FT Island’s NEW Member Is…


Drum roll please… Wow he looks pretty hot and decent!

FT Island’s management replaced WonBin with 18-year-old Song Seung Hyun who is 180 cm tall and weighs 60kg. He stated

Since I’ve just recently joined the group, I will be lacking lots of experience, however I will try my best to not fall behind and will work hard to gain the love of fans.

I hope the group can still strive forward with this new member!




4 thoughts on “FT Island’s NEW Member Is…

  1. NO ONE can ever replace Wonbin! he’s irreplaceable~
    yeah, Seunghyun looks good, he has nice smile too, but still not the same..
    i welcome him, but as the SIXTH member, not as a replacement.
    hope he will do good for the sake of FT Island, though..
    and i’m gonna support Wonbin in anything he does to reach him dreams ♥

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