the only one. but yea im pretty sure there are a lot of SM trainees from weekly auditions. but they probably would pay a little more attention to the global auctionees. and yes you can do more than 1 for the weekly auditions.
    when are you planning to audition?? maybe we could meet up and audition on the same day or something 🙂

  178. I just had my audition today. Everything was moving pretty slow n i ended up staying for more than 2 hrs. When it was my turn, I was already nervous from hearing the other ppl b4 me. I sang until i decided to stop which was at “i love you” in eternal snow since I was nervous and they didnt stop me. When they dismissed us, the judges told me to stay behind. I thought i was in trouble or something. They asked me a series of questions, told me to move my hair between my ears etc. Im still confused but it was a good experience. Guys that haven’t gone yet good luck! oh and get a poster if u can!

    • omfggggg…dood that’s hecka good!!! wait did you do weekly or global?!?!?! :OOO sooooo lucky…that’s definitely a good sign…i got one more questions..I’m not korean, i’m chinese…but apparently i look really korean. Last time at JYP auditions…the judge spoke to me in korean o.O and everyone I was standing around was speaking to me in korean….some woman even asked me to translate what the people were saying even though I didn’t even know what they were saying… and every korean friend I have, the first time I met them…they asked if I was korean..straight on. Would that be an advantage?!?!?!?

      • yea definitely ^^ it is a korean company after all if u look korean that is very good. But its most important that u look asian so even if u didnt look korean it wouldnt matter im chinese soooo…

    • because if it was global audition, and they asked you to stay behind…that’s definitely good…since it’s so jam packed at global’s and there’s usually NO time for them to do that…And they didn’t stop you singing?!?!? that’s definitey good to…if they aren’t interesting they’ll reject you after you’re done singing the chorus :-/ oh yea one more!!! did they ask anyone else behind?!?!? and was it like right after you auditioned…or like did they make you stay till the end of the WHOLE audition?

    • They had posters? LOL. Waaah. I would have taken one. Especially if it were of Taeyeon. Anyway, more importantly, wow! You were asked to stay behind. That’s great! The only thing I regret was not asking this cute girl out who auditioned with us. She did this great “hip hop” freestyle dance. If you are reading this, I am the one who sang “Hei Se You Mo” by Jay Chou.

      • ah? wait im confused. u auditioned with me? 0_0
        if u did i was so nervous i didnt notice anyone else except my friend. ( i might have mis understood wat ur saying) but ah yea the they r the ones that they had put up u can get them after the auditions are done though its a long wait. They dont care that much since taking posters helps them with clean up

      • I wish had the opportunity to see you perform. I feel so good for you. Waaaah. No one from my group was asked immediately to stay behind. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. At the end of my comment (above), I was sort of “speaking” to the Korean girl that did the freestyle dance. Maybe she might read these posts here at koja. She was really cute.

        Oh, anyway, since I was one of the first people in, I was like the last one out. I picked up my bag by the door. Then I looked back, and one of the female judges looked over and smiled at me. Wow. I guess that is a good sign, although it probably means nothing. …Probably just encouragement. I mean, how many black guys in the US come to a SM audition singing Hei Se You Mo by Jay Chou?

        It may sound wrong, but, there is nothing in the world I would like to do more than serenade thousands of beautiful Chinese and Korean women.

        Anyway, by the time I had a chance to calculate that maybe I should try to contact her, I was in the main waiting room and everyone had basically dispersed. I lost her. 😦

  179. ^^^ that’s a vid of my singing…spare me i’ve only been taking singing lessons for two weeks >..< they're probably interested in you. I wish you good luckkk, hope you get in 😛

    • hm y do u have 2 take singing lessons? i never though of taking any
      I thought that most people that went to the auditions nevr took lessons b4 n want to get in to improve their singing

  180. I have a q’s bout bring tone deaf
    I’m not exctly sure but the thing is that when I hear myself singing w/o anything my voice is fine n it is in tune
    BUT when I hear my voice on a recorded camera or on voice mail my voice sound so much different n sort of out of tune
    So do u guys think it might be tone deaf

    • I don’t know about tone deaf…. But do you play any instruments?!?! If not…it could be the reason why..someone who plays piano or violin or something generally has better intonnation… Also, as a singer…You can’t hear yourself sing. If you want to practice. I’d suggest taking your hand and cup it next to your ear….when you sing the sound that you don’t usually hear will travel up and you can hear your real voice. Your voice is completely different from what you hear…Just a little practice and i think you’ll be fine 🙂

  181. to Bo Yi
    well definatly thats a very good sign. ugh… so jealous. and if their asking you to move your hair and stuff it probably means that their trying to see your whole face and stuff like that. ughhhh good job. can u show us a vid of you singing. please. and good luck.

  182. To yoon j
    Yeah SO play instruments
    Idk no if this happen with everyone Or is just me
    When sing with the song at the low volume i’m in tune well at least I think so
    But w/o it I sound out of tune( sometimes depend on the song, sometimes I sound out of tune or in tune w/o the song)
    So does anyone else has my experience

    • that’s pretty normal…are you sure you’re singing in the right key?! btw are you a guy or a girl, so i can help :-/ ummm…i would say get a tuner but that would be weird and takes a long time….hmmmm do you play piano?!?!?!

  183. @ yoon ji
    im auditioning the 12 of decemeber
    care to join me??

    @ yuki
    well it makes sense that the judges want to see you faces so that they can see if your good looking or not and if you can take on different concepts and styles.

  184. Oh I just want 2 hear more experiences from different pple who went to the audition n I thought dat u went to the audition
    Nope but I went to the pledis ones thou

    • @ yuki: jyp….was a bit different?!?!? i guess from what i heard about SM…instead of going in a room 10 at a time…at my JYP audition…you had to sing on a stage in front of 100 + people, three judges, a camera….and this lady that was organizing the whole thing…yea when I looked at the free little magazine thing they give us an hour later..there was a picture of her next to rain >..< I won't be able to make the long drive down there(and my dad's paranoid about school since i'm in IB) :-/

  185. Dat’s the day I’m goin I might see u
    Just hope I don’t get lost again
    Yeah I play piano n I’m a girl
    Does that happen to u

    • and yup well..I’m a girl too… and I played piano for 7 years…. and no the intonnation thing doesn’t happen to me >.< but err…. i duno what to say? i wish i could help… :-/ keep practicing your song and recording yourself. maybe that'll help….but practice like 4+ songs….cause at the weekly auditions…there's less people(right?) compared to global so the judge will spend more time with you..and if you do well they'll tell you to sing more songs.

