Depression Drove Jang JaYeon To Suicide


The recent shock that phased the Boys Before Flowers cast is now known. Actress, Jang JaYeon was found dead and this news is still having an effect on many.  The reason for her suicide was never truly known. Ideas such as as having problems with her managment, less appearences on Boys Before Flowers, bashing by antis, etc. None of those were proven to be a lie as close friends said that it was because of her depression.

Jang JaYeon hanged herself in her home yesterday. Police believed that she began aving her depression after the loss of her parents–due to a car accident– ten years ago. Jan JaYeon was still in high schol during that time. Although, she gained all of her parents fortunes, she suffered mentally. She looked happy and fortunate, but inside she felt miserable and lonely and had a high phobia about losing her friends.


The police mentioned,

Jang Ja Yun sister has expressed that she had depression all along and it had gotten even worst recently. She would often shut herself in her room when she doesn’t have any schedules.

Her sister also added that in order for her to forget the painful memory JaYeon would try many things including buying pets but it didn’t help her. She also visited the hospital a lot for her depression, but no one thought she’d go this distance and commit suicide.

Police had a 119 call from JaYeon’s sister and the quickly rushed to the scene. Sadly, they arrive too late and JaYeon had already passed away a few hours ago by hanging herself from the railing along her stairs. She left behind nothing. The last call JaYeon made was to her friend at 2:30 pm which she said that she was tired and wanted to die. Her body will be creamated on the 9th.


The last episode she appeared on for BoysBefore Flowers was episode 12 as the red carpet for the 45th Baeksang Awards was her last stage.


As her parents passed away a long time ago, not many relatives came to attend the wake today, but most of the Boys Before Flowers Cast and Productions attended.





7 thoughts on “Depression Drove Jang JaYeon To Suicide

  1. Gaah! Sexy boys crying.
    I hope she rests in peace. I feel sorry for what happened with her. What’s gonna happen with BBF? I hope they’re all better.

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  3. KQ Githu…hrussx klo da mslah kan bs sharring m tmn,,,,,g msti bunuh dri kan????????????
    kshn tu tmn2x,,

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