Jang Ja Yeon Found Dead


Not another one…

Jang Ja Yeon, who was currently playiing Sunny in the hit drama “Boys Before Flowers”, committed suicide today. She was found dead in her apartment in Bundang. Police said she was found hung in her living room. Police think that this death was arond 4:30 PM and found her three hours later.

All the cast of “Boys Before Flowers” were in shock after this news was released. They also think that the schedule would have to be rotated around because of this loss.

Jang was just 27 years old and “Boys Before Flowers” was just her second project.


The casts of Boys Before Flowers will pay their respects tommorow.

Some people think the cause of her death was her current agency and lack of time on “Boys Before Flowers”. It left her depressed and caused her to hang heself. She was also going to debut in two big screen movies, but I guess it’s too late.

R.I.P. from KoJa Productions Team.

I truly want to cry. It’s a sad loss. Hope she truly rest in peace.

25 thoughts on “Jang Ja Yeon Found Dead

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  2. i don’t know hOw to say………. but why she do it something like that????!!!! she’s beutiful i like it!!!!

  3. Ms.jang ja yeon i really wish that ur happy 2 be ur parents i’m ur no.1 fan……….goodbyeee…..i really miz u……

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  5. Ms Jang , I hope you will be able to rest in peace. I truly wanted to cry. You know, you have shown a lot of great efforts in Boys Over Flowers. Always remember that we love you and we will always reserve a place in our heart for you.

  6. o very sad first car accidents now suacide realy bad luck
    but how will they continue without jang ja-yeon well they have to continue th show

  7. sarangheyo to bof ilove u sorry jang ja-yeon is dead but dont be sad she is in a safe and beautiful place now

    and to koo hye sun ilove your paintings

    to the f4 sarangeyo! hehehe

    anigasayo !
    p.s i am your ultimate ,super, best,infinity ,billion,million,thousand,biggest,grateful,#1,extremely, loving,most,best,greatest,k pop addicted,f4,jandi,Gail fan!!!!!!

    wow that was long:):):);)

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