  186. omg awesome. wait.. ur going to the LA weekly ones right??/ awesome i might see you ugh… its getting closer and closer so scary!!! ugh i hope my english song gets me through cause my korean accent is really bad.

    • you came all the way from korea o.O I thought some people were crazy at JYP…these two girls sat next to me…and her hairband broke…so I fixed it for her…..and yea.. she didn’t know how to speak english….and just bowed at me -.-” and i was like “you’re from korea” and they just nodded and smiled….and then gave that whoa….i guess people are nice here look…. ^-^

    • oiiii btw are you a guy or a girl? >.< I should start going on a singer diet D: i'm 5'6 1/2" and 114 pounds -.-" but i dun wanna be anorexic…ugh.

  187. To yoon ji
    Where is IB
    N who is the one that came all the way from Korea
    I remerber when I went to the jyp audition in march?
    Not the recent one but in this year
    Dis girl came all the way from japan to audition
    I’m just curios how old r u
    I’m not tryin to b like a stalker
    Just want 2 make sure I’m not goin to be oldest at the audition
    To snoopi
    Wat time r u goin

  188. @ yuki hahaha IB is a program for high school… kinda like AP classes..except your classes are ALL AP level starting freshmen year….. and lol im 15…you?

  189. Has anyone gone to the plexus audition in LA
    N if u do how was ur experince?
    Well I plan 2 do a Korean song
    Bad oppa us my beast choice cuz ITS THE MOST EASIEST TO Pronouce
    Wat songs r u guys singing

  190. im 15 too ill probs be there at the start when they open. so probs about 2:30. cause i havnt registered yet and im gonna register there. and im overly cautious and i really want this. UGHH DAMN MY STUPID AUSTRALIAN ACCENT. most disgusting accent in the world UGHHHHHH

    • seriously?!?!? lol >.< aussie accent…it's ok some girls find it hot 😛 hopefully the judge is a girl how thinks aussie accents are hot!!!

  191. 16 I’m older than u
    U r a guy oops srry I thought ur a girl
    116 to b 5’6″ n 1/2 is pretty slim
    Do u look skinny cuz u no muscle weigh more than fat

  192. yah i look skinny thank god. sorry that sounded up myself sorry.
    yea i have facebook. just search parlum trinh and youll find me. doubt theres any other person in the world with that name.
    yea some girls might but if i sing korean it sounds fobb to the MAX

    • ommmfffgg!! mann i’m chinese too…yea yea!!!!lol sorry >.< and lol that's freaking hilarious…I went to JYP auditions…and everyone thought I was korean to…all the new friends I made thought I was korean till I told them that I'm Chinese… some lady asked me to translate for her(cause they were speaking in korean) even though I didn't understand myself, and the judges even spoke to me in korean -.-"

    • I actually don’t know yet :-/ If you want a sample of my voice…what would you recommend?!?!? definitely..NOT something korean…i’ll embarrass myself >.<

  193. well im singing when you say nothing at all by ronan keating
    then depends on what order i want
    haengbok – super junior}
    marry u – super junior}
    If – Taeyeon }
    i dunno if im gonna sing them all cause i dont wanna sing too many SM songs.
    then last of all if i can master it
    haruman – SS501

    • oooo i like that song @.@ hmmmmmm how about 4men-baby baby?!?!?! or some old american boyband song?! it has good vocals…like 98degrees- my everything…xiah sang that :-/

  194. To yoon ji
    Hey that’s rlly good
    Good job girl
    How did train urself to have the strong voice
    N for rapping
    Is it basically u say the words rlly fast making sure u say each word clearly n in the a steady rhythmn?

    • lol @ yuki…..i have nooo clue >.< and for the singing….I didn't relaly train myself…I've just always sang since I was little…and I've only taken two singing lessons + advanced choir :-/ and keke I don't rap 😛

  195. lol i was trying to learn that song for my vocal lessons but i couldnt find the instrumental piano thingoe part
    what u guys singing?

  196. Yep I’m 中国人 Chinese( that y I said *air five*):)
    To snoopy
    At least u memorize all ur lyric I didn’t
    I only no one n half of my lyric out of four songs

  197. lol yea im good at memorising choreo and lyrics.
    stuff that have to do with music is pretty much the only thing im good at. thats why i gotta get in or else im stuffed

  198. um.. yea just look up parlum trinh on facebook and you should find me.
    yup bring 1 picture. it doesnt need to be profesionally. actually… i dont think they accept professional pictures like passport fotos and stuff. not sure. but yea bring a picture or two.
    are you only gonna do singing or are you doing dancing or other stuff too??

  199. to yuki
    nop im gonig on the 12 decemeber
    it says on the website u needa scanned foto or soemthing. in my opinion its to show the actual judges in korea and its like a profile picture.

  200. im pretty sure u can register there
    and iuno id bring like a normal foto and a profesional foto. i dont have any profesionally fotos….-_-

    • hahahaha go to china and get professional pics >.< I'll just bring both…I'll bring one normal, w/o makeup…and one that's professional.

  201. hmmmm that’s good….are you gunna edit it?!?! or do you not know how??? I can do it for you lol…I’m a photographer and a photoshopper 😐

  202. lol okay photoshop it for me and then show me haha
    but im gonna be using the original though cause i dont wanna cheat them and if they find out i fotoshopped it they wont let me in

  203. alrightttyyy I didn’t photoshop anything like edit out anything…I just changed the lighting that’s all..It’s still the same picture just fixed around contrast and brightness an some levels…No editing out or deforming something haha here…I’ll probably make it brighter later, since I did this in 2 minutes…but I gotta start my hw TT.TT

  204. woah it already looks better hahah can u do like ur full editing and stuff i wana see how it would come up like. please and thank you

    • don’t know how many to pass. and are you kidding?! easy to pass?….I’m sorry but that shouldn’t even be a question -.-” work hard.

  205. To snoopy
    Ur pic expired so can’t view
    N to yoon ji:
    Can u do my pic, the one w/o makeup, the normal one like u did 4 snoopy?
    Prtty please

  206. omo i went to jyp auditions too x.x i wanna go to weekly! but they dont pay much attention to it. do you think they pay attention to video auditions?

    • I don’t know….In my opinion…I would think they would pay less attention to video auditions compared to weekly auditions. Because in weekly auditions, at least you’re there in person. Video isn’t as reliable because people can fix their voices, etc. so it’s not genuine.

  207. To yoon ji:
    Do u think they would actually take in pple in the weekly audition at LA cuz a girl once post that it is just a practice for the auditioneers
    Also were u the one who send friend request as cathy Liu? Just making sure

  208. well in my opinion. they would pay more attention to weekly auditions that video auditions. it just makes more sense and even if u pass a vid audition u gotta go and do a planned audition anyway. and yea they would take in weekly auditions because there are actually a lot of SM trainees (from what ive heard about 200 or so) and it would just be stupid t accept people from korean weekly and global auditions and only letting people who lived near the auditioning area to get in and still have a weekly audition which anyone can go to.

  209. to snoopy
    I highly dealt that they have 200 trainees right now
    Maybe all the sum of all trainees they had in the past n including right now n entertainers that used to b trainees
    Cuz if they do then will got 2 spend tons n I meN tons of money to train them

  210. @ halowee
    well………nobody really knows. but from a random estimation on how many people have told me its really hard to get in. im estimating…… 1/15 mayb more or less but im guessing more. dont take me seriously though im just randomly guessing

  211. @halowee
    hahahha ur msn doesnt sound very……..trustworthy lmao
    but yea i think its along those lines but maybe not 80/20% maybe a bit less. they still care about talent. but yea mostly looks unless ur really really talented. and well as for defining good looking. theres no real definition. they like different styles of good looking people. like pretty people, hot people, cute people. but yea they have to be pleasing to the eyes of the audience.

  212. Oh i see. Hahas. Relax its just an email, wont harm if i don’t send you anything 🙂 adding it would just be fine 🙂 oh, have you tried out the audition?

  213. nop going on the 12th december. ugh its quiet nerve racking since its only 2 weeks away and just decided to change my song choices. and now i have to learn 2 new songs and perfect them. its also scary cause im still deciding whether to do the dance audition but i dont have any dance experience at all. and although i wouldnt say im horribly fugly i dont think im as good looking as some other trainees ive seen.

  214. To snoopy
    Wat I mean by highly dealt is that I don’t think in 99% sure dat there could be 200 trainees that passed the weekly audition in la or right now in the sm industry
    There are probably like 20-30 is trainees in sm industry
    So it’s pretty competitve
    U change ur songs? Same here I change one of my song 2
    Now I have to learn that lyric

  215. uggghh…i still don’t know what song to sing…. I got a korean song…but it’s from SM -.-” bad choice. Now, I can’t really think of other good acapella songs….better start watching the radio shows!!! @.@

  216. @Yuki

    I dont quite understand your words, sorry no offence, just seems to be hard to understand it :X
    So, what you meant is that it is very very hard to get in? Thanks, 🙂

  217. Wat I mean is dat…
    U no how snoopy said dat there are probably bout 200 trainees in the sm industry
    N in my opinion n from other sources it’s impossible to have that many
    They probably only has 20-30 ish pple in the industry
    Since it’s quite hard to get in
    N yoon ji
    R u cathy liu if u r I lke ur profile pic it’s prtty
    Where did u got it taken
    R u also tryin out 4 dance or other category
    Srry I am not a good explained

  218. Oh, understood. Wow but is it true that its a 80% looks and 20% talent in S.M? Ohyea btw, do you know how to see whether it is good looking enough for the judges for S.M?

  219. I don’t no bout that some pole told me it’s like 80% look n 20% talent like one of my friends said dat the reason dat sm is easier to get in than yg us b/c of the look n she also gas friends dat got in but the thing is that no matter how pretty u look like if u don’t the talent u r not goin 2 earn $ 4 them or be successful
    B/c talent is something that u can’t undergoes like surgery to get the lvl where ppke will listen to ur performance
    Like the looks u could get surgery to get prtty ur put tons of makeup but talent u can’t
    N wat do u mean by how good looking it us to the audiences?

  220. Oh i see. Hmm, i meant how good looking you have to be for the judges to let you have the 80% looks? Hahas, can you add me in msn? Its easier to talk there..

    • the 80% look? lol
      mayb u were already answered but i dont think u will no if they give u the 80% look . Rather if they do sometihing special to u like make u sing longer than others, etc. then u can tell u have a pretty good chance. as for looks, u kinda need to be good looking or/ and extrremely talented. If u look “ugly”, then there isnt rellie much u can do. Mayb make urself look handsome or pretty but dont overdo it. They kinda go 4 the natural look

  221. 2 snoopy
    U no eng chuan or did got a facebook friend request from him too?
    I got a request from him
    (creapy)wait, is dis how u spell it? Watever
    To hawloee
    I don’t no cuz since I dont no wat u look like so I don’t no wat 2 tell u
    I would see …… Decent look or more to the pretty side??

  222. hmm if it says a picture not from phone etc does that mean just a regular unphotshopped picture from a regular camera or does it hafto be a professional picture >.>

  223. well im singing and i might be acting and dancing depending on if i can find a script and if im confident enough in dancing or not.

  224. @yuki

    Hmm, i’m not too sure. What do you mean by choreography or freestyle? Means choreography is copy the whole dance pattern for whole song? thanks.

    • Well its just like SnoopyXD said. It doesnt rellie matter wat kind u do but u just neeed to look like u no wat ur doing or look cool doing it.

      P.S. to ppl who r thinking of doing more than one thing, im not sure if they allow it because during mine, my friend asked and they said to pick only one

  225. I can freestyle 🙂 I’ve been dancing hip hop for 3+ years 😀 thank gosh….maybe I should just do that instead of singing :-/

  226. hmmm 🙂 I got some song choices for you Snoopy…and anyone else…they aren’t very strong…but the tune is very nice and it would sound pretty nice singing acapella if you altered it with your own taste 🙂





    ^^^^^^such a good song 🙂

    there are a lot of really good chinese ballads out there 😛


  227. Hey, why can’t we create our own YouTube Channel? We would be the official voice for the “Asian Pop Music community” in New York City.

    What do you think? Nobody else is doing this.

  228. To EcadminO
    Wait so U went to the weekly audition n they have u in group
    But I thought that u don’t do it in group just enter by urstlf cuz it’s not a lot of pple
    Wow do u speak Chinese? Data rlly since ur are not Chinese n u still song something in chinese n I have one more q’s so they do let non-asian pple to audition for the weekly audition

    • Hey Yuki,

      No, I actually do not know what goes on at the weekly audition. They are held in Los Angeles, right? I just went to the 2009 SM Global Audition in NYC at “Korea Village” on Nov 27th.

      Oh. I started learning Mandarin a few years ago. I just recently started learning Korean to help my acquisition of Mandarin. I really suggest that everyone do this. You would be surprised at how your mind processes the information. There is so much to memorize that you must provide your mind various “routes” toward accessing each character. Korean serves this purpose by providing an alternate perspective. You can exploit the fact that Mandarin and Korean share a heritage. Consider the Hanja characters.

