Daesung Likes Hyori?


Well he doesn’t like Hyori. It’s just to make you interested in this article. What I’m about to write might make you think he likes her. hehe.

Daesung from popular group, Big Bang, confessed that he feels really uncomfortable around Hyori on KBS’s “Sang Sang Plus, season 2”. He thinks that Hyori is a really nice person, but can’t shake the feeling off. Daesung stated “Lee Hyori is a real noona to me, but when she turns from her natural look like in Family Outing, awkward moments start happening.”

Daesung says he can’t get used to how Hyori changes from a cute side to her sexy side.

Don’t you think it gets worse since he’s a member of the hit show “Family Outing” with Hyori? This episode aired yesterday.


5 thoughts on “Daesung Likes Hyori?

  1. in the last episode of Family Outing, they did a test where everyone each had a bamboo stick and pointed to the one they loved…. and Daesung pointed to HYORI!!!! ❤ XD



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