Lee Jun Ki interviews with GQ


I seriously don’t know how to describe the things Jun Ki said. It was an awkward interview. Some made me laugh, so made me think “huh?” and some kinda creeped me out.

Lee Jun Ki does an interview with GQ and check out weird this stuff can be. He is really really honest.

Q: What did you see out of the window today?
Ans: I saw only walls, and I also close the blinds. Even when I want to look out and take a look around, I don’t think I will. Being in a 4th-floor, no matter how you look at it, it’s like being in prison without bars.

Q: I don’t know why, but I think it suits you somehow.
Ans: I just want to be alone.  I like watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet, searching for data, and working out and stuff.

Q: I though you would be busy.
Ans: Let’s see, if I cross out the 3-hour sleeping time, what have I. I used to sleep a lot, but when I have things to do, I ended up having insomnia. I always run after times, and crave for more times, things like that. Reading gossips, searching Naver and stuff. Being an actor is no difference from a life study. Looking at the surroundings and people’s lives, this kind of life is alright for me.

Q: I don’t really get how it would be alright. But I heard that an Aries would be good at adjusting one self.
Ans: True. I’m an Aries. Originally, I’m the type of person who doesn’t talk much and is not so friendly. Moreover, I used to look down on people lower than me. I was that style, but I have changed a lot.

Q: But people don’t change…
Ans: I know that, too. How can anyone change? But I did change. I became famous all of the sudden, People look up to me in a certain way. So, I tried to change who I was. It’s good for me both as an actor Lee Jun Ki and as a human being Lee Jun Ki.

Q: The popularity from the King and the Clown was so overwhelming. Why did you choose to get rid of that in the following production?
Ans: Even when they’re not trying, young actors absorb their characters and people look at them that way. If you let that go, then it’ll become a minus. Even though it’s hard, I like killing my character identities, and making the new characters over and over again. So, the audience could see the efforts, I don’t know if they do, but…

Q: You’re being hot on screen in the most part. Last year’s Iljimae, too, we can see the efforts you put in.
Ans: That’s why I get angry a lot. I want to be admired as an actor, so I don’t want to rest at all. It’s not only me; the staffs had to work hard, too. That killed me. I was the one who being praised. I used to hate the compliment “being smart/bright” a lot. I get applause because I’m an actor.

Q: “Hot” actor, “hot” acting, it’s always like that. Is there any inelegant moment?
Ans: I still have little experience in acting. It’s not right to say that the audience indicates how well I act. But I receive their response, too. I’m greedy as a young actor. I want to use my energy while I can. I want all my managers to be as convenient as possible. Trendy or mellow dramas are more profitable and able to attract the female fans, but a guy in his 30’s would be more appropriate in that role, isn’t he? As I look into the mirror, I don’t think I have such quality. After going to the army, then I would want to be in some mellow drama.

Q: What do you think about F4 drama?
Ans: The managers want me to do a drama like that. But I don’t want to. I prefer a role that I enjoy, the role that I cannot miss out.

Q: Very rigid of you to say that. Not only your acting ability, but also when you receive an award, you always give a powerful speech. It seems like you give a speech based on the award you receive.
Ans: Yes, I am like that.

Q: This kind of feeling is like the people in demo. I don’t like this, I’m like that. Is it?
Ans: Right. Hahaha. I want to be proper and accurate. Like… what should I act in each circumstance, I care about those stuff. Be playful during a play time. That’s why I did “Yongi Abeoji” in SBS Awards.

Q: During such performance, it’s like you want to show to the audience that you can do it.
Ans: Yes. Hahaha.

Q: As you grow, what have you accomplished?
Ans: I gradually become shameless. I have to. Being an actor means you have to be able to act. If you don’t act, then what would you be doing?

Q: There are some actors who can act (be fake) in real life better than in the roles they play.
Ans: That’s why I have to hold a fan meeting, so that I can open up to the fans, and so that they can understand me.

Q: Being 28?
Ans: Yes. I’m 28 (Korean age) years old. I think being at my age is a charm. I can be nonsense. Because I am an actor, that’s a burden. I used to go to the shooting scene, work and come back. Now, I’m just being myself, I also swear.

Q: When were you most peaceful?
Ans: When I gained weight

Q: Lee Jun Ki gained weight, too?
Ans: I gained weight easily. Right now, too, I gained 2 kg. I’m practicing singing; I see Hyun Jin Young-shi and think that if I gain weight, my voice would become better. So, to be able to sing, I gained weight. Anyway, it’s my resting time (no drama) it’s normal to gain some weight. But my voice isn’t getting better, only the weight I gained. I think I have to lose weight faster.

Q: Losing and gaining weight must have been a stress. What do you worry these days?
Ans: Not long ago, I had some worries, but it’s ok now. I want to stock up both successful career and fortune. So, I…

Q: Pile up successful career and money, how nice?
Ans: Yes, it is nice. If not nice, I’d be retired then. But I have to make myself not falling for it. Previously the problem with my agency was like that. No one noticed it, but it had been a rough year for the whole year for me. It had been a few months that I couldn’t even laugh. All the hardship I had, finally it came from things I had done.

Q: If not actor, how can we imagine Lee Jun Ki?
Ans: Right now, you can’t. Even I’m an actor, I also want to be perceived as an artist. There are many things I want to do. So, I’m worried a bit.

Q: No time for love, then?
Ans: Even though I have to experience some romance, but works hold that down. It’s always with manager, manager, and manager. We’d all be sitting at the bar, drinking and talking about works. It’s like the guys thing.

Q: That’s tiresome.
Ans: It happens to be that way.

Q: What do you expect from a woman?
Ans: Well, love is a relaxation. As each other’s “other half”, I like a girl that can tolerate me. I don’t know, we’ll see.

Q: What can a woman expect from you?
Ans: Ummm… Financial status?

Q: Besides that, do you have anything to add?
Ans: Financial status hahaha. Is it alright?

Q: No. Let’s just wrap up. What kind of man are you?
Ans: Well, what kind of man am I? Previously, I used to be rough and easy going, now I don’t really know.

Q: Will you let us know if you’re in love?
Ans: Sure.

Okay… That was really awkward. I read it over, and he reminded me of a friend. He sometimes is too quiet and stares in the sky like Karasuma in School Rumble. Weird… Though, Jun Ki looks hot in the photo. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lee Jun Ki interviews with GQ

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  2. i love his honesty specially the question what a woman can expect from you? hes right financial stability because he has the money never expect time because he don’t have it. nice one LJK!

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