Wonder Girls to release english version of “Tell Me” + America Debut Plans


That’s right! Wonder Girls will release an English version of their hit single “Tell Me”, which got them noticed in Korea and all around the world.

Details on their new American have now been revealed to us and the world. On June 27th, the chapter titled “Wonder Girls enter the US” will happen. We told you yesterday that they will have a tour in the US with the American band, Jonas Brothers. You can also see the schedule for the concert if you’re planning to attend it.

It is now revealed that they’re first American singles will be an English version of two of their hit songs, “Nobody”, which will be released first and “Tell Me”.

Wonder Girls got one step ahead of BoA when a JYP Entertainent representative revealed that they had signed with one of America’s biggest agency: CAA (Creative Artist Agency) on October 2008. They also planned to become even bigger when they signed with the company of Jonas Brothers to have the Jo Bros tour with them on their concert.


Wonder Girls full length American album will release on September or October.

CAA group and Jonas Brothers group actually said that “Nobody” has an interesting sound and charm to it. They also said that it is perfect and shows the true image of the Girls. A JYP representative also said that “Nobody” will refresh the American music scene.

Okay, now I’m truly excited to hear Wonder Girls American debut album. They really should do another single with “So Hot”. That’s the first song that actually made me go crazy about them. Cause they’re so hot! It was also the second Korean song Perez Hilton enjoyed… but Nobody was first.


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