Namie Amuro gets animated


Namie Amuro’s new song “DR.” will be an anime music video. This is also the first time Amuro has made one of her music videos fully animated. Amuro will also appear in the video animated.

More than forty anime creators have been chosen to be in this project. The music video is said to be 5 minutes and 43 seconds long. This would take more than one month to finish because of the length, but due to the amount of workers it was finished in one month.

“Go above space and bring a new message of world peace” is the theme of the music video. The setting is ste in 3000 A.D., on a badly ruined Earth that was destroyed by weapon and hatred. She will travel from 2500 through 2200 A.D. and watches the world in a sad state. Surprised, sad, but hasn’t given up, she finally gives the message to a young girl in 2000 A.D.

How did the girl feel? What did she say? It can’t be answered… because it’s to be continued…

Namie Amuro’s new single “Wild/DR.” will release on March 18.

This seems like an interesting video. I really can’t wait to watch it!!


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