      As for “inclusion” and non-Asians, it is in SM’s best interest to allow everyone to participate in the audition for public relations purposes. They do not ever have to choose a non-Asian. Why should they? We need Asians to represent the Asian community, practically speaking.

      On the other hand, if you have a plan to draw in the Asian crowd, as I do, they may make a deal with me. Of course I am never going to be a trainee, but SM is a talent management company. They do many things. If they like me, I am sure we can work something out.

      I mean, I have like over 30,000 views at my YouTube Channel. Visit . Yep. That’s me.

      Eventually, I would love to participate in a Korean drama. My conversational Korean should be good in about a year and 1/2.

      Anyone out there, let me know if you want to participate in a YouTube Channel for aspiring Asian Pop artists from New York City. Who wants to help organize? I’m sure it would be hugely watched.

      By the way, my name is Larry Leathers.

    • Sorry, I did not answer your question. For the SM Entertainment Global 2009 audition we actually auditioned in a group, ten at a time. We actually stood in a line facing the judges. Everybody performed from left to right. We had vocalists, models, an actress, and a dancer.

  229. my gawshh i seriously just read this whole page.
    im like doing “research” before i audition.
    i dont think my parents would want me to actually go to LA considering its christmas season and theyll be super pissed with all the money flying around.
    im gonna apply onlineeee. do you have to have an actual application form? or do you just provide the information.
    i emailed them this question and they didnt answer me so i was like screw it and i googled. and i found this site ahahah.
    mannn this is like my dream. i really wanna do thisss. 😀
    i hopeee i make itt. but i sound weird on cameraaa. even when i just talk. but i hope i makee itt. btw. do we send it in attachment or like put the video on the email.
    PLEASE ANSWER THISSS. i’ve like read the same question 5 times on here but no one answered.. im gonna take the time to prepare for ittttt.

    thanks to people who answer the questionnnnn. lets all be support buddies 😀

  230. @pattyyyy

    I can’t find the application form too. I’ve emailed them and they told me :
    1. Name / Sex

    2. Ethnicity

    3. Nationality / City

    4. Category being applied for

    5. Height/ Weight

    6. School / Year

    7. Contact Information (1) Phone (2) E-mail (3) Homepage

    8. Address

    9. Miscellaneous Information

    hope this helps 🙂

  231. ahahaha…funny conversations..kinda, sorta. good luck snoopyXD!!
    i have a question. if you go and audition in korea, then is that part of the gobal audition? or is there a weekly audition in korea too? also, i live in california…but i’m korean. so, if i auditioned in korea and spoke english, korean, and french (took it for 4 years…would that be good enough?) would that impress them more? or would it not make much of a difference?


  233. lol just came back from my weekly audition in LA
    i think i did……..okay… .coulda been better but meh cant change the past. most likely the most nervewracking experience ive had in ages!!!

  234. lol well first we had to fill in an app form. then one by one we went in. so its 1 on 1 then she asked me a few questions like how you hold a conversation in the languages i learn cause i know cantonese english japanese mandarin and im teaching myself korean. but i can only hold a conversation in eng and canto so i introduced myself with those 2. theres only the lady and a camera in the room. the introduction was just say your name, age, number and what your going to do. then i sang my first song. and finished and she asked me if i had anything else prepared. the two people before me only did one thing so hopefully thats a plus for me that she asked me. after i sang my second song u have to do a rythem test. my song was run it by chris brown whooop!! then yea after that we had a little conversation about my aussie accent and things like that. she seemed pretty happy so hopefully thats another plus for me. i think she was filling out the evaluation. so thats pretty much it.

  235. @ Halowee

    Thanks :DD
    im gonna do thatttt. haha we should keep in touch. i’ll tell you how it goess.

    @ SnoopyxD

    I hope you did welllllll!
    man yer so lucky you get to go to the live auditions.

  236. @pattyyyy

    yeah np! 😀 hope you do well! If you wan, you can add me 🙂


    you sang how many songs? and after that you did dance?

  237. hmmm i was thinking of singing say goodbye by chris brown (girl version of course)…do you guys think that that would be a good audition song??? 🙂

  238. @yuki

    i’m auditioning next year. Lol, as i’m not prepared this year. 😦


    hahas, nope i dont have myspace or whatever. You can add me in msn if you wan 🙂


    For me, i will say it depends whether you like the song or not. Own preference, best not to ask any other people for opinion as u’re the one singing 🙂 correct me if i’m wrong 🙂

  239. ohhhhhh… cause for JYP there’s like pre-audition forms :-/ it’s easier to fill it out at home…oh well…I’m going this week :DDD >.< It's this Saturday…and I'm bascially screwed…cause I don't even have a song yet. I think I'm singing Mariah Carey-Hero..what do you think? I just can't belt like her :-/ that's the problem.

    • well i dont know that song, but still good luck.
      i got the form so i am going to send that first
      and then wait i guess, i am planning on doing
      hope you get in

  240. to snoopyXD
    on ur last week audition did you do more than one category
    can u lke do all four category
    n also do you need a picture for the register at the front desk n that builiding is it rlly hard to find

  241. lol first i think she will only let u do more than one category if she likes u cause the two people before me only did one thing but she asked me to do something else. so i did two singing. so most likely u cant do four. two at the most. and its a giant hotel where the audition are held so its kinda confusing but after u find the hotel its easy. and the picture. no u dont need one. i bought one of my embarrsing photos for them and regret it so much rofl but meh cant take it back now.

  242. lol I’m doing hero by Mariah Carey O.O Wish me luck!!! hopefully the woman will like me :-/ just hopefully, cause I want to audition for dancing to :-\

  243. yea what kirsten said
    its in a brown hotel place around a corner .sorz wasnt really looking about when i went there. too busy doing final preparations when i went there.

  244. lol :OOO so scared… T.T it’s the morning!!! gotta get on the plane in like three hours T.T this is more nervewracking compared to JYP…wtf. maybe it’s just cause I was younger, didn’t feel anything. lol.

  245. To everyone who auditioned already in the U.S. and Canada
    Just thought I would say this
    If anyone is anxious about call backs ( like me) ><
    The smtown website says that it will send e-mails b4 dec 31st. Check it out on and look at the response under the 09 USA&Canada auditions.
    So 4 the people who feel like giving up, there might still be a chance! Wait a few weeks longer for an e-mail ^^

  246. @kristen

    since you cant audition, audition online like i didddd.
    if you really wanna auditon do it onlineee.
    btw i sent mine in yesterday. im so nervousssw :O
    just try it. email them at
    and type in information. they tell you what kind of information to include at their website click on audition/ casting system at the top. clikc on the left side usa audition and then click on ENG on the left side too. the one at the top doesnt work.

    sorry if you already knew this info. i just think its the best that you try anywayss. its not as great as auditioning in person. but online works too! and osmetimes yer voice sounds EHH on cameraa.. but if they see potential, theyll probably call you back for a live audition. and then yer mom has no reason to think its a waste of gas if they say they see potential 😀

    @yoon ji
    omgsh its nerve wrecking huh?

    • well, im going to try by mail. and if they ask me for
      a live audition then idk on what to do. maybe i’ll ask my brother to take there. a 6 hours drive!

  247. @kristen

    for me its 26 hours. hahh. yeahh thats why im doing it online
    and i really wouldnt want to ask my parents for a plane ticket.
    but if i make the email auditions. i think theyd let me take a plane there. cuz my moms pretty supportive about it.


    i finally auditioned. but just online xP
    btw sorry i didnt add you on msn. i dont have a hotmail email haha. do you have an AIM?

  248. @ Halowee

    haha its okay
    its AOL instant messengerr. 😛

    @yoon ji

    haha i know yer not a creeperr.
    its kind of embarrassing though -___-
    lol if i build up the courage to, i’ll send you it xDD.
    it all depends on what SM says. if they likeyy, it’ll boost up my confidence.
    goshhh im like so nerve wrecked, i check my email like every ten minutes.
    they havent even read my email yet..

  249. ugh…. its the third week…. about to lose hope *sigh* oh well still got like 5 days left wishing like crazy but its shit scary… really hoping they just replying late. T-T

  250. @ snooper
    i see youve changed it to snooper now huh 😛
    dang three weeks? =/
    dont lose hopeee dudeee. even if you dont make it this time, the skys the limittt man 😀

    omgsh im so nervous too. but i only sent my audition in through mail like 4 days ago. so im pretty sure i wont get called before the 31 because yeah… the thing says they havent even read it yett. haha. gosh i hope i get called back.

  251. same here:(((
    to yoon ji when you are in the room how long did the lady said to u that they goin to contact u?
    n to kirsten
    i have a question how did u film urself n upload it n send it over through email?
    thnks a lot

  252. @yuki

    kristens doing it through maail.
    but if you need help with email, thats what i did a couple days ago.
    what you do is you can film yourself on a camera.
    upload it onto your computer by pugging your camera into the computer.
    once you do that, you should compress the video so that its smaller. beause it needs to be smaller or else it wont send through email.

    okay now you sign into your email. you fill out all the information they want you to give with is on their website.

    after you are finished filling that out there, dont send it yet. there shoud be a button somehwere that says attach files or add attachment, somehwere along those lines. click thatt…
    and thenn browse for your audition video when its done attaching, you may send it :] wah lah!


  253. To pattty
    How exactly can u compress it into a smaller file n when u film it urself singing n in a video how do u compress it into mp3 or mpg4 format
    Thnks a lottttyyy

  254. To yoon ji
    Yeah he said one or two month to me to
    That guy u asked is that Vietnamese guy whose name is kei?
    Also I think ur still there when I went to the room
    Idk how long I stay there how long did u think u stay in the room

    • nahhh I left right after you went in, and yea that guys name is kei. I danced to 3+ song. One all the way and two about half and then modeled for like half a song so maybe 15 + min? and I left right when you went in to catch my flight so I didn’t see how long :-/ sorry.

  255. to yoon ji
    so wait… u did the weekly auditions right??? so mayb that means i should also have 1-2 months wait… omg if thats true i still have a pretty good chance omg omg omg!!!! c mon luck dont fail me now o_O btw whoop back in good old australia but missing america already rofl.

  256. @yuki

    haha no problem
    if you have Windows XP or any Windows like VISTA desktop
    you can go to windows movie maker, probably can find that in your start bar somehwere. you might have to look around
    you can import the video onto that and its good to edit the video alittle bit, you dont have to though. then after youre done click on theres a section that says publish to. under that click on computer. then you can save the file. since its on there, windows movie maker automatically compresses it.

    if you dont have Windows or windows vista, you can always go to and find a video compressor.

    you dont have to do all that compressing if you have a YAHOO email. because what you do is, when you are emailing them your information, while dont send it yet, you can attach it. theres a thing under applications on hte left side, it says attach large files, it allows you to attach large files. i hope this helps. i didnt wanna do all that compressing so i just made a yahoo account. loll

    if you have anymore questions i’d be happy to help :DDDDD if you have a mac i can help you with that too.

  257. @ yuki

    yeah no problem!
    btw alot of people on GMAIL have problems attaching files.

    so i think its alot better if you just make a yahoo in my opinion. or else you might have problems.

  258. @everyone

    btwwww. didnt some people say that after you send in an application, they automatically email you saying thanks and all that stuff.

    i didnt get any email yet, did they discontinue the auto reply orrr did i get marked as spam or something -__-

  259. you have to go to the place where it is held
    and if you are in the U.S then you go to LA. to take the
    live audition and fill out the application.

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    Requirements for Rosetta Stone User Workstations
    – Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
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  262. Hi! I’m planning to audition and I just wonder if they’ll let me, since Im half european half latin american. I know 4 languages: spanish,swedish,spanish,french and Im learning japanese and korean. I’m 160cm and very thin. I can sing and i can dance. I’ve performed since I was 6 years old. I’m 14 years old. Do I have à chance against the others?

    • that’s really good 🙂 it’s an advantage that you know 4 languages, can sing, dance, etc ,etc. but it’s also a disavantage if you don’t look asian/korean. they say that they accept anyone with talent but i think they go mainly for asian looking people.

      • Oh, okey. I’m thinking i’m gonna send My info by email. But how should I do? Should i Write down My info and just recorde My singng ( by the way; should I dance too?) so that the clip wont be so long? Or should I just send à clip with My singin and myself talking?

  263. you guys im so frustrated because SM hasnt even seen my EMAIL YET. its been almost a month i think it got sent as spam. and the attachment only has a 30 day limit. soo… if they dont look at it by like wednesday.. they will never even see my online audition.

