Lee Min Ho gives Smoking thumbs up?


I don’t mean he’s saying eveyrone smoke and it’ll feel good, I mean he just smokes. This guy can surely attract news to him. That’s what you get for acting interesting dramas that become number one on the charts.

Heart throb of Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho, was caught… smoking! Netizens aren’t happy and they’re especially surprise to catch him smoking. Pictures have been caught several times with him with a cigarette.

South Korea is really against this smoking thing since 2002, which started the “No Smoking Campaign”. The campaign have, somehow, reduced smoking by people it still affects others. more than half of men smoke in South Korea so it won’t be a surprise if you find your favorite idol with a cigarette.

I hated it when I found out that Lee Jun Ki and Kim Bum both smoke. Well the Kim Bum one I found out like… today, but it’s all cool. Oh yeah, STOP SMOKING!! I hate the smell of cigarettes. Makes me sick. Bleh.



18 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho gives Smoking thumbs up?

  1. i dun think its smoke….
    i mean it kinda looks like a…. lollipop?!
    i mean in pic three…. his mouth is bit opened with no puffs….
    if u opened ur mouth the cgr8 wud fall off… right???
    n 1st pic what idiat wud put a smoke on his mouth like that….
    oka first timer wud…..
    but i mean u usually use yur two fingers right????
    even a first timer wud knows….
    or sum ppl have their own unique styles…..
    it luks more like hes putting a lolli in his mouth rather than puffing smoke?!
    but thats what i see…
    cud be true…
    if it is then….
    YA!!! LEE MIN Ho!!!!!! if u dare pick up a cgr8…
    u’ll be asking for ur own detah wish…..
    cos i’ll kill u with my flyin kick!!!!!!!!!!
    lol!!!!!!!! bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

    • lee min ho is a smoker, but not a heavy one, so yeah, it is a cigarette 😀

      sorry to break the news, but yeah, he should probably stop (Y)

  2. I’m a bit doubtful about Kim Bum smoking. There’s only one picture of him smoking (that I’ve seen at least, but in several websites) and it seems that it was taken in a real photoshoot. It’s very much different to Lee Min Ho’s photo (as you see above), which looks very candid and “papparazzi-ish”. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. I just hope Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho take care of themselves.

  3. oh gosh.. i hate looking at the pics.. it makes e cry.. it kills me.. x(( i really hate looking at it…
    i hope what “leeminholovermuah” said was true.. i hope its just a lollipop… ♥ u lee min ho.. :((

  4. I thought it’s a lollipop but when I saw the last photo I see some smoke coming from his mouth (or something in his mouth) and I figured out that it is a cigarette. No one can blame him it’s really cold in Korea and some other people use cigarettes to feel warm.

  5. gosh stop it min ho its not good to see you smoking..your so handsome and you have many fans including me.we suppoert your movies and drams..hope you have more projects to come^^saranghae

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