Who saw it?


Who saw SE7EN’s “Girls” video on BET’s 106 & Park? I sure as hell did!

I actually forgot about the whole thing. I kinda,okay I forgot about it, until I got on my laptop and saw that SE7EN’s video would be on. I quickly turned on the TV and thought they already did it. Mostly cause they were on Countdown 6. I put the speakers on my TV all the way, cause I had to write news somewhere else.  I thought they already played it cause I heard the song, but it was a closing song for advert.

Then, I heard Rocsi say “The new Joint is actually by a famous South Korean tv” then I raced to my room, I even hit my arm on the wall. LOL. It still hurts now… cause I saw it like 16 minutes before. Me and my sister screamed from the top of our lungs!!! My dad thought something bad happened.

Sadly, I didn’t see some smiling or talking about it. Rocsi didn’t even say anything about him, she just commented on Lil’ Kim. But it is a Black Entertainment, so it doesn’t hurt me. So…

To vote for SE7EN, go here

I’m kinda making a big deal here, cause SE7EN made history and this can turn the whole Asian music revolution. Imagine hearing SNSD on the radio or BoA, or Utada, or S.H.E., or SHINee… wouldn’t it be cool?


3 thoughts on “Who saw it?

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