TaeYeon Apoligizes…


After the strange incident that happend, TaeYeon came out and apolgized.

SNSD leader Kim Taeyeon made a remarks on live broadcast radio that offended many. On that day, nurses and doctors argued at Chinchin radio with complaints which prompted Taeyeon to give out an “apology” at the end of their broadcast with words of “I’m Sorry… It’s MY fault for being sick!”. Thus, amking netizens dissapointed at diva action.

SM Entertainment relaesed an apology letter hoping to minimize the situation. After a week of complaints coming from angry netizens, she made a public apology during Chinchin on the 19th…

Last Week I was sick and I didn’t think about the oppsite when I said some things. I am really sorry if my words were wrong and have hurt you. I am going to try being more careful and thinking about the opposite. I said it in the opening before but I want to apologize for my mistake last week. I think that I hurt many people and that many have thought that what I said was wrong. I feel immature about that.

;et’s just hope she can change her diva ways sooner or later.


285 thoughts on “TaeYeon Apoligizes…

    • next time she must be smart yes. when a bitch black nurse does not respect and serve as her job states, she can report her to hospital manager. get the shot she needs. and nurse gets a reprimand when it’s not offensive to black nurse. oh little asian superstar is not allowed to scream a an ignorant nurse who is jealous. thats what happened here. then what? tell the manager to watch his words? this girl made a compliment to say she was pretty try to sugar coat the reprimand. bad bad nurse deserved to be yelled at. by the way where was chaperone or guardian to take care of important VIP in the hospital?

      • your dumb seriously it never stated that the nurse was black and she probably wasnt and your racist for thinking she is and defending the racist remark she said was the were talking about alicia key and she said for black person shes pretty her implying that black arent pretty which like saying all asians are ugly get your facts straight

      • You are without doubt the most delusional person in the world, Taeyeon made it sound like she was on the verge of death, which is simply not true, she walked to the damn hospital and since she didn’t make an appointment, she had to wait like everybody else, if she was truly mature and self righteous she wouldn’t have thrown a baby-tantrum for not getting the “star treatment”.
        And the comment she made about black people were completely out of line ” For a black person, she is really pretty” in other words “I’m surprised that this black person is pretty because the rest of them are ugly freaks”, Where I come from, that is a very ignorant and down right hateful.
        And why is it that when SNSD does ANYTHING wrong and they get reprimanded, everyone is suddenly “Jealous” of them, why is it that Jealousy is the ONLY thing you run on? you have no right being on the internet you immature child.

    • seriously things get taken WAY out of context… taeyeon complained about the hospital she went to, she said people shouldn’t go there… and THAT is what upset people! and it’s understandable that she would rant about her bad experience there because she is sick and cranky! and then she said she was sorry!

      meanwhile when talking about an african american singer, she said that she was a pretty african american. now maybe a google translation messed that up from korean into english… but i don’t see how that is racist… if someone called me a pretty korean girl (i’m korean) i wouldn’t be offended… including “african american” in her compliment isn’t a bad thing! african americans are beautiful! every race is beautiful!

      • You are dumb as s@#$. She didn’t say “she is a pretty black girl” she said “she is pretty, for a black girl.” Thats like saying “this sandwich is goodF… FOR A SHIT SANDWICH!” Maybe you need Google Translate cause you’re a f&^% idiot bye!

      • @Kristopher Bryan Dudley: I think @iloveu is right though. I have a feeling that somebody interpreted it as “pretty for a black girl” when she really said “pretty black girl”. Translations can be very different if a single word is translated wrong,,, so please calm down. I’m not trying to defend Taeyeon, but you should take this into consideration. If she really did say “pretty for a black girl” then, yes, she was wrong for saying that, but we should not make a huge fuss over that and call her “racist”. You need to also be aware of culture. I’m full Asian (Chinese), but I live in the US, so I’m more exposed to other races… obviously including African Americans. Many places in Asia are considered to be “racist” to us, but it’s their culture, as they aren’t as exposed. Everyone is bound to make some type of racist remark in their life. It’s natural.

      • Yes, if someone said you were a pretty Korean girl that would be just fine because it’s a comment that says your pretty and korean.
        Now if someone said “for a Korean your really pretty” that’s the same thing as calling Koreans not pretty. She would have never said it that way If it was Angelina Jolie, she would have just said she’s a beautiful woman. As a non racist person who is disgusted by racism and ignorance i can see her comment for what it is. . . Polite racism.

    • its about culture, she said it on the point of view of korean that favours pale skin over dark, i live in Indonesia, we have brown skin but most male here usually prefer female with whiter skin. but suprisingly most foreigner that came and got married with indonesian woman usually prefer brown skin woman and usually with woman that for local male considered as an under average look. so its matter of taste. many black sportman marries white woman, so that mean universally white female is much more preffered by male than darker skin female. so its just a missunderstanding

      • Some people have preferences, yes, but it’s not like black men who are married to white women hate black women. People in America often like people with a more tan complexion but it’s not like we sit around saying that anyone who isn’t tan is ugly. We don’t say Taeyeon is pretty for an Asian girl. People in America love Asians. I mean they are pretty in the same way than anyone else from another race is. I used to have a lot of respect for SNSD but honestly, I don’t anymore. The comment was rude and her apology was mediocre. Even if someone misunderstood she should have taken responsibility rather than saying “I’m sorry IF my words were wrong.” Her words were wrong so she should have acknowledged that.

      • There’re racist all around the world, so not just she that was wrong. She just wanted to share her feelings to the people who listening to the radio.Maybe she was emotional and she just said it without thinking twice but everyone will have mistakes that’s where they learn from it !

  1. I’m not sure it really sounded sincere, she just kinda said, “I’m sorry,” and repeated herself. Oh well, it’s better than nothing…

    • better than no “sorry” words, yes. but what if she just said that word because she was being forced to wrote that by the SM entertainment? more sins if she did!

      • i can see Shasha is more upsating about this matter and people that
        4giving tae yeon than anybody else here…. curios… are u an african american? no, its just if ur not, then don ya think u a little bit overboard here? 4giving maybe a little bit strange to u but for us here , asians is a common things! other wise we still mostly me will not 4giving 4 what have the japanese and the chinese invasion even english for killing thousand of my ancestor!and if u are an AA, so watsup wit all the fuss? dont ya think that u too a little bit arrogant now? FYI my ancestor freedom doesn’t came easy too! so 4 us here
        in asia as long as u ask 4 4giveness n never repeated the same mistake again u’ll always be 4given. we will always love and respect u like before. Even if tae yeon doesn’t know who is alicia key is well here dont be surprised that near half of asian here doesnt know her! We here have our own local celebrety as matter of fact we have thousand of them that even more fun and entertaining so if she is in fact popular in the US it doesnt mean that she would be popular or well known here in asians. Well u not the centre of the world u know..?! sorry its not that i wanna be like u here but wats done its done. she ask 4 4giveness than she’ll get it because we r asians! as long as she sincere and never make the same mistake at the near future! for tae yoen and all snsd members dont worry we’ll support and always loving u all as long as u loving us too. we’ll be here as long as u’ll be there too. continue all the good effort and girls…. FIGHTING!

      • hey hey , mind ur mouth ok
        she is not forced too
        she is kind hearted u r just jealous bcos of her beauty.
        and she never gets mad to her members. and she jjst keep her feeling iside!!

      • who says so? stop mking stupid rumors,! she is not forced
        she got a kind heart
        mayb ur just jealous sasha!
        and who r u to have the right to say her this tht?

      • she has and will continue to lose fans, she is weak and needs someone to speak for her and i’m guessing do everything for her, but what can you do, she is pampered and lame, just doing what she is told to do, hum i heard that about asian women they do what they are told to do…….

      • Alright, clearly, right now you are just bashing. An apology is an apology. Think back of when you were a kid. It’s not like your parents never told you to apologize to people. So my parents tell me to apologize, and I apologize, does that mean its not sincere? Think about it… Jeez

    • there was no need to use the word slut. she is good girl probably but here in usa we are not allowed to enjoy nice beautiful human body. but the teens here are sluts they have secret lives they dont tell their parents. truth is she will marry younger and have a nice family. go to see us census stats. asians make big family and marry and will soon outnumber you ingnorant people using the word “slut” when it should say “mother of the future” with respect.

    • You called her a slut?and you were saying that she needs to watch her mouth,Well i must say You watch your mouth you have no right to called her a slut,and she didnt mean saying those word and accused her RACIST?and what do you want her to do as an apology?saying sorry to your stupid face?okay on behalf of her i Apologize IN YOUR FACE!!!!!

    • FUCK you… seriously… tell me the meaning of slut… seriously.. i hate the way people copy and pace their news… seriously, cant you people be bothered wrting in ur on words.. get your facts right.. and if, pls right it in our own opinion.. YOUR opinion and FACT!… seriously.. your making something good a bad thing…


  2. racist slut? ej, so, you get angry. everybody gets angry. even im getting angry at you! so she got angry at the nurse and she just wanted to prove her point. i would get angry as well. i mean, no one was getting her point. plus, she didn’t mean it that way. god, can anyone hear things right? real translation in the radio (korean):

    that african american is really pretty

    she never said “FOR an african american, she is pretty.” in korean. want to have proof? study korean yourself. also, she apologized. she was sick. so, your saying her being sick is an excuse? DUDE! SHE’S ALWAYS SICK! she was a weak body. in like every radio in chin chin, she was sick. BUT, she tried to not show it! however, she was really sick back then and she was cranky. everyone gets cranky when theyre sick. i get cranky when i have a fever. imagine, your always sick and some nurse is bothering you. OF COURSE YOU WOULD GET ANGRY. this is the real fact ppls. god. if you try to understand others and try how to feel whats it like in their shoes, youll know what im talking about. however, seems like youll never know since all you want to search up is all these tiny mistakes celebraties do. no, erase that. the celebraties you dislike. you never think about the good things in snsd. STAND never thinks about the good things. well, why don’t you search up taeyeon and see how much a good singer she is. also, taeyeon is nice. ill admit that. she is funny as well. however, people tend to ignore a person’s good part of them and only look at the tiny mistakes they make. well, grow up. dont listen to your emotions. all of snsd fans and anti fans listen to their emotions. the hollywood bowl incident. the STAND group. they all listen to their emotions, causing to be a wreck. i feel sad for anyone who is an anti for anyone. do you know why? they have hatred, jealousy, and envy. i was once an anti fan of someone too. however, i knew how bad and disraceful i was and stopped. you should stop too. who would want to be an anti? all they do is talk shit about other celebreties while saying this celebrety is way better. its dumb. its stupid. all it does is makes your heart be all wrinkled and ugly. what im trying to say is that taeyeon is not racist or very mean and disrespectful. she was just sick. this is not an excuse. face the reality ppls. just because you have something you don’t want to hear, you shouldn’t think up other rumors just to make that fact go onto your side. the last thing in this world is that you would want to be an anti.

    not anti of anyone. fan of everyone.