    @yuki. if you read what i said up there. NOPE! i didnt get a call back and i dont think i willl. and i just spent two days working on another online audition. i filmed so much. but my camera is being STUPID and then windows movie maker is being stupid.. so im not even gonna get to send this one in..

    i need a new camera… or im gonna beg my mom to get me a plane ticket. im actually going up to california the weekend of chinese new years… but im thinking the audition place wont even be openned because they’ll be celebrating the new year.. no?

    grr i really wanna get into SM…

    are you gonna go audition? because if you do you should tell me when.. because i want my mom to see that people actually go to live auditions T_T

  264. how is the attachment going to be expired after 30 days?
    Yeah I’m going again in feb. Somewhere
    Have anyone of u guys audition for other entert through email or mail?
    N did anyone of u mail ur audition clips to yg yet?

  265. @yuki
    you can mail clips to YG?
    omgsh im doing that 😛
    but i’d rather be in SM to be honest.
    and it was because the clip was too big to send through normal email attachment
    so i clicked on “attach larger files” adn ti has a 30 day time limit.

    so if they dont see my mail by wednesday im done with T_T

  266. @ Ellie
    you should sing, and probably dance (choreograhy). i don’t think there’s much to talk about…you can probably say what ever you want to with the information. good luck~

  267. hey guys do u guys no what is the music and dance style of
    those entertainments:
    Iif u no can u PLSSSS reply to it
    thnks alot:))))))))))))))))))

  268. Hey! I send a mail with my info and a video of me dancing, im hispanic and im 13 years old and im really nervous i know spanish, inglish, a bit of frensh and im learning japanese… but i just what to ask a few questions…
    1.How long do they take to answer a mail audition??
    2.I want to audition only for dancing do i really have to sing a little??
    3.If u pass the USA audition what happens next????
    4.If u are in do they send u the ticket to Korea or u have to pay it???

    pleaseeeee someone answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. i have a question.. if you get picked do they pay for u to go train overseas??.. or do u have to pay all that stuff yourself?? like plane ticket, housing, ect..

  270. honestly dont even bother auditioning if ur not asian cause y would asian countries want a spanish, black or white person being idols there. no asian wants to see a spanish person singing korean. if you get in as a trainee they pay for everything…. u just have to move to korea to train for how ever many years they think u need it for. some of u guys may think ur good but i’ve watched alot of videos of auditions and most of the people end up being tone deaf. so better ask people before u embrass youself. they really dont look at all video auditions and it would be better if it was in person. unless your really good or really goodlooking u wont make it. and its better of u can do more than one thing like dancing and singing or modeling and dancing….

    • yea what u say is true. Even if they say its open to anyone, people who don’t look asian would just being wasting their time doing the auditions.
      For people who are not asian and auditions, they have very close or even zero chance of getting in.
      But ppl still go for the experience,
      I suggest those ppl to go for a non-asian company if they really have talent.

  271. @ Yuki
    they havent even read my email yet
    so im thinking it got sent in as spam since i had so many problems trying to email it.
    so i think imma just send in another one. :]] i’ll let you know if i ever do get in ahah.

  272. i have a question…how long do people in the sm entertainment practice their dances and singing before actually performing it on stage or in a music video?

  273. im planning to audition.. i live in PHILIPPINES, and
    can’t get enough money to get plane ticket .. so it’s sad..
    im only 13 yrs.old i have a blood of chinese and spanish im learning 2 speak korean,mandarin,japanese,spanish and malay
    i can speak english but not so much ..
    if i sing a korean lang they accept it..??
    im pretty LOL .. and i can sing well i practice 2 dance …
    what do u think??
    and how can i audition if im here in philippines??

  274. @ kirs
    haha its good that your pretty.
    if you look asian thats a bonus!
    if you can sing and dance.. thats whats most important
    alot of people say they are really good at dancing and singing
    but you know some people arent always right. im not saying you cant because i odnt know you
    but just in case you should get feedback from friends and family.
    you can email them
    you can send in an attachment of a video of your audition.
    be careful though cuz sometimes it gets sent as spam, thats what happened to me.
    so just try your best. and you know. yeah! haha.

  275. What should I do? If I put on à little mascara I look asian. The thing is that I am latin-european. And sure, My eyes are big and asiatic but My skin isnt so clear. Its like honey-coloured. I’ve heard sm only wants beautiful people (palewhite skin, black big eyes and thin). I know 4 languages : french, swedish, spanish, english. Im learning japanese and korean. I’ve performed since I was 6 years old. I play the piano,flute,sing,dance. Do I have à chance in the auditions? How do I make My emailaudition?

  276. Hi!
    Im planning to audition this year. How? Idk, maybe email or I just take à plane to the US…
    What should I do? If I put on à little mascara I look asian. The thing is that I am latin-european. And sure, My eyes are big and asiatic but My skin isnt so clear. Its like honey-coloured. I’ve heard sm only wants beautiful people (palewhite skin, black big eyes and thin). I am 1.62m (162cm) and I am very thin (I weight 44 kg) and I am 14 years old.I know 4 languages : french, swedish, spanish, english. Im learning japanese and korean. I’ve performed since I was 6 years old. I play the piano,flute,sing,dance. Do I have à chance in the auditions? How do I make My emailaudition? Am I too short or too old to audition? I am not asian… can I audition?

  277. @ Ellie
    to be honest, alot of people on here might be a little blunt on heree.
    if you havent read in earlier comments, they’re probably gonna say that they only want asians, regardless of what the website says.
    but i say you should go for itt. idk if you are elligible to though, i think you gotta live in the US. the pale white skin is only partially true, tiffany from snsd was tanned, like a lot of asian americans, but shes pretty pale now. dont be ashamed of your skin. :]

    • Oh ok. But I think I can audition by email. But I dont know how to make My video. And if you do the emailaudition can you do the rythm test? Is there anybody Who actually passed with just emailaudition??

      • An other question: My father isnt full asian, he doesnt even look asian… But he has asian roots…does that count?

  278. @ Ellie
    Well to be honest i dont think theyre just targetting people. like “OH THEY HAVE TO HAVE ASIAN DECENT!” even if you do have some Asian in you, i think they base alot of the audition off looks too.
    i’ve tried sending my email audition into them, it wasnt recieved by them, most likely it was sent as spam, this happens to alot of peoplee. so be careful with what you send in it.

    • Hey, by the way, how can you see those audition videos at smtown? I’ve tried to watch it but it seems like I have the wrong programs…the thing just wont work! Is there a special programe/software, anything special you need to have to be able to watch the video clips?

  279. to pattyyyy
    did u try to send it again
    n u said that they mark you as spam, loike wat did you send in to them that make they mark it as spam?

  280. i think its just cuz the file i sent them was too big or something.
    either way. it can take them months to even see your audition online becuase they get so many.
    my attachment only had a 31 day policy. so even if it wasnt marked as spam i dont htink theyd ever see my actually video.

