“The World That They Live In” Loses Ratings; Fingers Pointed At Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo


In a recent conference, Hyun Bin, which is the male lead in the drama “The World That They Live In”, confessed that people have been complaining with the low ratings of drama. Fingers are pointing at the bad acting of the female lead, Song Hye Kyo.  People were intending that there would be many ratings after the comeback for both Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin, but that didn’t help.

Even though, Hyun Bin stated that he doesn’t pay attention to drama ratings since it could affect his acting, he’s paying much more now.

16 thoughts on ““The World That They Live In” Loses Ratings; Fingers Pointed At Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo

  1. The drama and storyline seriously put me to sleep. The romance is slow to develop, the plots are all over the place, and the comic relief is sparse. At the end of the day, it feels like I’m watching the drama just for Song Hye Kyo. If the drama makes a turn for tragedy, I’ll stop watching it completely. That’s also a storyline problem.

  2. I agree with Jean, but I’m watching the drama just for Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. I think this is all about storyline. Not to forget that as a viewer,the “director-drama” related topic is not interesting enough to gain people attention.I already watching and following the episodes. This drama is actually give me a lil feeling of disappointment.

  3. I love it. All of it. The quirkiness, the casts, storylines, all of it. The big bonus is that it actually comes away from the ‘norm’ of korean drama … the prince charming and cinderella plus the revenge sort. I want to thank everybody for their hardwork for making this drama. Very brave and it is very much appreciated .. although ‘upsettingly’ only a minority of us but thank you for having the vision to do something different. It also provides the viewers an insight of how the korean entertainment works and functions. It is not a tear-jerker; romance; tradegy; and so forth but a wonderfully made drama that reflects on relationships and expectations in life. A++ from me as I was actually beginning to loose interest in korean dramas. Bravo and thank you to everybody for stepping out from the norm!!!

  4. I agree with AMORE that “Worlds Within” has attempted something brave and different, breaking from all the familiar formulas in Korean drama. But I don’t think the general audience is ready to accept and support such a deviation yet. The show is definitely very “meta” and more cerebral than most would care for. Perhaps in 10-20 years’ time, it will be credited for marking a new direction in Korean television.

  5. I agree with john, even though quiet boring in several scene, but song and hyun play very well and natural. It’s quiet interesting watching how to make a movie. The writer write the story very detail about how they related each other from the producer, actor, until the writer. On the internet several people compare this film with another K-drama title On Air. I’ve never seen this drama

  6. honestly, it’s very very boring… as usual in a korean drama, the storyline develops very very slowly….
    but i was very very interested in the story that shows us how to make a movie
    and i agree with enha, that song and hyun played very very well so i could feel the love chemistry between them was so real and natural
    i luv both of them, they’ve done a good job!

  7. Hi.im fr0m the philippines..we wLL adaPt/remake ur k0rean drama FULL HOUSE coz full house garnered 52.1% on phil. TV …its one of the hghest imported series in that time under meteor garden with 61.3%..full house is a great c0medy drama c0ngrats k0rean and nevermind my grammar.

  8. Definitely one of my most favorite K-dramas, so refreshing with new approach, real touch of life_ Learn a lot about how to grow and to behave when u start a career, how to treat yr colleagues like fellow brothers and sisters, to admit our shortcomings and to follow our passions.
    And it’s not just about silly triangle love affairs of guys and girls, this couple love each other from the start and are so devoted to each other.
    The film-crew should forget abt the rating and be proud that they made a very very good and meaningful drama!

  9. I Love the drama, not too much complicate story, sadness and dramatical, cool story for the happy ending life love story….

  10. OMG… I am so happy to hear that they (HyunBin&HyeKyo) become a real couple in their real life… wish them both all the best, they get married soon, make their own babies soon & they live happily ever after…love them both,always…muah muah muah.. :-* Thanks GOD for everything.. to give them more happiness always in their life…

  11. I totally agree with Amore – I loved it. You just have to let the story develop and anyone who is into the showbiz would be very interested in these behind-the-scenes drama who work to provide the stories and action that the actors and actresses would emote. These directors, casting directors and producers have their own personal lives and drama and this is what makes “The WOrld That They Live In” intersting. I think SHK and HYUN Bin’s acting were very natural. Of course it was not FULL HOUSE or ALL IN or SNOW QUEEN – this was different and perhaps some audiences not prepared for it. More power to HYUN BIN and SONG HYE-KYO and wishing you more love and happiness to you both!

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