    • “Korean ” is an idiot, I dont care how sick or angry you want to call yourself being you need to check yourself and always watch how you act.

      If im sick would i be a jerk to my manager at work? Would Taeyeon tell her Manager at SM fuck you, because she was feeling “sick” ? Stfu this is the world and no1 has sympathy for that crap. Out here in L.A she would have got her ass beat or even killed for some shit like that

      • “Aaron” is an idiot.
        Not only are you an idiot, you probably are an ‘Anti’. I agree with Korean and everyone who agrees with Korean. People makes mistake, it doesn’t take an idiot to realise that, but it takes an Anti + Idiot to not realise that.

      • “Aaron” is idiot can you understand a word that “korean” has said She never mean it besides you dont know taeyeon she never do stuff like that.

      • OMG, props for you! well yeah, i cant believe sick people can still get angry.. if she really is sick like she’s going to ***, i think the best thing to do is pretend sleeping… sweet dreams….

    • I love her. She is great. I don’t hate blacks but they are ultra sensitive after they got everything total freedoms. native americans red man did not get the same treatment as end result. anyway, i see koreans have freedom of speach. i know she did not mean anything wrong except it was an innocent observation. fact is most blacks are not beautiful and that is reality. most asians are very pretty. most russians are very pretty. some americans well most are not beautiful. i think its because in usa we all had it too soft and too easy. its not survival of fittest here, strongest, smartest, nicest, or best groomed. its upside down here in usa now. sorry if truth hurts people. fact is in asia i met 1 black he was not american he was african just off the boat in thailand and he threatened if i did not give him a job he wanted to hurt my girlfriend. here in usa what happens? if you say the wrong thing they are hating a little sick girl. you see is this right? god will punish. as for me i love this girl. i pray she will get well. and praise god for honest comments. those with rage can burn. those who forgive will find divine blessings. forgive her. and you know what? she is most cute of all, the best voice most clear and strongest tone quality. natural cute.

      • in fact now i think it over, if she had a dispute with the nurse who was black… she was trying to compliment her by saying she was pretty, even though most blacks are not pretty to her. and now you think that is racist? its just personal opinion. hey people when did we stop having rights to personal opinion? you want blacks to be only one who mates in usa? guess what asians will beat us all soon and outnumber everybody. then you must apologize to all the asians for your hot heads. you know why asians will be better and prosper more? they love forgive and make big families while others are selfish and angry, wasted. check out us census stats. soon asians are majority. better hush up again soon. i am retired i can speak with my freedom again. nobody can threaten me for being a free man now. by the way, that black guy who threatened me in thailand? i threatened him back and he went to hide someplace.

      • “fact is most blacks are not beautiful and that is reality. most asians are very pretty.”LMAO Most asians are NOT good-looking and koreans are probably the least attractive asians around,there is nothing attractive about a gigantic wide flat face,extremely small eyes,and big head.If koreans were so good-looking then you wouldn’t have the most amount of plastic surgery in the world,and I agree with you that black people in general are not good-looking,but Taeyeon herself is fucking ugly so she has no room to criticize anyone’s appearance.Koreans are ugly people I see them all the time and they only look good when they get plastic surgery to alter their ugly extreme features.It seems you guys are oblivious to your own ugliness LMAO.

      • Ok so just because a black guy from thailand threantened you it is ok to be racist and say that most black people are ugly? I don’t know what race you are but what if I just basically announced to the whole world that your race is not good looking, hiw would you feel? Tae should feel ashamed of herself bcuz there are many blacks who listen to kpop.*I think every race in the world is beautiful in their own way*

    • I guess I need to learn more about the Korean culture because being sick is not an excuse for anything. In fact, when I’m frustrated I say things they way I really feel them. And if they come out rude or not, it’s the way I felt it so I had express myself how I felt. She expressed what seh felt. Being sick is just a dumb excuse, at least is not a good excuse in America.

    • People, what’s with the BEING SICK excuse. When I’m frustrated is when I really say what’s in me. I let it out out of frustration. She said what she wanted to say and she meant it. I do at admit that I don’t speak Korean, but if she dind’t say anything wrong, why apologize? Why so many people are upset with her if the translation was wrong? Even lots of Koreans are offended by her comment. That means that you’re lying about the translation. I’m fluent in Spanish if someone says something in Spanish and it was wrongly translated, every single spanish speaking person will tell the world that she didn’t say anything wrong. Even the ready station will defend that person. But nobody in the industry, including chin chin radio station is defending her. Which mean that she did say what is say that she said and you’re lying about the translation.
      People make mistakes, but I have noticed that in Korea, they like THE BLACK, WITHOUT THE BLACKS. Translation=they like black people music, style, dancing, singing, etc, but they don’t like blacks. I’m not saying all Koreans, but majority. Of course, they have the stereotype of all blacks being ghetto and being gangsters, very ignorant =(
      But again, I still find ASIAN guys super ATRACTIVE!!!

      • @Sasha, you don’t even speak Korean so why are you saying that she said something raciest when you can’t even understand what Taeyeon said! By the way Alecia Keys SUCKS! She make the worst music on the planet. NO ASIAN GUY WOULD EVER LIKE YOU! I lived in Korea for 6 years! My whole family is Korean! The translation is not what SEXY Taeyeon said! If you don’t like Taeyeon then STOP POSTING COMMENTS ABOUT HER! You don’t even know what she’s like so back off! I have met Taeyeon 12 times!(All of you SONES reading that sentence before probably went “Damn, he is lucky!”) I am also fluent in spanish, chinese, taiwanese, japanese, and 2 more languages!

    • You didn’t write it long, you wrote it perfectly. Everything I would have said. And what an awesome motto: “Not anti of anyone, fan of everyone.

      • hey korean thanks for standing up for freedom. let the liberty bell ring louder. everybody has right to freedom and to having a bad day. and she was innocent and misunderstood. i on the other hand i am strong and i will meet the force with more force. guess who set others free in usa? it was my people, my ancestors. we won by superior strength. and i love this sick girl. she will be ok. everybody will care about her. everybody who can do more for her. let freedom ring. and i am cool. they are reverse discriminators. i am a real winner here in usa. nobody can tell me who is beautiful that is all just opinion. and a nurse is here to serve and help not to be jealous of a girl, not to deny to her shots. where was the guardian of those singers? where was chaperone to protect her?

  3. TaeYeon should watch what she says. The way she words some of her things just makes her seem ignorant. She sounds like a small child and not a mature adult at all, but you know age is just a number.
    At the same time she’s really make the rest of the group who seem like nice girls look the opposite.
    If they want to make their comeback great they should think about what they say and at least pretend they’re extremely kind even if they’re not.

    • first you people made a scandal of the 16 year old who was sailing around the world, remember? now you want to pick away at a little girl? you are not men. you are rats. she was not ignorant. she is innocent. she has not been exposed to harsh reality in usa of no freedom to express your opinion around black people.

      • WRONG. She is not a little girl, she is a woman and she is as ignorant as most people in Korea! The media controls what they think of black people and unfortunately its all negative. I do believe she is innocent because she doesn’t know better BECAUSE she is ignorant!

      • Then if you want to say that the media comtrols everything then you should blame the media not Taeyeon~~

      • seriously, when i got sick i always yell.. because i want to get rid of it.. you cant blame a person… its better to be angry than just keeping a silence when your sick… seriously, i dont say alot, but when i rit something i mean it..

      • @ Sasha, So if you were sick, and you didn’t come to school, and your teacher asked you to write a 5 page essay about WHY YOU ARE SO DUMB, you obviously wouldn’t hand it in. Would you let your teacher give you a zero on that project because you did’t hand it in that day?

  4. just because she’s nice and sweet, people tend to look for her minor mistakes and make a big fuss out of it…

    TAEYEON! ^_^

    • So you’re trying to say that if Alicia Keys was the one who had said that about ASIANS, people would not make a big fuss of it???


  5. Alot of krns criticize wayyyy too much, especially anti fans…. And u wonder why our ex-pres. is gone, he wouldve been talked about for his mistakes for the rest of his life, and didn’t want to live through it(not justifying it). tae yeon really gets crap everyday for just being famous, people have nothing else to talk about these days

    • not any need for her to fight back. god will fight for her. she did the correct thing she was humble to apologize, but its not an admission of guilt. she did not intend her comment as insult. she said the nurse was pretty. face it. that is compliment. so what is most blacks are not pretty, that is freedom of opinion! she is young and not versed in holding her tongue for the easily offended blacks here, those with more violent natures, like a pack of wolves. but guess who is lurking and is stronger than many of them? original american and those who settled here without use of slaves. the strongest. land of the free. home of the brave. brave enough to stand up to an arrogant black no matter what he brandishes. oh so beautiful. and other fools who defend taking away our freedoms of speach, so ugly. you cant do it. impossible. asians are coming. you are all outnumberd. hide in the wood pile. no need for a girl to fight. god will fight for her. she is sweet one.

      • I wish you wouldn’t group all black people like that >.>
        Not ALL black people are violent, deal drugs etc. And there are people from EVERY race that does these things!
        And she never said the nurse was pretty she said Alicia Keys was pretty (obviously you don’t know who Alicia Keys is, so Google her)
        And nobody ever said the nurse was black! You’ve misunderstood almost everything in this post.

    • I disagree looks have nothing to do with what you can and cant say. I’m an SNSD fan but what she said really offended me and I”m sure many of the other fans are hurt by what she said as well. SNSD fans arent just korean they’re jap, black, white, thai, chinese, etc. Without their fans they would be no where. I’m not going to stop being an SNSD fan but hearing that you think like that makes me feel like being a singer….isn’t what I thought it was..

      • i just became fan today after watching youtube. and then i see this garbage out here all you boring people are putting trash in your minds. i could not wait to add my opinion and offend them more, with my comments about god, forgiving, about right to opinions who is beautiful and freedom of speech. how about you all shut up because i can say whatever i want and have my opinion who is violent most as a race. who is must ugly in the world? who lives like pigs and deals drugs? who has their own native land about 200 years behind the europeans technology and is filled with voo doo and scourge of STDs? fact is evolution set them behind. better hide your daughters.

      • SNSD Fan, I really appreciate your comment. I’m not Asian, but I love Asian music. Not only I listen to Kpop, I listen to Japanese, Indonesian, chinese, etc. I’m not a fan of them, but people have to understand that SNSD has fans all over the world in different races. Her comment makes you want to change your mind about the group. It makes you wonder what the rest of the members are like. Not only that but she is the leader, she is setting a horrible example for the rest of the members. Imagine her going on a world tour, we are all ignorant about other cultures, but come on…her comments shows how poorly she knows about blacks. I wonder what she thinks about other races. If she plans to tour in America, I don’t know what’s going to happen after such comment. She is not even pretty, there are prettier girls in the group.

  6. Ouh, what a diva. c:
    Even though she said mean things, people have their days; and plus just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she has to be perfect like Jesus.
    & I know quite a few Korean girls that are frisky. Rawr ;D I like ’em fiestyy LOL.

    • It’s so funny how people lack knowledge. First of all, if I remember well, blacks started with the DIVA definition. It takes a lot to be a diva, and that Tae Yeong is not even close to be one. Beyounce Knowles is a DIVA, Aretha Franklyn is a DIVA. There are several Korean celebrities that can be considered a DIVA if you really understand what it means and what it takes to be one.

  7. Well , i don’t hate her…But personally , i don’t really like her…I like SNSD songs…In fact , I LOVE them…It’s just their way of talking and act sometimes really get on my nerves…But overall , i’m find with them….But I really wish Tiffany could change…The sooner the better…

  8. Well , i don’t hate her…But personally , i don’t really like her…I like SNSD songs…In fact , I LOVE them…It’s just their way of talking and act sometimes really get on my nerves…But overall , i’m fine with them….But I really wish Tiffany could change…The sooner the better…

    • i used to feel same as you. until then life events lead me to change. now i see reality clearly. fact is they are low life not just less beautiful. anger and hatred and deviciveness. its the modern nazi its dark today. do you like where things are going with the IRS and health care? wow, now you will pay more here and bigger debt. next you will not allow an asian to get her shots either?! you are the racist people. not her. she is normal. she has eyes. you want to hurt everybody on purpose. domination by dark.

      • she will learn to be smart. and next time a bitch black nurse decides to deny her respect and her shot, she can report her to the hospital manager. get justice.

      • I’m guessing you’re racist. What does her being black have anything to do with her being a bitch? Modern stupidity at it’s finest, I see.

  9. i also agree with Korean. ppl make mistakes, taeyeon is actually a very nice girl, if u see her other vids rather than those that shows her faults, then you would see why i sed that. shes funny and outgoing, and shes HUMAN. humans make mistakes, she got cranky on the day shes sick and said some things that may have offended people. who doesnt get cranky wen they are sick? i admit tho, she is on LIVE and should think before she speaks, but mistakes happen. you cant just embed this fault in your mind forever, ppl change and learn from their mistakes, she alredy apologized, give her a chance.

    • This is what’s bothering the heck out of me. I keep hearing people say…TAEYEONG IS A VERY NICE GIRL!!! Have you ever heard of a DOUBLE FACE? In this life, we all have one. We get to cover our realselves for different situations. She can be playing the role of a sweet nice girl, but only her family and close friends cand determine if she really is a sweet heart. Don’t believe in everything you see on TV, goodness.

  10. Have you guys been to STAND’s page, the anti page… they are aweful and a bunch of hateful low self-esteem people who rants on and on about what a person shouldn’t and should do when they first should look at themselves and stop being anti this and anti that.

  11. waoh, really?…well, that sucks (in my opinion, of course)!! Hmm…it seems to me like they’re just a bunch of hypocrites to put it blandly…maybe “bored” hypocrites??

  12. Dude, the media likes to turn every little thing into something bigger than it should be. She’s only human (as some have said already) and so are we; those of you who are calling her a bitch or slut are no better. Stop being whinny hypocrites; everyone is racist and prejudice against one group or another inside (argue against me, go ahead) but some people are just smarter to keep these kind of thoughts to themselves than others.

    I know I’m being biased here but, hey I don’t hate on anyone without understanding them first (unless their actions are completely unreasonable). I haven’t made an anti-celebrity/group rants openly. Sure I’ve discussed/gossiped about it to my own friends but really, there isn’t a need to dedicate a blog to bashing about trivial matters.

    • ~YEA~ U R RITE~ ‘WhogivesaD’…….I totally agree with u~~ I juz don’t know why those ppl r saying bad things ab others….but they didn’t look at themselves first~~~

    • I totally agree with you. I don’t like her comment, but I’m surprised that chin chin radio station is not defending her. I can’t believe people are actually opening HATING sites, wow.

  13. Seriously? Stop making excuses for them.
    “But…but she was sick!”
    “She’s human and an extremely hot one! She’s allowed to say what she wants!”

    I love SNSD as much as anyone else, but she was wrong for saying what she did. Period. There’s no excuse for it. Plus, from a purely business point of view, it was just stupid. Why would you want to ruin the perfect and innocent image everyone has of you?
    She apologized for it (a week later >.>) so I’m willing to forgive her…although I question her sincerity.

    • I agree completely. I love SNSD, but when people are wrong…they are wrong. Celebrity or not. I forgive her, because I don’t know the intentions behind her statement, and she did apologize. That is more than most people do. However, I would think it prudent to at least monitor what you say on air? -shrugs-

      I’m african american, and I did find what she said slightly offensive not only to me, but to my race as well….but I will not return with hate. I just won’t. She made a mistake and she is forgiven, as long as there isn’t a repeat.

  14. shlalalalaalalalal!!! wooooooooooooo comments everywhere!!! ^-^
    Im not here to hate…but what she said is in fact wrong duh….but if she’s really sorry & that God can forgive her than so can we & if she’s not well…theres something called karma…and its a b***!!
    So I hope she learned her lesson & be carefull..

  15. ~Gosh~ I think its realli hard to become a famous person~ In here, i don’t think Taeyeon has done anything wrong~ She was SICK!!!!! I know how she feel~ coz when I’m sick, I juz feel like I wanna shout at everyone even says bad things which I didn’t mean to~ It’s realli hard to know what u r doing when u r sick~ & seriously I feel angry at everyone when I’m sick~ that’s coz u can’t think properly when u r sick~ =_= i think everyone should know that~ So yea….I think Taeyeon was doing that juz coz she’s a NORMAL HUMAN~ rite??? & well…..it was wrong…but she apologizes!!! Everyone in this world makes mistakeS …… so why can’t we juz forgive and forget~ why do we hav to think ab it again again and can’t juz forget a NORMAL HUMAN MISTAKES???

    • you wouldnt tell someone to f*** off if you were sick.
      you wouldnt be rude if you wre sick.
      being sick is a cause of weakness in the body NOT a mood.
      therfore being sick has really no way for making somebody say something like that. I get it was a mistake but she did not say ” for a black girl shes pretty” she said “that black girl is pretty” so she wasnt being racist.

      i am half black and korean.
      iknow the korean language.
      i am not an anti nor a fan just a person with some opinions and facts. Thanks.

    • I get sick alot and i dnt make stupid remarks like that. The fact that she is supposed to be an idol to so many young girls is reason enough for her to watch her mouth and what she says. Do you think if Beyonce was on the radio and was having a major diva fit and saying silly comments people wouldnt go at her? They would, and probably worse than what she is getting. Regardless of how sick you are, being sick doesnt make you lose all common sense and what she said lacked commo sense as a whole. She didnt think and she was being stupid. She was too busy concentrating on her own feelings and anger that she didnt stop to regard anyone else. how can someone like that be an idol? :/

  16. Okay…
    So she said something racist.
    But she apologized, so there we go.
    It’s resolved.
    She said Alicia Keyes was pretty = compliment~
    BUT… you can’t just say because ”she was sick” that she’d said it.
    It’s like saying someone who had AIDs can go torch civilians of Dublin and then going, ”O, its ok- they have AIDs.”

    POINT: She made a mistake- She’s apologized, OVER.
    I LOL’D when I read someone said, if she lived in America she’d be killed xD .

    She’s very pretty too, a dolly face.

    • Racism isnt something you just get over. If youve experienced it first hand you’d understand that saying sorry isnt good enough. I mean, wen people look down on you becoz of race alot of the time like many darker skinned people have had to cope with…sorry isnt enough.

