Get set for the ’19-year-olds’


The new movie titled ’19’ will be starring both Big Bang’s T.O.P. and SeungRi. 19 can also be known as 19 year old, My19, and My 19 year old. Heo Yi Jae also star in this new movie.

The story is about three teenager who are accused of a crime that they did not commit. Because of this accuasationsthey are on the run. Friends, family, officers, and the media all believe they commited the crime. While they are on the run, the become closer and realize how precious life is.

The filming for ’19’ just began this month so some things could be off.

The story would be very interesting if they have a love triangles. The summary sounds soo god. I’m watching it.




5 thoughts on “Get set for the ’19-year-olds’

  1. Do you know what that girls name is in the second lot of pictures? I think she was in Taeyangs only look at me MV.

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