TOP and SeungRi becomes ’19’


Our sexy member of Big Bang is acting a new Korean movie titled ’19’ and the movie seems interesting, if you’ve read the summary so far.

Fellow Big Bang member, SeungRi, is also acting this highly anticipated movie and they both wrote and performed one song for the new movie, which will, of course, be a hit. SeungRi’s song will be a ballad type, while TOP’ssong will be rap. There is a behind the scenes video of both filming the music video. There isn’t an official name for it, so we all have to wait. The director of this new movie, Jang Yong Woo, says he has no interest in rap but loves TOP’s song.

Check out some behind the scenes.

Credits: cutiemary21 @ YT

I’m getting so excited for this movie… I can’t wait til it comes out. The ending better be great.


One thought on “TOP and SeungRi becomes ’19’

  1. Wow! When does this movie come out in America or is it the same everywhere? I want to see this movie bad!!!!!! I wanna TOP with his fine self!!!!

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