So Hee & Sun Mi are too effing pretty for school!


Well this might take a big shot for their future.

The Chic, So Hee, and The Daydreamer, Sun Mi, have dropped out of High School to focus on their activities in the US.

The 90’s babies have been attending CheongDam and ChamgMoon High school. A JYP representative said that in Korea the girls had time to squeeze their school work in, but while they’re in the US, it’s very tough. They also hope that fans can take this in a good way.

It is also said that the other members is already on a leave of absence.

In other news, if you didn’t know, WonderGirlsWorld is all set. The new website is their official website to enter the US.

Their education is very important, but lets see how their future will end up. What would happen if they stop being in the Entertainment world? What’s their back up job?


2 thoughts on “So Hee & Sun Mi are too effing pretty for school!

  1. Well, I hope it’s their choice! I just hope they weren’t forced to quit or convinced! Education iss verrrrry important!!

  2. thats true they need a back up career if they fail to be popular in US but its their choice so respect it! its hard to make this kind of decision specially that kind of age they risking their future but they r no ordinary girlz they have talents that an average girls have so they will be successful in their us debut so WG fans support the two girls!! encourage not discourage them we should pray for their success in the US! Saranghaeyo wonder girls! Go fighting!! just hope for the best!

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