      • She want saying sorry to the niggers and I’m glad she didn’t because she didn’t do anything wrong……niggers are gorillas that shouldn’t be living in houses only jungles

  17. people get over it, just that one mistake. we all make mistakes, were not perfect. no matter how hard we try, we cant be perfect. i bet all of the anti and people whos going against her probably said a rasict saying to another. so just stop fighting and calling taeyeon a rascist slut, cause shes very sweet, and loving. and heck im not saying this cause im a fan, im saying this because its ridiculous

    • we all make mistakes…thats true but we dnt all make ours on the radio where many people can hear it. And we’re not all idols either. It becoz hu she is is why its annoying becoz idols are there for people to look up to and she was stupid.

  18. People in the kpop world need to understand that they have international fans and they should respect them all, for all she knows Alicia Keyes was a fan and now what. To be honest I love SNSD really do even my children dig them, but man these freaking Kpop stars need to realize they have fans of every race creed and color and all of us deserve respect …

    • That’s true, not only that, but her comment about Alicia Keys made it sound as if Alicia Keys was just some random girl auditioning. Does Tae Yeong even knows who Alicia Keys really is???

      • i can see Shasha is more upsating about this matter and people that
        4giving tae yeon than anybody else here…. curios… are u an african american? no, its just if ur not, then don ya think u a little bit overboard here? 4giving maybe a little bit strange to u but for us here , asians is a common things! other wise we still mostly me will not 4giving 4 what have the japanese and the chinese invasion even english for killing thousand of my ancestor!and if u are an AA, so watsup wit all the fuss? dont ya think that u too a little bit arrogant now? FYI my ancestor freedom doesn’t came easy too! so 4 us here
        in asia as long as u ask 4 4giveness n never repeated the same mistake again u’ll always be 4given. we will always love and respect u like before. Even if tae yeon doesn’t know who is alicia key is well here dont be surprised that near half of asian here doesnt know her! We here have our own local celebrety as matter of fact we have thousand of them that even more fun and entertaining so if she is in fact popular in the US it doesnt mean that she would be popular or well known here in asians. Well u not the centre of the world u know..?! sorry its not that i wanna be like u here but wats done its done. she ask 4 4giveness than she’ll get it because we r asians! as long as she sincere and never make the same mistake at the near future! for tae yoen and all snsd members dont worry we’ll support and always loving u all as long as u loving us too. we’ll be here as long as u’ll be there too. continue all the good effort and girls…. FIGHTING!

  19. I totally agree with you meonie, well said. Racist people are just small-minded, good for nothing ignorant people who need a wake up call. The world is multi-cultural, people should just deal with it and embrace each other. Peace & Love xxxx

  20. Okay, I’m just going to say this now. Nobody is perfect. She was obviously mad at the situation with the nurse etc, and this might just be me but when I’m mad I don’t really watch what i say unless i really have to be restrained like im mad at my boss or something, but if its someone that i couldnt care about ill just start swearing the hell out of them, so that being said, its not exactly surprising that she might accidentally let that slip out of her mouth. As an SNSD fan I dont really care whether you call her a slut etc etc, I just think it was a minor slip, racism doesnt bother me that much anyways. “OMG YOUR EYES ARE SO SMALL YOU CHINK!” so what? Just let it go, one word isnt going to matter if you have the ability to forgive and forget. Sheesh people.

    On a side note, to all those people saying Taeyeon is an ugly slut, b***h, etc etc, you can all chill out and go f**k yourself, I think shes beautiful. Har har, watch people accuse me of being a crazed fanboy.

  21. U GUYS!!! CHILL CHILL!!!
    okay!!! i was mad at TaeYeon for saying those things on the radio BUT!!! after reading wat people had posted up, i do agree that she wasnt watching wat she was saying…but EVERYONE does that. i gotta say that i too dont watch wat i say at some point but imagine if you were in TaeYeons’ place and you have said something wrong? Wat she did was an accident people! im not a fan of SNSD nor a fan of TaeYeon (or anti), but we all are human beings and we all make mistakes. If you were like her, sure you would appologise for wat you have said. Just like how TaeYeon did it. So!!! think FIRST before start bashing on other people. Think about it, your mad because TaeYeon said something racist and then your here on the net bashing on that idol calling her a slut and other things….isnt it KINDA the same thing except different kinda situation? Im not african nor white. I admit i am asian…but i know how it feels to to be offended. Of couse i would get mad if you call me a “chink” and i noe that I would snapp at you…but in the end, i would appologise for wat i did. We all need to grow up here and be a little more mature. We all noe she did it on accident. i noe if you were have done it, it would have been an accident too and i noe you wouldnt mean it (unless you do then i would be pissed). so lets not hate in here and make peace.

  22. please stop acting bossy around here.
    if she’s really a racist,
    why does she so welcome to her fans? is it for her fame or reputation?
    grow up and have some common sense.
    i believe most of those peoples who commented on this thread are almost around 18 below or above.
    we have boiling points and we will also gone mad and we don’t watch what we will trying to say.
    do you think there’s such a people who don’t have boiling points?
    i am not an anti-fan of taeyeon.
    i am so mad-fan of her.
    throw this thread away please.
    this is driving me crazy .

  23. What she said was naughty and unprofessional…(I’m a little sick of people using her being SICK as an excuse all the time, other celebs get sick too but you don’t see them making comments like that) but dang I’m too distracted by that picture of her above…her eyes are really far apart from each other.

  24. I’d like to see them sick and that no one will heed you! … hahah so angry they would keep talking so they would be more angry …

    TaeYeon fighting!!

  25. what the hell are you saying to taeyeon!!
    all anti-fans of snsd!!
    you are so jealous of them because someone likes them!!!
    taeyeon im still here in your side!!!
    snsd are awesome!!

  26. Honestly, most asians dont find black people attractive and probably black people don’t find asians that atractive as well.

    and its not racist to say “That black girl is attractive”
    if beyonce saw a hot asian girl and said “that asian girl is hot” thats not racist.

    • Ohkay I’m half black and I find Asians to be absolutely stunning! Taeyeon is quite pretty. Maybe her comment was kinda mean, but I won’t stop being a fan of SNSD (whoo!) or Taeyeon, especially since I understand where she’s coming from. And it’s not as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be.

    • Actually, I beg to differ.
      I know a number of black people who find asians attractive and vice versa.
      But then again, this is in the states where there are so many mixed cultures.

      I do agree though that it’s not racist to say “that black/asian/whatever is attractive”
      People just heard wrong >.>
      They thought Tae Yeon said “For a black person she’s attractive.”

    • I agree with the Beyonce comment, but don’t talk about things you don’t know. My friend is from Africa and all she likes are Asian guys and I have more black friends that all they like are ASIANs, ignorant comments like that pissed me off.

  27. i seriously think that “That black girl is attractive” is NOT racist. I’ve heard many people say “For an asian, she is really hot” or smthing. I think many people say things like that, and people are making a big deal out of taeyeon saying it just because she’s famous.

  28. also, even though i myself love snsd, especially taeyeon, i don’t blame the people who don’t. i’m loyal to snsd, but doesn’t mean that EVERYONE has to be. Still, one thing- i don’t think that people should put mean stuff about them on google and youtube and stuff. They’re just people. You wouldn’t put stuff like that on the internet about, like, say, a classmate, yet people do it to famous people just because, well, they’re famous. I’d say if you don’t like snsd, just ignore them instead of going against them.

  29. I think the comment “For a black person, she’s pretty.” is totally racist. That would be like saying usually black people are ugly. I am African American so its a total insult. But, someones comment said it was translated wrongly. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH!!! I want to continue being a fan but….

    • I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop being a fan of SNSD. Based on what some of the fans said, Taeyeon said something like “That black girl is pretty”, which isn’t bad.

    • That was not the REAL translation the well i know korean language that was realy not the real translation. and its not true that she’s a racist,she’s just to innocent for those harsh things in other places,she just grew up not exposed to that i know her and i can tell she’s just to innocent,even the other member called her pure and innocent leader as commplement of her.

    • No you nigger bitch just stop listening to kpop I don’t want niggers liking our music……it’s only for Asians not gorillas

  30. This is quite a sad affair.Her apology souns like a 8 year old who swore infront of there class. Taeyeon needs to put in her head that shes an idol and people from everywhere will watch you. The bullshit about her culture not accepting black, that really stupid.She has internet shes seen beyonce rihanna brandy aliyah and many more.So to conclude “taeyeon youre just another korean that went under the knife cause you werent that pretty.”

    • shut the fuck up dude!!!!!!!!!!! so ur think ur pretty and all that shit…i am not calling my self pretty but come on wat more do u want than a appolizes…….

      or do u want her 2 sucide coz of all u crap anti-fans ………

      secriously u guys need 2 get a fucking life……..
      (don’t u have a better things 2 do!!!)

      i uesd 2 hate snsd but all the anti fans made me fell sorry 4 them!!!!!!

      n do u even know wat other people from other country say 2 asia????

      compared 2 wat she said is nothing between wat they say 2 us!!!!!!!!

      snsd is isn’t my fave group(but taeyoen is my fave) but i still support them n fell sorry 4 ALL OF them coz anti-fans r making their life a liviNg HELL

      • at least she appolized ………but have 2 admit she is very gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bullshit what do you want her to do as an apology?kneel before you??LOl,and Well look at yourself and then tell me if she werent beautifull,what would you call to yourself??

    • I will never accept niggers in this world…..they are ugly just like my baby Taeyeon said so fuck all the niggers and I hope you all rot in hell for being so ugly

    • THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! YOu seem to be the only other person who noticed that she only apologized to the nurses and the doctors. Thank you. She never apologized for the Alicia Keys comment. And I’m not an anti SNSD because I find stuff like that ridiculous. Instead of spending time loving a group, I’m going to spend time hating a group, I dohn’t do that. I’m not a fan, nor anti, etc.

