BoA is still focusing on Japan


I’m still waiting for a new Korean single BoA. Where is it?

BoA is currently promoting her American debut song “Eat You Up” but it seemed she hasn’t taken her eyes off her Japanese fans.

It seems that rumors are said that BoA will release a new Japanese single titled “Forever” or “Eien”.

There also rumors that she will release two new singles album, which are: Believe In Love ft. Maki Goto and an unknown song with Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso)

BoA is filming the music video for this new song? It’s just a rumor for now.

Take a listen!

Credits: BoAyumyum@YT

I actually don’t like the song. The stuff in the background like those stuff used in Soulja Boy’s videos, it kinda sounded like she’s going American. O_O What! BoA isn’t Japanese or Korean now? She’s Americanese?! BTW I don’t like the song. Sorry BoA fans.


One thought on “BoA is still focusing on Japan

  1. It’s like she’s already gotten the American fever, because her songs weren’t usually this upbeat and stuff. It’s not bad, but I just want a Korean single, not a Japanese one, so I don’t care about this song.

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