I like you U-Kiss


U-Kiss is finally back with their brand new song titled “I Like You”. Hell yeah I do!

The teaser was released yesterday, but what’s the point of talking about it now. The song is really catchy, but the style should be an outty. Check this out!

Credits: ukissmusic @ YT


Can FT Island fans like Seung Hyun?


Reading this article myself is making not like this dude. I love Won Bin and now his gone. Grr. Well on with this article. Seung Hyun better be good!

While fans are still going crazy about Won Bin leaving FT Island, new member, Song Seung Hyun appeared in new official photos with the rest of FT Island and a new music video is coming out for their next single “Bad Women”. To make fans more angry, he stated “I will try my best to make FT Island better than it was”.

That part pissed me off. Continue reading

Big Bang comes to Japan


One of the sexiest boybands on my list is leaving Korea.

About 52,000 VIPs went crazy while they attended Big Bang’s “Big Show”. This sexy guys are having their last event in Korea on February 6th to promote their autobiography “Shouting To You in the World”.

Big Bang will leave Korea and have a fan-meeting in Tokyo, Japan. They’re also having a valentine special.

YG stated “Seungri will continue his solo work in Korea. GDragon will also start his solo career in starting April.”

Come to Japan! I seriously have to get a ticket to Japan. Gotta start working harder. hehe.

Fans causes a big commotion with Min-Ho’s Ex-Girlfrined


Boys Over Flower heart throb, Lee Min-Ho, was upset when he found out that pictures of him and his Ex-Girlfriend kissing went all over the internet, causing fans to get upset.

Fans are already going crazy. The search for this mystery girl has already started. To cause more commotion among fans, his agency stated

This photo was taken about four years ago, when Lee was dating his High School sweetheart. They are not dating anymore.

Since his been acting “Boys Over Flowers”, people are getting to know him better, and he’s become very famous. I seriously am wondering who this bitch is.

Picture now proven: