Police investigates Ayumi Hamasaki?


For what, you may ask.

Police are currently investigating famous JPop star Ayumi Hamasaki because of an event that happened last month. She made a surprise appearance in Shibuya for promotion of her new album and new book. It is said that her manager didn’t get the necessary permit for the event that was held. This case is now headint to the prosecutor’s office. Uh oh…

This event, that I wish to attend, happened on April 7th. About 8,000 fans came to it. This blocked roads causing a big commotion. She also did some surprise visits to record stores by car, while some fans stalked followed her by foot.

Police found out that because of the blockage of roads they needed a permit for it. The prosecutor is asking Hamasaki’s manager and Hamasaki herself.

This is kinda scary. What will happen…


One thought on “Police investigates Ayumi Hamasaki?

  1. Update: From TeamAyu:

    “According to some news organizations, there was an recent event which included Ayumi Hamasaki in a negative way. However, Ayumi Hamasaki was not involved in the planning and managment of the event, and will not be prosecuted for the incident. We regret the concern caused to all the fans of Ayumi Hamasaki, we urge you to understand this situation.” – The office of Team Ayu.

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