Rain to debut one trainee


Well this lots of hunk, Rain won’t be singing anytime soon. He’s busy training an upcoming star. It’s been almost a year since he’s won his last award. This ‘new’ celeb better be good.

Rain’s new Entertainment business, J. Tune Entertainment, has finally decided to debut one of his fellow trainee, Dahee.

Dahee is just 16 years of age, and is said to be, of course, the female version of Rain. It is also said that she was automatically signed in because of her crazy dance skills.

News also broke out that she’s finished recording are debut song, but not the full album. LAME. Also, the video of her video will soon be shot.

So, she’s only had one year of training and they chose her cause she has good dance skills. Can she beat BoA’s dance skills? or become the next Ashlee Simpson? She is trained by Rain. I only care mostly about the singing. I hope she doesn’t lip synch.


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