SNSD isn’t coming back on 09/09/09?


Rumors can become crazy sometimes, don’t you think?

There’s a big rumor that SNSD will comeback on June 27th. I really shouldn’t call it a comeback. It’s been like 1 and a half month since they stopped promoting Gee. It is said that on June 19th, the teaser will come out, and then on June 22 the song will release. Oh brother.

Soshis think SeoHyun, Sunny, Tiffany, and SooYoung dyed their hair to show a new side on their comeback. Fans that watched “Fish Bread/ BoongUhPang” say that they saw SooYoung in it and her hair is shorter and Tiffany will cut her hair sooner, just like in the old days.

*sigh* The old days were pretty bad for SNSD, until Gee came along. Those were good times, for me at least. I laughed for some while, but I’m still a big fan. I don’t laugh today, well I think I don’t… =_=. Back to the news.

Also, sources say the album cover was shot on the 5th.

Have I lead you on… SNSD WILL have a comeback. The comeback photo can be seen below.


It is said that SNSD’s new song sounds more of a pop song than, well Ballad. It looks like they’re turning sexy. Maybe a twist of Sori and Lee Hyori.

Boys, are you pissing in your pants now?


3 thoughts on “SNSD isn’t coming back on 09/09/09?

  1. I don’t really care if SNSD isn’t even gonna come back for 2 months, just as long they still sing!! But I do hope that they can bring another great song like “Gee” or then I think my fan moments will drop

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