  31. WOW a “mistake”? so when i’m sick i’ll just go around saying “white/black/asian people are clearly ugly…oops..wasnt feelin well today, sorry, just slipped.”

  32. FUCK you all antis.. one sided thinking.. I know its wrong about saying something wrong to nurses and doctors… and she apoligize already and give her a chance,and guys how many times you have done mistakes to your lives?, analyze please jeeezz .. and about your saying she did not apologize to alicia keys of what she had said.. BECAUSE IT WAS WRONGLY TRANSLATED.. it is not for a black girl she’s pretty.. BUT ITS..

    “That black girl is pretty”,
    “That black girl is pretty”,
    “That black girl is pretty”,
    “That black girl is pretty”,
    “That black girl is pretty”,

    read previous post before you open your fcking mouth…

    • is it really needed to say black girl though? they knew she was talking about Alicia Keys. All she needed to say was…”she’s pretty”

      • Do you really want to know why she said that “black girl thing”? because she dont know her name -__- ..Okay example when you see a person and you want to talk about her and you dont know anything about her,what would you say just to point her???Just simple guys.. Complement her,right???and that was just taeyeon did. She did notice about what she saw then danggg. she didnt mean to be so mean about it. dont make it too complicated -___-

      • “She didn’t know her name” is an absolutely strong proof “how intelligence she is.” It makes me laugh to death. Enough with making st*upid racist statement issue.
        If someone stated that Alicia Keys didn’t know Taeyeon, it would more make sense. Hellooo. This is Alicia Keys, one of the most influential female R’n B, hip hop singer on earth. Furthermore, about copying Rihanna issue, Rihanna clearly stated that she didn’t hear that story, or even worse it means she didn’t hear about SNSD. Poor SNSD. They should really maintain their knowledge as equal as maintaining their plastic beauty.

  33. shut the fuck up dude!!!!!!!!!!! so ur think ur pretty and all that shit…i am not calling my self pretty but come on wat more do u want than a appolizes…….

    or do u want her 2 sucide coz of all u crap anti-fans ………

    secriously u guys need 2 get a fucking life……..
    (don’t u have a better things 2 do!!!)

    i uesd 2 hate snsd but all the anti fans made me fell sorry 4 them!!!!!!

    n do u even know wat other people from other country say 2 asia????

    compared 2 wat she said is nothing between wat they say 2 us!!!!!!!!

    snsd is isn’t my fave group( but i stil support them n fell sorry 4 ALL OF them coz anti-fans r making their life a liviNg HELL

    • i’m sorry that people are so mean to asians, like you said. i even forgave taeyeon, and i’m half-black! what i feel is important is that she’s a great person and performer. i may not be a huge fan like the rest of you guys, but i do know that snsd is being unfairly targeted, so all of these antis are just going to find any excuse to attack them. maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe they’re annoyed, but lets get a few things straight:

      1. you don’t know them personally, so why call them out of their name? it’s unfair of you to call them sluts. it’s not them who chooses their clothes/outfits, so if you don’t like their short skirts, blame SME.

      2. if you don’t like them, there’s no need to comment on everything that they do. just find a group that you like and stick to making positive comments.

      3. you don’t know what it’s like to be in the spotlight all the time. yes, people should stop making stupid excuses for what she said (good looks does not mean that you can say whatever you want), but sometimes we say things without thinking about the consequences. if you’ve never made one mistake in your life, then you are the earthbound God, so try to stop being so hateful.

      just think about what it would be like to have so much pressure on you and hate directed st you 24/7.

      sorry if that was too long 😛

      snsd fighting!! 🙂

      • ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am not korean but no matter wat Asian sure ROCKS N its the best I AM REALLY STARTING 2 LIKE SNSD……
        EPICALLY TAEYOEN AND MY MATES RATES SNSD 1to9(E.G 1)taeyoen 2)yoona and etc) n they ask me but i always get stuck ….they said
        PLZ WRITE IT DOWN ….I won’t get offended if u put
        mine 1 last!!!!!!
        i couldn’t decide so i told them mine is 1 and only taeyoen!!!!!
        hahah silly us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • in all honesty racism is everywhere, but i think that is quite easy to say that black people have racism alot worse than anyone else. I mean, for sooooo many years black people were treated like crap and they still are. Did you see a version of the KKK trying to kill asian people? coz i havent? yh you get the odd idiot but black people are still treated like complete dirt. racism hurts and when asian people are on the receiving end of the racism it really hurts…but black people were slaves, had no rights, were treated like animals and even now they are treated unequally. I dnt think asians had that kinda racism. Saying something about someones eyes is annoying i know but always being seen as the lowest on the social foodchain for black people must be really hard for them so racism isnt so easy to get over. This isnt all that serious however but still hurtful. This is from a half-chinese and black girl.

      • You mam are completely ignorant of Asian American history and Asian history in general. The fact is there have been many instances where Asians were treated as badly as blacks in the way you describe. The Chinese people actually suffered all the terrible ills blacks have gone through. Look up your history and don’t be an ignoramus. I assure that you will be shocked with your findings

  34. well I think it just the culture things…
    Basically, I’m not a Korean but I’m an Asian…
    I understand that how this sentiment can really hurt African American (I don’t prefer to use black) people but some others Asian didn’t really understand…
    Well they do enjoy the movie and music by African American people but they don’t understand…
    I just read a Twit from 2PM Junsu and he even referring American R&B Soul music as black music… I know it sound racist but they didn’t mean anything harm or racist… cause they just didn’t understand the whole racist thing…
    Well there’s a reason behind all this cause they live in a country where they only have one race, Korean…
    My country is like America…
    Full of diversity of races…
    So I kinda understand about racist thing and it’s bad to even say some inappropriate terms…
    If you guys try to watch Chit Chat with the beautiful Ladies or Misuda or Global Talkshow broadcasted by KBS/KBSWorld, there’s one panelist from Nigeria, I think… can’t really remember…
    She often said that it is the culture that racist…
    They just can’t except someone that different from them… but Korean culture slowly open up to this racist thing…
    and they try to understand it as well…
    Like some of the comments said, Taeyeon should know about this racist thing cause she knows Beyonce, Alicia Keys and etc..
    Yeah you right… she probably know but maybe she just don’t understand… She’s not like Jessica and Tiffany that used to live in the States and understand the whole racist thing…
    Well I agree that she need to watch her language when she said anything cause one thing for sure her words can turn back as weapons attacking her back… after all she’s an idol…
    anyway, Taeyeon unnie fighting!!!

    • taeyeon does sound a bit offensive and racist with the comment BUT sometimes speaking does slip out unintentionally..
      and who nv make mistakes b4??

      Anyone here dare to say…”I am very clear-minded of what to say when speaking AND NV EVER OFFEND OTHERS IN MY LIFE”??

      human’s life sure have mistakes for human to learn..
      if not..how do u expect human to learn and improve on themselves??

      Anyway, I am not defending Taeyeon..
      But we can’t condemn her because she made such comment or mistake..

    • I really appreciate your comment. But let me make something clear. The whole issue that black people have with some asians not understanding blacks starts with the begining of your comment. You said that you prefer to refer to blacks as african-americans. Not only you, but a lot of Asians forget that there are blacks all over the world. If someone is Jamaican, don’t call him African-american, if someone is african, don’t call him african-american, if someone is black-french, doh’t call him african-american, if someone is dominican, don’t call him african-american. That is one mistake that Asians keep doing and they don’t understand. They call every black person in the world African-American, not only that, but they stereotype every black in the world as an african-american. African-americans are blacks from the United STates only. You don’t call a black from a different continent or country African-american, that is offensive. For a lot of Asians, especially in countries like KOREA, every black in the world is african-american, gangester, drug dealer, ghetto, etc. Thaqt is an ignorant stereotype, very, very, very, very ignorant. It’s like calling every Asian chinese. Please get it right.

    • Junsu referring to R&B as “black music” isn’t racist! (coming from a black person) R&B came from black people so its correct.
      Korea is a racist country (not like “I’m gonna burn your house down”) But only because the are ignorant and don’t know any better so I can’t really blame them.

  35. ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am not korean but no matter wat Asian sure ROCKS N its the best I AM REALLY STARTING 2 LIKE SNSD……
    EPICALLY TAEYOEN AND MY MATES RATES SNSD 1to9(E.G 1)taeyoen 2)yoona and etc) n they ask me but i always get stuck ….they said
    PLZ WRITE IT DOWN ….I won’t get offended if u put
    mine 1 last!!!!!!
    i couldn’t decide so i told them mine is 1 and only taeyoen!!!!!

    hahah silly us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Non-Anti :
    “Aaron” is an idiot.
    Not only are you an idiot, you probably are an ‘Anti’. I agree with Korean and everyone who agrees with Korean. People makes mistake, it doesn’t take an idiot to realise that, but it takes an Anti + Idiot to not realise that.

    I agree that aaron is a idiot.does he not know that life DID NOT come with instrutions?have he never made a mistake?can he truthfully say he had never said a racist comment?

  37. In my opinion, TaeYeon’s remark about black people was indeed racist because, in Korea dark skin is considered unattractive. And for some reason Korean’s and most of the asian countries actually believe that having pale skin (which I still say is lighter skin because only white people have pale skin) makes them more attractive.

    I do not know where the original concept came from where asian people believe that pale skin is more attractive. But, they have to realize that their is no excuse for ignorance or hiding behind cultural differences as an excuse for insulting someone who has darker skin. Further, please stop the cultural bs about their being only one race in Korea because it is not true. In Korea there are mixed raced children who are miss treated every single day. So, stop acting like Korean’s have not been exposed to dark skinned people.

    Additionally, the last time I checked american tv shows are shown in Korea, and they have exposure to magazines from all over the world. So, it is not like Korean people live in a glass box. Therefore, the cultural difference thing is nothing but an excuse when no one is willing to admit that Korean’s are racist. (I am not saying that Korean’s from US are racist but, the one’s who still live in Korea are indeed racist). Because, they believe in that whole color thing, having pale skin makes them beautiful ect.

