SBS, KBS, & MBC banned Chae Yeon?


Okay the song is effing good, but the video is kinda disturbing.

I bet some of you KoJos are wondering what I’m talking about. Well if you see the screencap above, that might be a reason why three major broadcasting system banned her.

It is said the main reason why they banned Chae Yeon’s shake was because of a scene that had Chae Yeon lying on the bed with a ‘sexual’ pose, giving some people a discover on what panties she wears. Eh? I bet some guys are now searching for the video. It was also banned because of the making out and drinking scenes. Wow…

Chae Yeon was just trying to be sexy… but to me she was just trying to be slutty. There is a big difference between sexy and slutty. There will be an edited video, so you fans can watch a new version.

Like we haven’t seen enough slutty things in America already.

So you boys that want to see how trashy it was check it out. We don’t want you searching around for it. Check out Chae Yeon’s ‘Shake’ MV.

Credits: 2isedstarspro @ YT


2 thoughts on “SBS, KBS, & MBC banned Chae Yeon?

  1. It doesn’t seem worth banning. The director should have cut down on all the nostril shots, though. Seriously, I don’t need to see up her nose that much!

  2. i toatally agree shes just being a slut
    like i dont get why korean girls specially celebs tryin to get guys attention by wearing short top and mini skirts putting so much makeup on and doing all those seductive dances and posses
    like okk there
    like am korean too but i dont wear those type of clothes and makeup to get attention liek i be myself

    the only reasons guys like you is not becuz of who you really are !! wake upp
    they only like you becuz your makeup makes you look hot
    your short skitrs and tops shows more your body and
    becuz of your fake plastic boobies and your seductive dance moves only makes them liek you cuz thats what guys like
    they dont really liek for how you really look in your real life
    try be real

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