Tell Your Wishes to SNSD + All News on SNSD’s comeback


Not your fantasies, but you boys can be sick. I just wanted to pack news of SNSD’s ‘Comeback’ all in here, so I’ve been adding details for  awhile now.

SNSD will be making a ‘comeback’, if you all want to call it that, and they finally released a photo (above). The next single is titled “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”. Hope the video isn’t perverted. The song will be a hyper song, so all of you can get up and dance like “Gee”. The teaser is already released, along with the full song releasing on the 22nd. The mini album will be released on the 25th.

Check out this effing teaser

There is also a new picture of their comeback, and it’s getting better, maybe for boys.


The girls will also be granting your wish. What do you wanna ask? I don’t think you should ask to see a dinosaur, cause I don’t think they can grant you that. This event started on June 18th and will end on Jule 7th, so put your wishes in. You can start making your wishes on their official website.

SNSD have also released pictures of them solo, and of course, it’s hot. Whatever happened to their cute look? Check out the hot photos!










People are still waiting for the video to come out. But, SNSD still can’t stop teasing us. Now they’re each saying “Tell Me Your Wish”, getting some boys horney. For the “Tell Me Your Wish” Event, they will pick a lucky fan and grant their wish. Listen to them say “Tell Me Your Wish”. Don’t know why, but it’s quite interesting.

Credits: jnd402 @ YT

The official album picture has also been released and is causing quite a controversy. Before I go on, check out the picture(s)



When the album pictures released, everyone seemed to just have it. The fighter plane looks like Japan’s Zero-sen fighter plane, which was used in World War 2. The plane appears on Yoona’s side under the arm of her costume with the korean flag on it. The only difference with the plane is that the Japanese flag is not on it:

Copy of snsd_comebackalbum_KJP

People say that the costumes remind people of the Japanese imperialism period. SM says that the album picture has no hidden meaning to it.

In other news, SNSD’s new song is already number one on various charts. They will have their ‘comeback’ on KBS2TV Music Bank. This is good news to SNSD.

Check out the full song.

Credits: KoJaEnt @ YT


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