Do you have dreams of dating Kim Hyun Joong?


Who doesn’t?

Boys Before Flowers actor, Kim Hyun Joong will go out with any luck customers who likes… chicken?

Starting May 18th to June 30th people will hurry to the stores to buy Hotsun Chicken, thanks to a coupon that will be given. With this special coupon you can go to the website and register. 70 people with the most amount of coupons will have a chance to get a date with Kim Hyun Joong. The winner of the chicken lover will be announced on July 1st.

Well, I don’t like eating chicken. Sometimes, I think of myself as a vegeterian. I eat chicken now and then, but it doesn’t interest me. Winning a date with Hyun Joong would be awesome! But it’s really desperation.


8 thoughts on “Do you have dreams of dating Kim Hyun Joong?

  1. is that heart for me? thank’s. I’m so happy. kim hyun joong, why your face like that people isn’t u? your face look so different than I know. but, thank’s for that heart. next time give a bucket of flower, ok? :))

  2. I PROUD TO YOU KIM HYUN JUNG.BUT I MORE LIKE GUEM JANDI.WELL I MUST LIKE GUEM JANDI MORE THAN YOU…………I’M is malaysian people….i love u guem jandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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