Is 4Minute a Hot Issue?


The full song and the real teaser of 4Minute’s new song “Hot Issue” is finally out. With all this anxious looks on people, I think this might be a surprise on you all.

The MV might be out on June 17th, so keep your hands tied. To say so myself. As a big fan of 2NE1, they kinda remind me of them.


There might be a big comparison with 4Minute and 2NE1. LOL. 2+2=4. I just made that up.

The girls will make their live debut on June 18th on MNet M!Countdown. Lets go ahead and check out the full song and teaser.

Credits: KoJaEnt @ YT

7 thoughts on “Is 4Minute a Hot Issue?

  1. well as for me…the song is sooo much like After Song, lyrics i s sooo repeated nothing sense and the outfits is like 2ne1…
    really this is copycats, idk…
    Gudluck 2ne1!!!

  2. oh!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so very beautiul ladies that i saw in this universe you know what the means of that you very ugly in the world………..period

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