SeeYa can’t find another Nam Gyu Ri?


If you want to find someone that has a nice voice that would fit SeeYa, hell yeah it would be hard.

The members of SeeYa, Lee BoRam and Kim Yeon Ji told the truth on what was going behind doors about two months ago. But, now ex-member, Nam Gyu Ri shot back and pretty much said that what they said were lies. Now, I am confused on who is saying the truth.

Now SeeYa’s company is now trying to find a replacement for the snobby, or not snobby, Nam Gyu Ri.

They actually thought it would be easy finding a singer that can sing as well as Nam Gyu Ri and the rest of the members, but they thought wrong.

If you’re a fan of SeeY and have a powerful voice, I think it’s a good time to speak up.


One thought on “SeeYa can’t find another Nam Gyu Ri?

  1. Hey! I know someone who’s a fan of SeeYa and has a powerful voice…the only thing is he’s a guy and about to hit his 40’s

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