    Anyway, for the life of me I do not know why they think they can actually achieve having pale skin, high bridge nose, have surgery to widen their eyes will make them appear white because it will not. Because, in reality it does not matter how they bleach their skin or try to change their looks white people will still consider them asian and will look down on them. And as an example, we see it everyday in the US since whenever I look in the main stream magazines like Elle, Cosmo I do not see asian people in them. Furthermore, when I look at regular tv programs, commerical I do not see asian people. And lastly, when I go to movies I do not see asian’s on the movie screen either. And guess what people, who do you think control all of these things? Yes, you guessed right the white man.

    People like TaeYeon need to wake up and realize that white people do not recognize asian people at all. So, why try to become something that you can never achieve anyway?

    • Taki,
      I really appreciate your comment. This is why I find the comment so offensive. It really bothers me when I see Asian people that are racist against black people. Some try really hard to be or act like white people. Some of them try to or look down on black people. But, when it comes to imitating black people style, music, singing, they do follow them on tv shows, magazines, online, etc. But when it comes to accepting them…they use the excuse of not being used to blacks. I heard from my friend who is from China that the reason why Asians find pale skin more attractive is because back in the days in ASIA, the rich had pale skin because they didn’t work. They were always indoor, and the poor were tan, or really really dark because they ahd to work all day outside under the son. Back then they believed that if an Asian had pale skin it was rich or had lots of money. If an Asian was dark or had tan skin she or he was poor.
      In Korea and some other Asian countries they believe that pale white skin is beautiful because they look like porcelan dolls. I disagree, but that’s just my opinion.
      That’s why I keep telling my friend that I notcied that in Korean, they like THE BLACK WITHOUT THE BLACKS. They love the stuff that blacks do when it comes to entertaintmet, but they don’t like the blacks.

      • Thanks Sasha for what ur saying and I agree with both of you (Taki & Sasha). I started to love k-pop 3 years ago. i just loved the ‘mix’ of different genres and I’m a total 2ne1 fan (the group who made me love k-pop). When i saw this topic, i was really shocked maybe because in a naive part of my mind i thought that since a lot of ‘Black rhythms’ were introduced in k-pop (including ‘riddim’ from the west indies!!), it was a sign that mentality was changing. I thought that the ‘Black v. Asian war’ was fading. it’s painful to see that it won’t happen in this century, especially when you read comments like this on :

        ” Willybkk :
        i just became fan today after watching youtube. and then i see this garbage out here all you boring people are putting trash in your minds. i could not wait to add my opinion and offend them more, with my comments about god, forgiving, about right to opinions who is beautiful and freedom of speech. how about you all shut up because i can say whatever i want and have my opinion who is violent most as a race. who is must ugly in the world? who lives like pigs and deals drugs? who has their own native land about 200 years behind the europeans technology and is filled with voo doo and scourge of STDs? fact is evolution set them behind. better hide your daughters. ”

        I didn’t plan to make a long comment but really, i think it’s sad and i’ll just advice you, willybkk, to read these two books :

        – how Europe underdeveloped Africa
        – les inventeurs et savants noirs (Yves Antoine) (basically : Black inventors) – yeah I speak French and i CAN speak two (4 in my case) languages, i guess you can say ‘i’m clever for a Black’ if i understand how you f***** mind think

  38. Ok im getting pretty sick reading the comments of the ppl defending taeyeon. U guys r trying evrything to defend her, some dont even make sense.

    Taeyeon did something wrong. Its good that she apologized but yes she did sumting wrong.

    Ilove SNSD and SHES so Pretty!!!!!


    • How can you talk about her being racist when your name says “IHATEASIANS!!” Um, hypocrite much?
      Yeah and I’m black. I’m going to be the bigger person and accept her apology. Black people don’t need for you to fight our battles for us. We’ve been doing fine for hundreds of years.
      P.S. Next time, I’d stay away from the term “Colored person”, a quite touchy, racial slur towards black people. Unless you want this comment to be a lot meaner. Cause we can do that. Thank you.

      • you shouldnt disregard another persons kind gesture because they arent black. :/ yh they are being a hypocrite and yes i HATE being called coloured too but they were attempting and failing to be nice. ignore them.

      • I love your comment (: ❤
        I mean, people should just stop poking at their flaws, and let them live as humans.
        We make mistakes, why can't they?
        Plus, she apologized for it too.
        But apparently that's not enough for SOME people :/

    • FUCK NIGGERS!!!!! And she’s the most beautiful woman on earth for saying niggers are ugly

      GO LIGHT SKINS!!!! And death to all niggers

  40. Oh gosh. She talks like she’s the prettiest girl out there. I consider her the ugliest in SNSD. (Watch someone call me an anti, DAMN RIGHT I’M AN ANTI, AND ANTI-RACIST. Because I do love SNSD.)


    I also want to point out that Alicia Keys is half white. I bet you if she saw a fully black person, TaeYeon would call her ugly. Because she’s racist. -.- Stupid ugly RACIST TaeYeon.

    • You are the stupid “O.O” Calling taeyeon ugly?you were just like those people calling someone ugly but not even looking themselves first. So you have no right then,on your side,yeah taeyeon said something wrong but,Who are you to say something bad to her?if you called her a racist then you are no different from her.

    • You’re a nigger and stop listening to Kpop it’s not meant for you…..go back to the jungle with your family chimpanzee and gorillas

  41. …I don’t hate Taeyeon for this. I consider her the bigger person for stepping up and apologizing and I thank her for that.
    I realize that just because she apologizes doesn’t take back what she said, but I’m happy she said it.
    I’m definitely serious about not hating her though. Are you saying that you’ve never said a racial comment?
    It says in the Bible, “He without sin may cast the first stone.” You should all put down your rocks…. hypocrites.

    • i dnt think she apologized through choice but because she had to. If she didnt she would have been hated. If no one sed a word about this despite that what she sed was wrong i bet she wouldnt have apologized at all. She needs to do whats right for herself and get her popularity back up so she sed sorry. ive never been racist to anyone becoz i know how it feels to recieve the abuse…but she was wrong and for that i dnt like her. If someone at school was racist to me then sed sorry i wouldnt accept it. Racism is wrong and if you know its wrong you wouldnt ever say something racist so the apology means nothing.

      • But for what I understood, she never apologized for her comment about Alicia Keys, she only apologized to the nurses.

      • Yeah you’re a nigger too……I didn’t know this many monkeys can type holy fucking gorillas


  42. Devin,

    No excuses.Yes, God told us not to judge people, but I feel that when you say that,it’s an excuse. People can forgive,but cannot forget( and for the racism part? so not cool.Look in Numbers 12).

    When ever I hear people say what you say,it’s like giving an open door for them to further abuse people. As an African-American, I would never give anybody permission to keep downing me like that. That is like me accepting something I didn’t want.

    Do you really think that everybody makes racists remarks like that? I think not,no matter what they’re race they are. To say that Black people are ugly or making Alicia Keys seem that she is the only beautiful Black woman on earth is ignorant. Blacks and other minorities have rode on that race train for centuries and we’re doing our best not to repeat that cycle.

    Another reason that she shouldn’t make those remarks is because she’s hurting herself and her group. If you think that the remarks that Taeyoon is of very little consequence THINK AGAIN!. A lot of people listen to K-pop/J-pop which includes growing number of American Whites, Asians,Latinos and Black. If there is one thing about some Americans,they are not keen on supporting people who they feel has wronged them.Take Mel Gibson and John Mayer for instance. Mel was is a great actor and John is a great singer,but when they decided to spew their words of racial contempt, people, especially Black people didn’t go for that. Some people tried to excuse their behavior.( Mel also down graded Jews and homosexuals before he downed us) Even Whoopi Goldberg,who is Black, supported him. Mel may still have his millions and John his great voice. Both may come back and do some projects,but it will never be the same. As a matter of fact ,some people in Hollywood do not even want to work with them because of it.Imagined if that would have been Taeyeon in that position. Do you really think that her Black fans would feel that is ok for her to say that? I cannot see myself rooting for people who didn’t think much of me.

    • yEs its bad to say racism!
      but taeyeon has apologize
      she now knkow whad is her fault and consult by herself@!
      u cant blame her like that, its like this whole world none of u human has ever racist someone.!!
      u must think have u racist someone too! ofcos this whole world every single peple do! not only her, its good to know if she apologize and realize what has she done. And she is sick, dont u know the condition?
      she might be titrd, becos of works, and many things
      u know how many hours they slept? maximun is 3-4 ! u can do it without being sick?
      its every day okay.
      im glad she say sorry, if she desnt say sorry,. than u ll ust blame her.
      but theres not a big deal, she say it. no big problems. i dont try to defence her, bcos immma huge fan, its because not only her fault u dumbhead. he just want to express it becos she dontknow her name, and her skin is black, thats why,.. what should we call her? “hey that singer is prettY” can someone know whos tat singeR? there is many singer, !

  43. Like Eat my shit u Slut if tht person looks pretty for a balck skinned person then u look the prettiest for a rottened smelly asian fish u rottened sticky rice tht bursts of worms u look like a dumb jellyfish 4 god sakes u should take a sniff of my ass to wake up u think u’re the prettiest and if faCT U’RE THE UGLIEST PERSON ON EARTTTTH WITH WHAT U SAID U fUCK

    U think an apology is enough ha . how can it be enough when u said it so seriosly its what you think you whore all of you like comment mistakes and then pleed for forgviness why say something and regret afterwards tht just shows how stupid you are you skinny pig

    • hey, u think shes slut? then who u think u arE?
      then whats u> monster, i dont wanna say badwords like u do.
      bcos i dont care.. and watch ur mouth man, don u think ur too rude fr that, shes nut A SLUT! IF SHE IS THEN U ARE A BITCH!

