SeungRi and Daesung have Packs?


Due to slow new days, I was bored… so I decided to post a picture with Big Bang’s SeungRi and Daesung without their shirts off.

Girls, don’t start screaming. It’s said that SeungRi mostly focuses on his upper body, meaning his chest, shoulders, arms… etc. His trainers don’t allow him to eat much food. This doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to eat a whole steak, so don’t think they’re starving him.

Check out the photos. Before you do so, don’t get nasty thoughts… don’t stalk Daesung and SeungRi and don’t save the picture so you can stare at it all day. You may look now.


I can upload it, cause I showed it to you all. Don’t break up with your boyfriends to run to them… divorcing isn’t allowed too.


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