[MV]Lee Min Woo tries “Minnovation”


The video of M/Lee Min Woo’s new song titled “Minnovation” is finally released. The song is interesting. It’s a song you can dance to.

The song is pretty much an electropop, that you will listen to twice and fall in love with, cause this is my first and I’m not liking it much, but as it goes I’m starting to enjoy it.

Check out the MV

Credits: WorldOfAllChiandEm2 @ YT

1. Minnovation
2. Love Me Ice Cream
3. Summer Time
4. 나 집으로 가는 길 (Na Jibeuro Kaneun Gil / I’m On The Way Home)
5. 가면 무도회 – Outsidaz Club Remix (Kamyeon Mudohwi / Masquerade)
6. The “M” Style – BK Remix


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