Chae Yeon releases teaser


Well, her tracklist was recently leaked in the internet, but I didn’t feel like posting it. It’s just a tracklist.

Chae Yeon will go for the sexy look in her new song titled “Shake”. The teaser is kinda awkward, because she’s 30 years old and dances like a freaking 18 year old in the club.

The teaser seems pretty… hoe-ish. I think it might be banned… But check out the teaser.

Credits: jaeuraznMV@ YT

For those of you who are going crazy for the tracklist, take a peek:

01 흔들려 (Heundeullyeo)
02 울랄라 (Ooh La La)
03 바보야 (Baboya)
04 이별예감 (Ibyeol yegam)
05 변심 (Byeonshim)
06 서투른 이별 (Seotooreun ibyeol)
07 잊자 (Itjah)
08 Heundeullyeo (DJ Koo Club Radio Re-Mix)
09 Heundeullyeo (DJ Koo Club Extend Re-Mix)
10 Ooh La La (Club Radio Re-Mix Version)
11 Ooh La La (Club Extend Re-Mix Version)

Check out the full song…

Credits: Huixxing @ YT

It’s a weird video, but the song is pretty decent… I guess.


One thought on “Chae Yeon releases teaser

  1. O_____O. Woah! Korea is serios=usly changing! What happened to the bubblegum-pop type of videos and all about sadness and love. Now it’s about clubs and shaking “that.” Anyways, I like the song, but I don’t think I’ll be checking out the video.

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