SNSD pushes back Album Release Date


Okay, this really sucks. I’m waiting to get my clean hands on it. 🙂

There has been a controversy with SNSD’s album picture and it seems like because of this bad cons, us, fans, must wait some few days till they can release the album. The date will be released on the 29th instead of 25th.

SM says that the military costumes they used will still be the same, they will just delete some stuf like the jet. Instead of the look alike Zero-Sen they will place a Korean supersonic Jet T-50.

Gladly, they will release a song from their album on the 25th titled “Etude”.

Some people may take some stuff really far, but now I’m not really happy about the cons on the album picture.

SNSD will also have a performance of “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” this Friday. Watch out for them!!


One thought on “SNSD pushes back Album Release Date

  1. Just because of the jet they’re postponing it? Oh sheesh, it’s about the music, not the picture. Whatever. At least it’s not as pushed back as Gee was.

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