    • Well if you don’t accept her apology, than that’s your loss. She’s not going to drop down on her knees and beg you directly. She wouldn’t go down so low for someone like you, who can only insult instead of accepting forgiveness.
      Everyone makes mistakes, but you antis only bash SNSD of them. And that’s disgusting.
      Don’t tell me you’ve never said something wrong before.

  44. Ok so she’ll keep on doing mistakes then apologize later. saying that she is just sick? What the! Then if you’re famous then you just did something bad just say I’m sorry, then it is already over? that’s it? Then when another person from an Idol group that people don’t really like did something bad. they will curse her to death. So that is being unfair now!

    • Fool you were saying that she’ll keep saying that?well look at the date ABBY,and look at the date that this topic was started,So did anything the same happen??No nothing right?so you cant say to her that she’ll keep on doing mistakes and then apologize,saying she’s sick..because she is not like that,i know her. So stop accusing her of something that wont be her. Think again before you said something.


  45. wowzers!! all of this is soo ridic. honestly im not a fan of snsd, but only of a few people in the group. I don’t speak fluent Korean, so i dont know the exact translation, but she could have said ‘so and so is pretty’ without using the term ‘black people’. i heard that a lot of koreans dont like dark skin but they should be a little more used to it by now, i mean they have internet, tv, etc. and there are a lot of black people on there so yea. love kpop and will for a while but this is my second time hearing about an idol making a rascist comment.

  46. So…I wonder if a black girl was to speak in radio station live and make a comment like ” I guess not every asian guy has a small dick”, if that will be considered a mistake too.
    I wonder if people will say the same thing they’re saying with Tae Yeong…”she was sick, she just had a bad day”

    • I live in belgium, and all white / brown / black ppl here will automatic say that every yellow asian guy has small dicks.. As an asian I wouldnt even care what ppl say , many ppl start barking when they have too much to hide theirself..

      Look at our jails down here, the lowest % goes to asians, its obvious where the rotten are then i guess ^^ .

      You know what they say : A big gun is nothing if you have no brains to use it..

  47. To all of you people saying that she is made a mistake:
    1. Any idiot would know that a nurse would know that a nurse is not allowed to give an IV shot without a doctor being present.
    2.Attacking the nurse and saying that she is jealouse just because she was doing her job is not very logical.
    3.lets say the nurse was jealouse of her either way she was still being very rude.

    i personally dont like her and do not support snsd because of her

  48. ah, cmon.. i think it is useless to bash her, blame her, even defending her in here.. just my opinion, real acts are needed.. maybe i would shout in front of her face or maybe punch her… But, what can i do? nothing! Taeyeon is too far from me, nothing i can do, so better to keep my mouth than criticize her coz i’ll get my mind being bad and dirty..
    criticize her directly, send a mail to her, letter, or any other way! not here!
    and for anyone who defending her, open ur eyes! don’t try to defend herself if she did a mistake, she isn’t ur sister, she won’t defend u if u get a problem, like you’re defending her.. please, be a normally act fans..

    sorry for my bad english

  49. Ok so she said something wrong big deal dont we all? I mean who are we to judge her? We have no right at all because everyone at least once has made a racist remark. I dont like SNSD but at the same time I wont hate her because she said one thing. I`ve been to Korea numerous times and I`ve heard people say far worse about blacks. We as people take everything and make it a big deal for no reason at all. She messed up and said somethings she shouldnt have said but we shouldnt condemn her for it either. Dont we all as HUMANS make mistakes and say things in the heat of the moment?

    • Yes, i agree, thats why please dont blame her, she’s human, doesnt mean u all can accuse her bcos of their popilarities, then who cares if u guys hate her??
      or them??? NO ONE Care , u guys are just jealous and ANTIFANS!

  50. I agree with Mee-Yon on this one Taeyeon made an honest MISTAKE. When she said what she said about Alicia Keys she didnt mean it in a racist way. She wasnt saying it to try and be a bitch or to be mean. Most Koreans honestly dont know that saying things like that may offend some. Also as Mee-Yon has stated I have heard far worse things that some Koreans say about blacks. Those remarks would be racist but what she said wasnt. She said: “That black girl is pretty”. What is really so racist about that? She could have said something far far worse but she didnt because her intentions were not to be racist.

  51. i guess she’s just pissed, donr blame her guys, u guys are all so bad. dont u think u guys had ever racist too? u just dont realize it. , doenst mean she say her black, because her racict or wad.
    Mybe she just didnt know whars her name
    and because her racist is black, and different thats why!

    • Thank you! That’s just what I wanted to say.
      I mean, just because they are a celebrity, doesn’t mean she isn’t human.
      People make mistakes, SNSD makes mistakes, yet when they do, all the antis come running and make fun and bash them of it.
      Like, c’mon guys. Be Civil.
      Humans make mistakes. I make mistakes. You make mistakes. SNSD makes mistakes.

      • Exactly! Thats what life’s about! Making mistakes and learning from them! If you think that they’re celebrities because they’re perfect then your really mucked up!!!

    • She might be pissed and we could be too, but she’s an idol she’s on a show ppl are watching her. is she not afraid of making her fans feel the same way about these things she’s talking about? Face it she’s a role model but sometimes it’s hard being that cuz she has to not only watch out for herself but others. If she chooses to be an idol, she needs to do that job correctly

  52. Well, some people said that her apology wasn’t sincere, but seriously, if she had apologized in a different way people would say it wasn’t sincere anyway. Doesn’t really matter what she said cause it’s SNSD, they’ll always find an excuse to bash them.
    Knowing Taeyeon like I do, I don’t think she had this intention when she did this remark, I do believe in her words, perhaps I’m wrong. Taeyeon doesn’t needs to apology or to prove anything to these stupid Antis, her fans will always support SNSD and that’s the most important thing.

  53. Sorry, but you guys have misunderstood.
    The fake subs : “She is pretty for a black person”
    The real subs : “Heugeen chingoo jungmal numoo yebbojoh” = “Our black friend is pretty”.

  54. If i didn’t read wrong, wasn’t the apology for the hospital incident? she wasn’t apologizing for the what you guys call “racist” comment.
    that’s why imo, she wasn’t really saying that Alicia Keys is pretty for a black person, but it’s rather like our black friend is pretty, just like the comment above me.
    just a misunderstanding here guys imo.

  55. Sorry, but you guys have misunderstood.
    The fake subs : “She is pretty for a black person”
    The real subs : “Heugeen chingoo jungmal numoo yebbojoh” = “Our black friend is pretty”.

  56. The translation is probably wrong which is a better defense than “she was sick” o.O
    Sick people don’t turn into racists…
    In fact, most sick people sit quietly and try to speak as little as possible.

    • You know what i am so tired of ppl of saying freedom of speech because you know what that bitch should of never so dumb and say that alicia is pretty for a black person because the black ppl who actually looked up to her are now furious. I dont care who you are or how pretty you THINK you are but no person should ever have to hear that their race is ugly. Im tired of stupid ignorant dumb mothafos like her say that the black race is unattractive cuz you know there are so many unattractie ppl in all races even hers. I usually just ignore the racist comments but US black ppl that you think are so unattractive wont take the BS anymore. Cause I can pick out so many ugly people in your race just as you can pick out the uglies in my race. So let me tell tou something Taeyeon , i use to be a fanb4 i knew all this but I sure aint now because i will not take nor except racist remarks even if you were talking about another race. Maybe you should think about what you say before it comes out your Damn mouth , you ignorant fool!!!

  57. All the Tae Yeon haters down here , go fok yourself !
    If you dunno a damn, dun talk Sh!t …
    I am for a part asian myself and through all those years i went to school, all those damn niggas in every school i went or whatever they call themself , they kept calling me a yellow mother fokking made in china, but do i have to insult them back? Nah, so give this girl a fokking break !
    I am happy for you that you are proud of being from ur so called race, by far the biggest racist race themself.. And I who thought that all color or nations are equal , what I call human..

    ps: 90% of the none asians here, im so sure, for atleast one time in their life, when they bought a good or piece of clothing and watched where it was made, they sure thought atleast once : “of fuk this was made in china, fukkin shiT” = ur all racist ;]

  58. No wonder, Taeyeon doesn’t show her feelings that much to fans. The people might mistaken her as Slut or snob. She seems pretty sensitive when she gets sick like me, Whenever I get sick, I don’t talk to me and ignore people or doesn’t think a lot.

  59. If she doesn’t find them attractive, then it’s her opinion. She shouldn’t have to apologize for it. Maybe she will change her mind someday.

  60. I think all of you people are crazy. Look at the line “I think that I hurt many people and that many have thought that what I said was wrong.” She said that she offended other people but she does not say that what she said was wrong.

  61. How could you guys! It was an accident! Dont you guys understand??!! I know what she did was wrong but she apologised like everyone else would and she MOVED on! Look at all of you, still fussing over the same thing! If you’re going to hate Taeyeon then why even bother talking about her or evening mentioning her name?! She might have hurt many by the way she said it”For a black person, she is really pretty” she might not have meant it that way. If you hate Taeyeon for being “Racist” then just go find a life and dont bother with her anymore. If you support taeyeon and forgive her for her mistake, then I hope you people will continue supporting her and the members together. Thats all i have to say. This comment is focused towards those haters.

