[MV] Big Bang thinks of ‘My Heaven’


First of all, who the hell is the girl?

Big Bang recently released the full MV for their new Japanese single titled “My Heaven”, which I enjoy in Japanese, instead of the Korean version. Don’t worry VIPs you didn’t miss much, it’s just a remake of their song “Heaven”, just in Japanese.

The video isn’t much. They’re just singing, and G-Dragon is searching for a girl or something. Well, that girl. The girl in the pic. I think they kissed, if it’s not fake. Why don’t you check this effing video out. Aitakute~, Aitakute. I love that part. >_<

SeungRi must be feeling proud that he was driving since he passed his driving test. Aww, so cute.

Credits: YGEntertainment @ YT

The audios are so low. Sheesh. Blast this shit out!


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