    • What do you mean by 31days policy? What I’ve heard it is that SM take a long time to see their videos so you’ll probably have to wait 2-3month until they reply you. If they dont, then you can send it again. But dont send à video every week or somethin’ or Else they will obviously mark it as spam.
      Hey,by the way. How do you watch those audition clips at I’ve tried a million times but it just wont work! Do you need some kind of program/software to be able to watch it?

  281. @Ellie
    On yahoo my file was too big to attach. so i had to attach it on an application called “attach big files” on yahoo. but the policy for that is that it will be erase in 31 days. i didnt know that till after i sent it so yeahh.
    i tried everything i could to get the file to be smaller, but the quality would just deteriorate. so yeahh. yes they do take quite a while to see it your online audition.
    and i dont know how to watch the videos. i tried to watch the audition videos on JYP’s audition site too. but it wouldnt let. maybe its a country thing.

  282. @pattyyy
    damn…bad luck for us… but then how are we supposed to see how the audition is?
    Try to send it with msn or somethin’, not Yahoo… or Else you can send it in the regular way- a letter with the videotape. I think you can do it that way, also…

  283. Nope u don’t need software to see the videos it’s just take rlly long to load them n how did u see the jyp videos? To pattyyyy,y can’t u use other type of email like gmail n when u film urself do u need special software to make a demo video of urself n send it to them?

  284. Well I was thinkin just filming it w/ a good camera, Edit and cut on like…Windows movie maker and then just send it…

  285. well i did. i made like three new emails just for that dang audition.
    the file was just WAYYY too big. i think imma do it the safe way.. by mail like ellie said.

  286. Oh. Yeah, mee too. Dang, Im so worried. Its just so stressing with the audition and school( have like 50 tests going on >.<), not to mention that I have a concert this week. Just practise, practise… Im going craazy;(
    hey, of the subject but. w/e. I've realized that all female groups from SM have à LOT of antifans (like f(x), even though they havent done anything wrong…) while they from other companies dont.. And I realized that IF I make it through the SM audition…Im gonna be stalked by antifans all the time. Is it worth it?

  287. haha i know. its been stressful for me too.
    well fx actually doesnt have that many antifans.
    compared to something like super junior or snsd.
    its not like snsd and super junior did anything wrong, its just that people have different tastes.
    who knows. but if you want to get into SM for just the fame or to be liked, then no its not worth it. but if you wanna get in because its what you love. then of course its worth it!

  288. I LOVE singing, dancing and spec Performing… but you do like that ppl enjoy your songs/dance and dont hate you for it. I mean, you also want to be famous because of doing what you love. And Im not sure if I want to risk My life for it… I mean Yunho almost got killed by that crazy antifans, changmin got some stuff on his head, the boycott Against SNSD at 2008, that creepy letter written w/ that fans (yuck!) period blood…
    But I do want to sing for SM! Gaah, Im turning crazy here…

  289. yeahh the bloody thing wasnt by an anti atleast? haha.
    well yeah. but if you really like to perform, then just go for it.
    antifans will never go as far as too kill someone…maybe just injure them as much as possible
    just try your best not to give people reasons to be an antifan :]

  290. @pattyyy
    I went to and tried to look at the videos. At first I didnt thought it would work, but it did! It takes à hell of a time though, but it is totally worth it! Yes *evil laugh* no I can finally know how the others are and prepare myself to the fullest!

  291. Hey guys im wondering if you guys think i could make it in maybe a chance to make it in. Description of me: Filipino/Chinese with really light skin(except right now its dark cuz i play tennis)(I look somewhat korean), My height is 170cm. I can speak fluent English and Tagalog and somewhat Spanish. I am currently learning korean and japanese. Im in the little brother choir of the Best High School Choir in the US nation. (John Burroughs High School. Im in the Choir Sound Waves) If you guys know our Top Choir, Powerhouse, is the Number one choir in the nation and that choir has been in and performed on the show Oprah.(just asking if u guys think thats good) I am a exceptional dancer(can breakdance), very athletic(athletic build), somewhat a good singer(thinking of taking a year of vocal lessons before I audition), and i love to perform on stage. What do you guys think? Can i make it in as a trainee? I am also considering acting 😀

  292. Forgot to mention im 15 and by the time i get to audition i would be 16 years old with straight teeth cuz im getting my braces off. Im a guy.

  293. @sieg
    you sound really talented and i think you have a good chance to make it. you fit alot of the requirements. just show them your stufff!

  294. They don’t give you a rejection letter. My audition was a month and like almost 2 weeks ago and I didn’t get any notification at all :(. 😦 😦 really depressed…

  295. wait so sm U.S audition are still accessible? O.o I thought it ended in december 2009 😮 someone plz plz tell me if its still available? D:

  296. to be honest, im not quite sure when it ends or if it has.
    it seems like it hasnt since the website does not say anything about that.
    but who knows, i havent looked at the site for a while now. where did you hear that from?

  297. hey is it true that if you go to korea people from sm entertainment goes around looking for people who have potential (meaning you’re good looking) and have them audition??

    • You can always do the online/email audition.
      I live in Australia, so I’m doing the email audition. However if you pass the online audition, they are going to ask you to go to a live audition

  298. Should it be okay to shorten the song for both the weekly audition and online audition? Cause I thought if they were going to cut me off at some point, I might as well shorten it, and also the verses are practically the same except for the lyrics, so it just seems like a waste repeating the tune.

    • I was planning on shortening it too. But if they like you ,then they will be disappointed that your audition was short;because they want to see the whole song or whatever.

  299. What happened to SnooperXD? He suddenly just stopped talking on this forum ? Did he get selected as a trainee? or something.
    BTW, ask anything you want 😀 I’ll answer as much as possible. ( I might audition some time next year for dance only, anyone got any song recommendations? I do popping. )

  300. lol I still get notification for new posts. I’m not too knowledgeable about the auditions but you c an ask and I’ll try to answer 🙂

    • Sweet!! :DD
      Well i’m going to audition next year and i’m unsure about singing a song (cause singing is not really my strong point), and I want to audition for dance. Could you please link me to a video that has a dance level that SM might accept (If you don’t sing during the auditions).

      • <– this is a girl who posted a video of the dance she's going to audition with. she's pretty good but idk if you have to be as good as her. if you saw the snsd girls trying out, their dancing wasn't great but after training then got way better. this is snsd yoona at her audition. and a bit of hyoyeon at the end. for your singing, if you're not a great singer then you should go for a song that makes your voice sound sweet/melodic. idk you you're a guy or a girl but jason mraz's i'm yours is good ^^ or you could try a ballad song. good luck practicing 🙂

  301. Wow, thanks 😀 !!
    Btw, I’m a popper .__. and I dance differently to the girl in the vid 😛
    Thanks again for trying to help! And I’m just going to stick with auditioning for Dance xD
    Anyways are you going to audition?

