Are You Ready For Minute?


Does the title make sense? I thought so to. It doesn’t make sense at all… maybe cause 4 minute is coming to us in a minute.

It was told sometime, I don’t know when, that ex-Wonder Girls’ member Hyun Ah was joining a new girl group and the name is… 4 minute. It is said that their name stands for the meaning ‘For Minute’. It also means that this new girl group can catch people’s attention in… 4 mintues. *Cough* Lame *Cough*.

Cube Entertainemt says this is a girl group unlike any others. The performances they put on will be amazing just like their vocals.

There are plans that the girls will debut in June.

First of all, 4 minutes is kind of a cheesy name. Also, bad Engrish for the people who made the name. And the whole ‘unique girl group’ thing. Heard that so many times. Let’s see if this girl Group is as good as people say.


4 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Minute?

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