Is M Rizing with Minnovation?


Our man is back with a new album! YES!

Member of boyband, Shinhwa, which broke up, Lee Min Woo is back with a new album titled “Minnovation”. MinWoo will be working with an American producer to produce an Electronica track with a mix of Hip-Hop with it.

Fans and Min Woo is hoping that this album will release at the end of the month.

It’ll be kinda hard to focus on him with 4Minute, SNSD, 2NE1, and the stars entering the US. This’ll be very head turning.

Check out his tracklist:

01. Minnovation
02. Love Me Ice Cream
03. Summer Time
04. 나 집으로 가는 길
05. 가면 무도회 [Outsidaz Club Remix]
06. The “M” Style [BK (of 1TYM) Remix]


3 thoughts on “Is M Rizing with Minnovation?

  1. Yep, Shinhwa have not broken up but going on a break cos 2 members in the military, this year is their 11th year!

    ive pre-ordered this and i can’t wait for it to come!! First time round listening to Minnovation was ~soso~, but the more i listen to it the more i realise how intricately sexay it is XD

    support minwoo ‘s last album before he goes to the military by buying on! only $15US + photoalbum with more sexyness with this stylish man of course

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