    • No problem ^^ oh but you might want to work on a song because it’ll help you chances of getting in if you can sing on tune, and you sound decent etc etc. But if you don’t want to then it’s fine
      mmmm idk if I’m going to audition or not. I definitely want to but i’m not sure how i’m going to. People have been saying that the people who check the mailing auditions don’t really look at it o.o and my parents won’t take me to LA for auditions…i’m visiting my family in korea next summer so maybe then 😀

      • Haha, lucky you 😀 And yes it’s true if you send your video audition they wont even be bothered looking at it, but if you have an eye catching title they’ll look at it (I doubt that yours would be the only one with “eye catching” title, cause after everyone has read that, they might all make eye catching titles :P).
        But yeah, I’m from Australia and I would love to audition 😀

    • Well I want to audition in LA but I have to convince my parents which REALLY sucks cause it’s impossible to convince them to do something like flying me to LA and auditioning.

  302. I’m going to be auditioning in a few months, I have a really pretty voice and I’m not too bad at dancing. I have Asian roots which why I look half or almost full Asian but with tanner skin. I am also confident in my looks, well face wise. I am kinda short and a little over weight for their taste. But I could always lose the weight. Anything I should be prepared for? This is my dream and I’m willing to work hard for it. How would they pick me as a trainee?

    • Hello~
      oh my that’s perfect 🙂
      you should totally go for it. are fluent in korean?
      because you should start working on that if you’re not.
      even if you’re a little overweight, you’ll definitely lose it through training.
      Hopefully you won’t get too thin so that it’s unhealthy 😦
      I think it’s ok that you’re short. you know snsd sunny and taeyeon? they’re both pretty short so I’m sure it’s fine ^^ You just have to go audition in LA/korea and appeal to the judges. either that or you can go to korean and get scouted. good luck ❤ I hope you fulfill your dreams!!

  303. I’m from Malaysia and my singing is not bad. i have a clear voice. like f(x) Krystal’s. I can speak chinese, cantonese, english, malay, hokkien and basic korean. Do you think its best to sing chinese songs or korean? which would they prefer?
    And im planning to go to korea to audition, while im waiting for the results, do i have to stay in korea while waiting? cause its gonna cost a lot. Or cna i take a plane back and only come back if i get the call to tell me i passed??

    • mmm….not freestyle necessarily.
      your best option is like intermediate/advanced hip hop.
      you could definitely try lyrical if you can pull it off. it would be cool to dance to a pop song in lyrical 😀

  304. mmm..just an average song length I guess 3-4 minutes? unless they cut you off o.o but idk if this page still applies to 2011 D: sorry

  305. Do they still hold these auditions? And if they do, could I send a tape of me singing?..Because I live way too far from California. -__-

    • they still hold auditions but the thing is, they probably get a bunch of emails so they might not even look at your audition tape 😦 but you can always still try!!

      • All right, thanks! But if I do send an audition tape, and they see it, and like me… do I still have to fly to LA to audition there?

  306. Heyy, I Just wanted to know, do you have to sing the WHOLE song or is it like.. American Idol where you can just sing a snip of it ..?! I REALLY Need to know Please D; And.. If You like… Don’T exactly have what we call… a Model’s body, will they even consider You or something? Please Reply D; (( It’s My first Time Auditioning ))

    • sing the whole song and if they like you then they might ask you to sing another song so be prepared to sing more than one song. BUT IF I’M WRONG. ask the people when you audition. if they only want to hear a little bit, then practice the part where your voice stands out the most. It’s ok if you don’t have the perfect body 😀 you’re beautiful just the way you are but if you don’t feel comfortable the way you are now then they will set you on a diet as a trainee…which will be pretty hard core. GOOD LUCK ❤

  307. I can sing pretty well, i do jazz and lyrical dance, and i’m white, but i have brown hair and eyes and am a little tan. Would they maybe accept me?

      • you know everyone has a chance of getting in! just blow the judges away and lets hope you become a trainee. right now there aren’t any white korean stars but they might decide to change that. good luck 🙂

  308. Holaa .. Una consulta estan haciendo audiciones tambien mediante youtube pero ya mande y nada e escuchado que tienes que registrarte primero en su pag. web pero cuando quiero registrarme me piden registro del estado y no se como es eso me podrias explicar?

  309. I have a question, is it still possible to take the auditions when I do not live in the USA/Korea but in europe? if it is.., how? could someone give me an answer please? also, I’m 100% asian(chinese). ;o and good luck to everyone who is taking the auditions! V(^.^)V

  310. Is there a specific application that you have to download and fill out.. In the website there was a link to download an application, but unfortunately the link was gone.. I’m planning on auditioning by dancing by email.. do I have to prepare a song to sing too… I heard some of the people that danced didn’t have to sing.. I hope they don’t ask me to sing….. Do they check email auditions..

  311. I am kinda nervous but ready i have audition next month. i know how to speak french, khmer, english, & chinese. i am going to do Run Devil Run Dance Cover. I Am going sing only one by BoA. I Am going to Model & Also Act. Wish Me Luck

  312. This amazing piece of writing is really what I call thorough and so
    extremely beneficial. My daughter is looking at these factors, thus Now
    I am going to tell her about the web site.

  313. I heard that SM is looking 50% for looks? Is that true? If not, what kind of dances or singing do they prefer? Popping dances? Is there age limitations? I’m 15 and english is my first language, but i know little chinese… Is that ok? Because i heard that they taught korean or other language to Tiffany and Jessica from SNSD…

    • For looks, as long as your decent to pretty, it’s fine.
      For dancing part of the audition you have to freestyle, so any moves that match the rhythm and beat of the music is good enough. They just want to test you if you can match beats and if you have potential or if you’re good at dancing.
      15 is a good age. I haven’t really heard of any age limitations besides the Sm youth star audition.
      It’s fine, they teach you anyways.

  314. I know this is late but my friend and I really want to be singers when we grow up (right now we’re only 11) and we really like kpop (like SHINee, MBLAQ, 2NE1, etc.). I told her about SM Entertainment in the USA (we live in Hawaii) and she was thinking if we could audition together but I don’t know if we can. Also we have to catch a plane to go to LA to audition. Please reply to this messege ASAP thanks!!!

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