  62. Just found out about this-kinda late, I know but you guys should shut up. You’re just creating more drama. All you want to do is attract attention and let everyone know that Taeyeon is racist. Does it really matter? Most people will say yes, but think about it. There are TONS of racist people in this world. Why don’t you think about that instead?
    and @Kristopher Bryan Dudley, how do you know that Taeyeon said “she is pretty, for a black girl?”, huh? Lots of people said that, but seriously.. what if they used google translate? Google translate SUCKS. It doesn’t make sense. Put a couple of complete sentences of a random language and translate it into English. Most of the times, actually a lot of the times, IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. You guys trust Google too much. Like Wikipedia, some are true- AND SOME ARE NOT. Geez.. can’t believe you trust google translate.. i laughed at what you wrote. Freakin ridiculous. And don’t forget, she was sick(you’re probably wondering- so? she has to watch what she says). Korean stars don’t get enough sleep and have a lot of stress. They have to dance and sing a lot-very hard, why don’t you try? Yes, they lip sync at times but not everytime. Now you’re probably thinking that i’m a fan and i’m trying to protect her, but you’re wrong. Hating Taeyeon just because she’s racist? Stupid. Just leave her alone. If she really said “she is pretty, for a black girl” then let it be. It’s what she thinks, and no one else can change that except for her. You guys are just ruining her career by sharing about her being “racist” and posting it online-making her lose fans and popularity. Causing more haters and making her more depressed. You retards. Welps.. im going to go sleep now. Goodnight. Oh, and to all you haters: “Say bat poor, sou deh lah, pok gai, haum ga chan”
    Geez.. i wrote so much O.O”

  63. Or you guys could just understand that we are human and human make mistakes.
    I’m not trying to defend Taeyeon, but honestly. Being sick and getting upset at a nurse? Same thing as getting a lowered pay from your job and getting upset at your manager/boss. It’s just common sense. It’s easy to make racist comments. Who hasn’t? It’s just that people pay too much attention to the little mistakes of celebrities. If your friend made a racist comment to a race, would you want to kill them for that little mistake?

    Really guys?

  64. People make mistakes. But the fact that SNSD members keep making the same mistakes annoys me. -Yuri act like black people too in a variety show- I’m not hater nor fan but they really should maintain their brain and attitude. That’s why you need to be a lot more than just a pretty face.

    I’m not Korean, nor black. I’m what Korean people say “black asian”. How irritating it is.

    Act globally if you want to go abroad. We’re all humans no matter what color We are. See Angelina Jolie, she is a good example.

    And Sones, Alicia plays music and sings far better than your idol. If you say Your Idol do it better, there’s something wrong with your objectivity.

  65. why do people make ways just to hate others? can they please stop.

    –> antis or not, supporters or fans. pleased ! aren’t you tired of blaming and bullying people on the internet? why don’t you just tell them in front that their wrong?

  66. I’m a Singaporean and have a slight brown skin. I admit that when I am sick I become cranky cause I will be frustrated of the body aches and stuff like that. I don’t speak Korean and only know 1-10 words but a transfer student from my class is a friend of mine and she is from Korea. I’m not gonna say that Taeyeon said that the black girl is pretty or she said she is pretty for a black girl since my friend is a fan and could be protecting her and I’m not being racist and implying that she is lying but I also say that we as humans make mistake just like that phrase or something, “to err is to be human” or something like that and honestly, Taeyeon is only human and made a mistake. She should be more careful but first let me question you,
    “Do you know the real Taeyeon, the one only her real family knows?”
    “Were you there when the incident happened and somehow read Taeyeon’s mind and knew she is racist and said it knowing full well the consequences?”
    “Can you read minds and knew that Taeyeon was being insincere?”
    Do you? Were you? Can you?
    You shouldn’t assume and make conclusions as you aren’t God. For all you know, she could have been sincere. Or insincere. But for now, just believe the good side and see the whole from the bigger picture, not just what you saw on tv or something. Im going to accept the apology and let what’s done to be just the past and hope she doesn’t make the same mistakes in the upcoming future. After all, no one is perfect. She is just a girl or woman and will learn from her mistakes sooner or later. Just hope for the best. We Will never be able to tell if she was sincere or not so just accept it and let it go. I’ve seen racism with my own two eyes and I it first hand, so please, I let it go and forgave that person I as i did with Taeyeon, so why can’t you? The world doesn’t revolve around her and I’m sure she know that. Stop quarelling. do you think By arguing over petty mistakes such as this will make everything better? It won’t. Just keep your calm. By being like this and acting like that your not doing any better than they are. Show that your not affected and soo, they will have no way to bully to you. She just haven’t experienced it first hand, you know. Can you really blame her? She is ignorant, yes. I agree. But is that her fault? The media does what it does and she should not take thei words for granted. She must not have known Alicia Keys anyway. I mean, I never knew of SNSD before July last year anyway. so please, stop the quarelling. Its not going to solve anything.
    Thanks for your time and sorry for my little rant. Guess I needed to pour all my irritation out. I do have a bit of a temper but yeah, I hope I didn’t offend you. Thanks.
    Yours faithfully,

  67. TaeYeon was like 9 miles passed pissed, so what. Yeah, Im a SONE for life and will protect her no matter what…Im not racist, I got black friends. Plus its probably her culture, she was probably raised to think pale is more beautiful than darker skin, its asian culture, for all you antis, piss off please. Now, lets just forget about it, she only human. I do the same as TaeYeon because I sometimes say things Im not proud of when Im mad.

  68. I think it’s funny that people are mad about that comment. When white girls say, “I don’t find white guy attractive, I’m only into black guys.” People don’t think it’s racist, they usually respect that girls preference. I had a friend who was a white girl that only found black guys attractive and she had a pretty popular blog on which she said that Ryan Reynolds is good looking for a white guy, no one attacked her for being racist. People have preferences, if she doesn’t find black people attractive, that’s her preference, it’s not racist. Now if she hated black people because they were black, that would be racist, but she never says anything about hating black people or thinking black people are ugly, all you can infer from her comment is that she doesn’t find many black people attractive with Alicia Keys as an exception.

    • Ok guys I just heard about this and I know it’s late. But I’m black and I love SNSD and idk if the translation that everyone was saying was wrong, but u shouldn’t let that get to you. I mean even if she was being racists and saying really bad things about black people cuz I heard bad things about us blacks but I really don’t give a care like everyone is saying she is human. But to all those blacks out there plz and I’m begging u dont just say I’m never going to listen to SNSD again just cuz of that don’t take it out on all of the members and leave Taeyeon alone and even if she did say black people are ugly and some other bad things try not to let it get to u, cuz we are strong, powerful,& beautiful people even though she thinks that and we have and had amazing beautiful black women making music, acting,& making a difference for us black people we have beyonce, brandy, Whitney Houston, chyna Ann MacLaine, Mary j blodge, Keri hilson, wiz khalifa, jay z, lil Romeo, & so many more and we have our own channel BET and don’t u black people that’s enough inspiration for us to keep going on and be strong and proud that we are black? Just leave Taeyeon and the rest of the SNSD members alone ok but if she was being really racist and saying really bad things about us blacks then u have a right to be mad and we black people don’t put up with crap like that but she wasn’t being racist so leave her alone and just remember we have so many great black people making history doing great things we have a black president for crying out loud! Isn’t tht enough for us all these black famous people get racist comments but they don’t let it get to them and lots of people don’t matter what race u are love rap music so just stop

  69. Taeyeon didn’t do anything wrong guys……she’s totally right because most niggers look like fucking gorillas……they are low class ghetto thieving ugly ass gorillas and Taeyeon knows this…..WE ALL KNOW THIS!!!!! So let’s all say “BLACK PEOPLE OFF THE FACE OF THIS PLANET” or let’s make them slaves again 🙂

    • Are you fucking serious? If black people look hideous, which they don’t and their looks are probably better than yours, and should be slaves… You know what? I’d rather you dead then start judging others who don’t deserve it. Go rot in hell bitch, at least there you’ll meet idiots like you… And maybe find someone who even agrees with you

    • Wow, you do know that everyone came from Africa right? Just look it up. Recently Asian scientist were trying to prove their race was superior but instead discovered that they share more common genes with Africans than any other race. The oldest skeleton on earth is a black woman. Go ahead and be racist, i can only pity your ignorance. What goes around comes around. When you put out evil and ills they come back to you but even worst. So when bad things happen to you just know that it’s just what you deserve.

  70. Maybe she need this black horn to bang her yellow pale pussy to realize she also coloured skin. lol
    hm..she is yellow anyway…

  71. Neutral party here. No hate intended.

    Let’s leave the part of racist comment aside because it can be that the translation was fcuked up. But after reading all comment especially on “because she’s sick” argument mostly biased and one sided.

    So it’s excusable because she was sick?
    Then by that theory/logic, it’s alright for insane lunatics to kill people as well since they are sick as well and can’t control their state of mind.

    Be it she’s in right or wrong, sometimes their fans protects them too much. Just my opinion.

  72. Um, I’m sorry, but that excuse is pathetic… I don’t hate her and all but saying that she’s sick so she count watch her words? When you catch a cold, do your brain shut down also? Maybe if she’s dumb enough to create an excuse like that about health… She really can’t judge the nurse. No matter what, if the nurse doesn’t know how to nurse, at least she has common sense. Which she desperately needs.

  73. This is just fine because i was done with all SM artist anyway because of luhan, JYJ and what happened to Jessica. I’m just glad that I’m not an ignorant racist. I feel very thankful but also sad because people can’t see this for what it is. Regardless if asian culture love white skin they shouldn’t say messed up things about another person’s color. This stupid ignorant racist girl was basically saying for being a black girl your pretty. I would never ever say anything like that because it’s the equivalent of saying black people are usually unattractive. You have to have a small ignorant mind to assume that an entire race is unattractive with the exception of a few. Even if Brown skin isn’t your thing its a low down dirty thing to imply it’s not good looking. You don’t have to hate people of a certain race to be a filthy racist, you just have to consider other races to be less than you and treat them differently because of their race.
    Well, she apologized. I wonder if she’ll continue thinking in that lopsided way. . . Hopefully not. If she understands why it was wrong and changes the way she thinks (i don’t mean changing her preference of loving white skin but demeaning other cultures along the way) then good for her.
    I actually love Brown skin but see the beauty in all shades and cultures.
    Also Alicia keys is mixed, her mom is white and her dad is black.

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