BoA to collaborate with Timbaland?


There’s a rumor going around….

That BoA will be featured in Timbaland’s new album “Shock Value Volume 2”, that I don’t care for at all! There are two tracklist listed, and one has the name On The Radio (ft. BoA), not that I care, or you should get psyched about. Some people won’t even know her.

Timbaland confirmed that some of the tracks aren’t true and some are. Maybe One The Radio is true cause BoA is now working with CAA, but I actually don’t care about that at all. Awkward.

In other BoA obssessed people, BoA and Sean Garrett have confirmed that “Energetic” will be the next single to work on.

BoA’s album didn’t woo me. It got me for two weeks then slipped away. Though, I bought Utada’s new album titled “This Is The One”. I’ve been playing it all day. LOL. I love Poppin’. I got all excited when I went to the CD store and saw her CD in a shelf  and saw only two more was left. I looked for BoA’s CD, but couldn’t find it. Where is it??!!


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