Jaebum loves NichKhun


Okay, maybe Jae doesn’t love Nikky, but he sure as hell love something about him. Today is a really slow news day. I usually don’t care about interviews unless it’s really important, but due to the slow news day, and me not caring much, I’ll write this short topic.

The leader of famous Korean boyband, 2PM admitted something on MNet Wide Entertainment News. He revealed that the member he mostly envies is Nichkhun.

He said that Junsu has a perfect voice. He has the voice, while NichKhun has the face.

Okay, can’t lie… he’s saying the truth.

It keeps going… He added that when they first met, NichKhun caught his eyes and gave him the best image of his face. His face was small, while he was tall. “I am very envious of him. Just like me, I had no clue of Korean words when I entered JYP, but it seems like he knows more difficult words than I do.”

Jae is such a sweetie. NichKhun does have the cutest face I’ve ever seen.

Credits for pic: 2PMSnacks


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