Joo Ji Hoon to get one year of prison?


That’s what he might give to the prosecutors when he gets high.

Joo Ji Hoon was accused of drug possession in March. The court date for the accusations will be held on June 23rd. The prosecutor asks that Joo will serve one year of prison and 440,000 won. Joo already pleaded that he was guilty and hope others will forgive him for his stupidity.

We also told you that some celebrities were in the scam too… well three unknown celebrities are also going to be taken to jail and it’s also said that they’re spending time with their new jail buddies from five to seven years.

Joo Ji Hoon said that he doesn’t remember taking much drug due to being under the influence of alcohol. Maybe these pictures can help him remember.


2 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon to get one year of prison?

  1. :0 …
    Wow. Am I commenting a lot on the sites that talk about his drug scandal.

    But I don’t like his new style..
    I understand that he is 27 and all that but I mean..
    He looks so..different.
    To me, he doesn’t look so bright/happy anymore =/
    I prefer the Ji Hoon 3yrs ago XP

  2. ,., I’m still his fun,.,though I’m dissapointed,nothing will ever change,.,I still love joo ji hoon,,.Were just people,we can make mistakes..Im waiting for his return,.,I love him more.., .,Im not a fun who’ll turn my back because of this,.,oppa fighting,

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