Get set for ‘Korean Idol’


Well this should be huge in Korea. If it’s huge in America, why not in Korea?

A new MNet series titled “Superstar K” will be aired… one day. It’s pretty much like American Idol, just with a lot of Korean people in it… and Korean judges.

The winner of this new series will win 100,000,000 Won, a one year contract management with MNet and have a big chance of debuting as a singer. Wow!

Auditions have already began. Auditions have had a 90 year old man come in and a 11 year old kid step in. Auditions will be held in eight cities in Korea.

Wait… wait… who’s gonna be Paula, Randy, and Simon?

We have the answers… it’s very interesting.

Paula will be famous singer and pop diva Lee Hyori. Randy will be Lee Seung Chul and Simon will be YG Entertainment’s head boss, Yang Hyun Suk.

Maybe if you’re desperate to sing in Korea, fly there and audition. Pumashock might try it. It’ll get high ratings actually if she does do it. She’ll probably win… but anyways just get ready for Superstar K!


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