Lee Si Young should have never loved Jun Jin


Because her life seems to be getting effing hard.

It was revealed that Lee Si Young and Jun Jin were going out… for real! It was said that Lee Si Young had the female lead of a new drama titled “Hand Signal”. It will premiere on September 5th. But it was said that MBC called Lee Si Young’s management and removed her out of the drama!

Lee Si Young’s management were shocked by the news because she passed the audition and was said that she had the female lead in May. Since she heard about being the female lead she had been trying her hardest to keep the role.

Since Lee Si Young and Jun Jin confessed their feelings to each other everything felt like it stopped. The CF she had been doing just stopped filming. The production company of her new drama acted like they didn’t hear or see anything. They just moved on.

Some info unravled saying that Im Sung Han, screenwriter, is very secretive and got mad about the drama revealing without his permission due to the news with Lee Si Young and Jun Jin.

If it’s not Lee Si Young’s love for Jun Jin, then what is it? What will happen next?


3 thoughts on “Lee Si Young should have never loved Jun Jin

  1. Oh c’mon! So if a few news just slipped? Gosh, Korea is getting out of control and the CF thingy… What was the point of that?

  2. that is just sad…
    shouldn’t people just be happy that they (junjin-siyoung) are happy together?!?!?
    i mean they fell in love…
    they have admitted it already…
    every should just support them!!!

  3. hmnnnnnnnn..you ryt czak…well… for you as viewers or the one who love them…are you agree with that si young was drop or was out of project…..????hmn….so unfair!!! so whats the big deal about telling the truth….well..lucky they tell to the public that they are dating while some of celebrities are just said we were just friends or having dinner or they just meet in the same place………hmnnn…well go for the love lee si young & Junjin….love them…

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