T-ara’s Ji Yeon already in acting business?


I actually didn’t think about writing news since I only write about “Important” news such as making history here, I thought I’d write this one since I’m a big fan of horror dramas. Muahahahaha.

The new girl group of the year, T-ara were known just last year, and one of the member are hitting it off as an actress already! That’s a big step. The Kim Tae Hee mini me and the only name I familarized out of all the member, Ji Yeon, will star in a new horror drama titled “HON (Soul) 혼”. This new horror drama will hit MBC in August 8th

The story doesn’t sound so spooky, but that’s how scary things go, then they make you pee in your pants and get scared of the dark for three years… The story is about a girl who gets murdered and for revenge she enters a girl’s body. Awkward~. Ji Yeon will be playing the girl who gets possessed. Her co-stars will be, Im Joo Eun, Lee Jin and Lee Seo Jin.

There’s only 10 episodes so don’t expect a long drama. Check out the posters…


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