T-ara breaks up!


Okay what the eff? They’ve not even been together for a year, and they already split. This is crazy!

T-ara is a five member group that consists of Park Ji Yeon, Eunjung, Ji-ae, Jiwon, and Haemin… and now two are gone… three more to go.

Jiwon and Ji-ae decided to leave the group because they say they have “Different types of styles”

They leave for that? HA! That’s really funny.

Jiwon had a huge fan base growing due to her acts in GoSa and A Story Sadder Than Sadness, which I’m gonna watch one day.

But don’t worry fans! Someone has come to the rescue!… that person is me!… to tell you who will be a new member in the new group. Jeon Young Rok’s daugther, Jeon Boram will be the new member! Whoo hoo! Don’t really know who she is, but she’s famous cause I’ve heard her name before. Right now, T-ara will be a four member group.

Take a look at Jeon Boram



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