Princess Ja Myung Go


  • Title: 왕녀 자명고 / Princess Ja Myung Go
  • Also known as: The Royal Princess of Ja Myung Go / The Story of Self Destruction
  • Genre: Historical, period, romance
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Feb-16 to 2009
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Summary

    A love story about Princess Nak-rang who fell in love with a spy from Goguryeo. She tore the drums of her country so that Goguryeo could attack her country, Nangnang-guk, without warning. However, Nak-rang’s love story with Hodong is further complicated due to the fact that Nak-rang’s older sister Ja Myung is in love with Hodong as well.


    • Jung Ryu Won as Princess Ja Myung
      • Lee Young Yoo as young Ja Myung
    • Park Min Young as Princess Nak-rang
    • Jung Kyung Ho as Prince Hodong
    • Lee Mi Sook as Lady Hae
    • Moon Sung Geun as King Daemusin
    • Park Hyo Joo as Chi So
    • Yeo Wook Hwan

    2 thoughts on “Princess Ja Myung Go

    1. Do you have dvd’s for sale, a customer of mine saw the program on channel KCSI and is very interested in buying it.

    2. This soap opera is interesting but I prefer anyone interested in Korean movies to see “The Four Gods”. It’s really fascinating because it is combined with legend and it shows the common believes around The Redemeer and the Star which emerges at the time of advent.Please write us more about movies like it that shows reality with legend.

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