DBSK can’t sing Mirotic anymore?


Ok, well they can sing it, just not in front of others. But you can’t sing it… just not in Korea.

DBSK’s hit song “Mirotic” is now banned in Korea. It was marked inappropriate because of the explicit content that was giving. SM Entertainment are trying to find a way to bring it back.

Mirotic, right now, is still inappropriate if this rule isn’t followed people will be fined.

Hey the lyrics aren’t that bad… (Not the full lyrics, just taken out)

You want me; you’re falling for me,
You’re going crazy for me, you can’t escape,
I got you, under my skin…

In your dreams i order you under my magic spell
You want to do it again, I got you~Under my skin

My devil’s ride, since there is no other to hide,
Why not try to enjoy it?
I got you, under my skin..

Check out the full English translation…

Credits: mimidbsk16@YT


25 thoughts on “DBSK can’t sing Mirotic anymore?

  1. OMG! First Rain now DBSK! What is wrong with this world! Who’s next? Sweety? Gosh! But I think I get it now. It does kinda sound inappropriate. And I kept saying “I got you~ Under my skin.” Why DBSK! Two of my favorite singers have their songs banned! T_T

  2. OMG!! seriously?? If they say that Mirotic is inappropriate then they should just bann all love songs…I mean, don’t they have “inappropriate” stuff like “I want to kiss/hug you” and what about Hyroi’s songs…I’m pretty sure her songs are more “iappropriate” than Mirotic. KPOP should just all start singing Disney/Cartoon songs if DBSK gets fined.

  3. mirotic is a nice song…totally refreshing song. What kind of “inappropriate content”??! Is it going to cause someone to commit suicide?? Reformation?? Killing others?? Until then, think b4 u give out any label.

    yea, i think maybe kpop should begin with ‘disney’ genre…

  4. lol… honestly… its just about a man a woman having a romantic night…if u know what i mean lol whats inappropriate about that… duh! its normal… whole world do it..!!! geez

  5. Ha! I agree with hana. everyone in the world is doing this! it’s so normal! like gossh! first they banned rainism cause of it’s “magic stick” i understand why. but why mirotic, there’s nothing wrong with that! red ocean and crystals? it’s just words! doesn’t mean anything, unless these people got perverted mind’s up in there sleeves.

  6. why did they banned the mirotic i loved that song gosh and its not even rude and inappropriate and its jest a love song gosh people those days

  7. Unlogic ban. Just listen the song dammit even thinking the meaning of the song it was unrelated about womb and snake. Its just because someone has its thinking too far beyond FKing too much and porn video and stories, hahahaha. They though ban this other country will no think they are not pervert…. don’t be shy everybody sees it even everybody also can watch their own body.

  8. eh?? dont understand ..where is teh inappropriate~ness in the song…hahah!

    its stupid that its banned cos there is actually no reason for it…

    who actualli banned it?

    the song only makes them sound arrogant buit thats the whole point of teh song..obviousli the people who banned it are being gays!

  9. wth?!
    are they listening to the same song we are?? o.O
    Mirotic is an amazing song!!

    if they think that’s inappropriate, then
    i wonder what they think of the songs here
    in america..

  10. i really dont understand how they could have possibly come to the concluasuin that red ocean=womb!!WTF??? i mean its doesnt even fir into the lyrics even if they replaced womb with the red ocean it wouldnt make any scence!!
    i think they have gone mad really, mirotic is inapproprate?? yeah right i agree just play disney channel songs then the whole music industry would be doomed like eveyone would be a clone of a *shudder* high school muscial character!!

  11. What the hell! A stupid ban…!
    They must have nothing to do…
    SM Ent is going to have a legal COURT CASE AGAINST THE BANNING OF DBSK’S 4TH ALBUM FOR UNDER 19! I really want to attend this court. It must be cool if the whole court time be filled by MIROTIC song and also the MV!! XD
    MIROTIC has won the BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR in the MKMF and hits 460 000 sales by the end of the Nov. Doesn’t it prove that MIROTIC is a great song …
    The stupid goverment…So why don’t ban it at the beginning? Up till now DBSK has performed it more than 50 times, more than 460 000 peoples have it and millions of netizens enjoy it… So how can they ban ??? Nonsense !

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  13. i think its a sexy song…nothing bad about it…there are more far innappropiate songs outtthere, and they are still playing it…they are just jealous that dbsk makes the song HOT!

  14. I LOVE DBSK but the song mirotic has some weird words
    like the part when micky sings “flowing through ur viens are millions of my crystal, finally the end of the transformation” it means his sperms are flowing through her viens and the transformation is when the baby is formed. and red ocean means the woman’s period

  15. Gosh . Koreans cant have kids anymore ~
    what the hell is wrong wtih them ?
    Rain > DBSK > B2ST > GDRAGON ! wth !
    what’s wrong wih the korea government !

  16. omg stuff the korean government its just a song! 4 sakes! i mean there are like other songs that r more innapropriate then that! its just a song!!!!

  17. wow. I can kind of understand because most of DBSKs fans are minors but still is ridiculous. The first time I read through the lyrics I thought of drug addiction. Then I read about this and now I understand it a little more but I honestly don’t think that minors would understand it at all. It’s like how we put perverted jokes into disney movies but the kids never get it. I think the fact that they brought this to everyones attention is their downfall because now the kids are practically having to have it explained to them why they can’t listen to the song. Seems like their brilliant plan will only backfire on them….

  18. this is so stupid, have you heard any of koda kumi ‘s songs they are innaprpeite compared to koda kumi’s feel ,this song compared to that song is frecken simon says this song is nothing bad at all. Go listen to BoA’ s my name hear the english translation , or her eat you up that song is just perverted is fricken but no did they ban it. THis is so stupid i love this song.

  19. pffff…what to say…mirotic inapropriate!!!>>dumb head ppl…the lyrics are just expresive..and that’s it…there is no way fans would sing I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKY…..I got you under my skin is a lot better::

  20. Mirotic!? Inappropriate? Whatever is happening to this world?
    (Maybe the one that banned this song is jealous. Haha)
    Besides my younger sister age 9 years actually didn’t complain anything
    about ‘something inappropriate’ to her. So yeah, this song is perfect.
    Singers, Drama and yeah! I like it so much!

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