[MV]SHINee sings for ‘Juliette’


I am freaking happy about their comeback, but to say the truth, their new song titled ‘Juliette’ didn’t wow me like Park Ji Yoon’s comeback.

SHINee finally released their new single titled ‘Juliette’. It kinda reminds me of the new age and the old age mixed together. Let’s say, disco age and pop age.

The video is pretty much kinda like William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. SHINee’s JongHyun wrote the lyrics himself, which is kinda impressive. They had new moves and pictures. It’s pretty impressive, I guess.

Let’s see what you KoJos think of it. CHECK IT OUT!

Credits: kpopsubs @ YT

Don’t forget that SNSD’s Jessica’s sister, Krystal Jung, acted it. She’s Juliette. 🙂

OMG to think about it. It actually kinda sounds like Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’. I used to love that song, it’s kinda gay now… not saying ‘Juliette’ is gay. Hehe. I love SHINee. Hope this isn’t another copyright shit against SHINee.

Check out Corbin Bleu’s ‘Deal With It’.

Credits: hollywoodrecords @ YT


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